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400m Sprinting or Shorter / Re: The Sprinting News Thread
« on: July 21, 2020, 09:55:43 pm »
Norman also just became the second man ever to go sub 10 1000, sub 20 200 and under 44 to the 400. That's INSANE to be that elite across all 3 distances.

Ok so.... I was sooooooo careful I didn't go to the gym that Monday, instead I did some BW stuff at home.

But then I went to shoot on that Wednesday and well, long story short I hyperextended my right knee (same as the hammy leg) and ended up with some ligament strains. Yeefuckinhaw.

Fast forward. I've been Uber careful. I've decided BEFORE attempting to shoot/play again I should probably make sure I have a little base strength back. Enter this week. Plan is to cut workouts to 2 working sets of very light weight and monitor for swelling/soreness.

So last night I did just that. The knee and hamstring made it through a light warmup w/ no depth jumps and a modified ATG workout. 95lb Patrick step-ups to activate the VMO and some very light hamstring work before a set of 145x10 pause squats and a 235x5 set. Knee actually feels BETTER after the workout and continues to look alright this afternoon.

Overall is positive. Definitely down on strength (duh) but I felt the bar moved quick and easy on the reps. Taking today off just as a precaution and hopefully will be back at it Wednesday with a similar game plan. I am SERIOUSLY missing hooping/dunking but being back in the gym was very therapeutic mentally. Y'all be safe!





Absolutely gonna try. To keep myself from being, well, myself, I'm going with a couple buddies on Monday after work. They'll literally remove me from the gym if necessary lol

.....guess who just got cleared to start BW only exercises?!?! I still have some bruising but no pains. Occasionally it's tight at the end of a stretch and the muscle will "twitch" and it's weak trying to catch loads butthe pt said I can start really slow tempo work to gain some strength back.


Not yesterday when it happened or the day before but yes they are routinely in my programming.

FWIW I don't think anything could have prevented this. I was done with my sprint work and my daughter wanted to race me lol so one more I did. The foot strike was just weird. Idk if it caught the grass weird or what but it was an instant pop on the foot strike.

Was able to get into the PT this morning before work. Looks like it's a small tear about 4" above the knee so not near any muscle belly insertion point (good I think?) and on the middle band of muscle (there's 3/4? muscles to the hamstring). We ran through some tests to check flexibility (not much lol) then did some a stim to break down the fibers in the right direction and some cold electro therapy to stimulate some healing. Finished with some dry needling (FUCKIN HATE) to relax the nerve bundles and that made it FEEL a ton better. Now at work and the ibuprofen is wearing off its much more tender. 3 more PT sessions next week and we're reevaluating. Fingers crossed.

Welp. I'm done for awhile it would seem. Hamstring popped while sprinting. Instant swelling and bruising. Guessing that means it's not a slight pull. Hoping it's not torn but not looking promising, can't bend the knee without massive pain in addition to the above. Gonna try to get into the Pt early tomorrow.

Pissed AF.

Long ass day yesterday so I lifted tonight instead.

Felt great in warmups. Bouncy some what. ATG style lunges and some good mornings along with calves and a lot of core work. Ended up with some hang cleans and got my first 205lb HC. Not bad.

In other notes refusing to step on a scale for a few.more days lol

 :pissed: Bunch of subpar workouts due to no energy/long work days.  Fought through one but scrapped one in warmups and the other after an awful warmup set. Guess I'm getting old. Hard to be springy and energetic at 11-12 at night now. Yikes

Got to the gym last night at 9 and was much better through warmups. Same basic workout as last Monday (Patrick stepup/Jefferson curls) but the weight moved easier. Time to add some. Squat finisher was a 385 paused top single and 3x3 at 335. Closed with a few box jumps and back extensions as I feel that's weak right now.

I was looking at that site last week! Your thoughts on accuracy in regards to your own jumps/vids?

Double yesterday so I moved Tuesday to Wednesday lol!

Warmups felt great. Added some height to my box jump progressions and that was exciting. Not where I was by any means but....slowly

ATG lunges and good mornings followed with calves/core/triceps.

Ended with some hang cleans and worked up to a 185x3 set. I think I can get 205 so we may try that for a single next week!

Monday night! Let's crank this back up again!

Was slightly lethargic arriving to the gym after work but woke up nicely during warmups and ended up having some good depth and box jumps to finish off warmups.

Still using a modified ATG style workout so worked up to some Patrick stepup(downs) up to 225x10 and some Jefferson curls with 55s. Surprised myself that I am basically close to where I was pre Q. Hit some core work and assy movements then squatted up to a 365 pause single and a 3x5 at 315 for backoffs. Definitely stronger than the last 365 so good thing there.

BW was 195.2 lbs sadly. Gotta get that down!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Aspiring 5'9 Dunker
« on: May 25, 2020, 02:32:17 pm »
Welcome dude!

Dead AF after a double.... Managed 365 deadlift raw and 425 with straps only. Felt like my glutes aren't firing maximally at all. So I did some KB swings, assisted Nordics and hypers to hammer them and finished with some core.

Definitely going to be a PC dominant block for the next few weeks I think.

hah nice! how'd it go?

yea man sprinting is great. feels so good to turn it on for 5-30s.

The short sprints ARE fun.

As for lifting last night I didn't get a chance to deadlift so I'll hit that tonight. Warmed up with some treadmill and track style ballistics, did a few box and depth jumps with lacked "pop". Then started some squats. Made it to a 365 back squat, might have had a 385 but the 365 felt stable and near max so I stopped there. Did some lighter knee/quad based accesory work and some more box jumps which felt much better after moving some weight!

The gym is back open!!!!

I won't lie, I slacked hard for a bit the first few weeks and gained some "quarantine weight" before saying F this and pulling the treadmill out of the basement. I can't run on the treadmill so I started doing some longer incline walks to burn some cals then added some BW exercises at the end. After a week of that I busted out the spikes and did some track work in the backyard. Weight is back down around 195ish. I plan to test my "max" squats and deadlifts tonight at the gym. If I'm super deficient in one areaill modify my old training block to accentuate that area.

Kinda falling back in love with sprinting as well. I need to get on a real track and see where I'm at time wise. I had the woman hand time a couple 40s the second day of sprints and they weren't awful but better than expected I guess. She started the stopwatch on my "first movement" and stopped it as I passed her. Clocked a 4.41 as the fastest (3rd attempt) but given reaction times and other factors I figured it closer to a 4.75+/-. So not awful. I'm incredibly slow out of the gate it feels and as I stride out around 20yards I can "feel" like there is another gear but I can't quite click into it. Something to work on as I plan to hit some shorter sprints (<100 yards) 2x a week.

Will update later tonight! So excited!

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