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Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:24:34 pm »
I think you were right to call me out. Given the background information available to someone neutral reading, the call out was justified, no argument there whatsoever. The state of knowledge at hand can lead to two different viewpoints where both can't be true but somehow the viewpoints are logically valid given different background information. It's like when you say something unexpected to someone and they say 'that is random' to make that statement, but if they knew the full state of your mind at that point, it would no longer be random because they'd see the chain of thought that led to that statement being uttered.

The question of racism here is of the same quality of background knowledge and i hate to say it, 'intent'  (which i think is regrettably known to be abused for excusing racism) matters. If the trio of 'old' 'white' 'fat' are qualities being used to diminish the person in question then it would be racism, i agree. However I would not say i meant the 'white' in a pejorative sense here, if whatever race that person was i would have written it the same way and not have it reflect on that person's basketball ability. I have used it in that sense before but it was a positive way (the 14 yo athletic white phenom i described a few weeks ago in a youth league). That's still racism but positive or whatever.

In general, I don't have a problem personally talking about race casually, yeah we're all equal in theory but in practice im probably not afforded that kind of luxury of a viewpoint, which i think is something another Australian might take for granted (and that would be a good thing). I don't want to live with some kind of delusion that race doesn't matter or exist because that would lead to unrealistic situations otherwise. Or rude awakenings. It's nice to believe you're just another person most of the time, maybe even someone 'normal' but then you'll run into a small amount of racism and find it deeply troubling unless you've cultivated a resistance to racism being able to hurt you. I have to keep race in the foreground because otherwise racism is just too crushing when it happens, kind of like maintaining a level of immunity to it is required to function.

If you knew the person i was talking about, the 62 year old, he's a feature of the local pickup scene for years. The man is almost an institution, a playground legend. He's almost loved here. I honestly admire the man and i would even say i find his love for the game infectious. He hasn't got athleticism or even skill but he loves to play basketball and everyone just humours him but not having played with him in a year or two, i was surprised how much better he has got .. or perhaps how bad i have gotten at the same time, and how troubling i found it to be beaten by him .. not beacuse he's white .. but because he was really really bad .. like just terrible and now he was absolutely demolishing me. And having said that, it'snot like he's suddenly now a good player .. he's still bad .. but he beat me bad. But i couldn't have even tried to beat him in a competive sense .. i have a bit too much respect for him as a opponent to humiliate him? i dont know, it wasn't a competitive situation, i played with restraint but i'd expect to beat him easily even without trying. I'd never say he's bad because he's white .. it's not a factor (in this case). If his race was relevant that would be different. I guess if i was to flesh this out fully .. a 62 year old brown man or black man .. that would not make it any different in my eye, the age and fatness would be the main thing here.

Also i'm not good at dealing with racism .. but ive been trying to dispower it .. maybe it's a complex thing that needs way too much nuance to be careless like in this case.

OK, I understand where you're coming from a lot better now. I won't analyse it all in-depth but there's some really interesting insight here. Thanks for sharing.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 11, 2019, 01:23:20 am »
Played 1v1 today with this over weight 62 year old white man. he beat me both games .. lol. prep is going great

Come on mate. You should know better than to mention race like this.

yea you're right. i wanted to write something else but i thought it would be too doxy and made it more vague. maybe should have just stuck with human male.

I played 1v1 with a 52 year old HUMAN, much more skilled the 62 year old who defeated me a few days ago (ie the old man game of the meme above). I'm sure if he didnt have such an impressive tan he'd still be really good. 52 year old though.

Maybe we should leave species out of this  :pokerface:

OK OK, I get it's not cool to be pious about casual/inconsequential racism, and it's funnier to make jokes about SJW sensitivities and that...I am just interested that you (who has mentioned they've experienced racism IRL in Australia) would trivialise what I said before. I was surprised you were disappointed to lose against someone whom you described as old, fat and white, as if it were the trifecta of basketball ineptitude - but maybe I shouldn't be surprised? I am honestly interested in your views on it given your racism experience (something I haven't experienced) and being what I consider a well-informed, well-educated person.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 07, 2019, 11:01:33 pm »
Played 1v1 today with this over weight 62 year old white man. he beat me both games .. lol. prep is going great

Come on mate. You should know better than to mention race like this.

Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« on: February 26, 2019, 10:21:38 pm »
This thread gave me some good laughs. Not sure if it's all true but seems fairly legitimate:

Track Workout - 50 minutes
   Sled Sprints @45kg x 2 x 10m

I feel every time I read your log, there's something bizarre incorporated into an otherwise innocuous workout. This fits the bill right here.

The key with weighted sled pulls is to progressively overload your ability to accelerate over 10-30m. But it has to be within thin margins, otherwise you stop performing the technique you're trying to overload. You cannot be sprinting properly with this much weight - it will just be a slow push. From what I've done and read about, something like 10-15% of your bodyweight, or a maximum of 10-15% drop-off in your 10-30m sprint time, is what you're aiming for here.

This has been asked this a few times with no response: if your goal is 100m, why are you only running a maximum 50m, once or twice a week? Is this part of an incredibly long-term training plan? Why not do some tempo sprinting, or anything other than short acceleration work (but confusingly, no block starts, which is something you really should be doing if your goal is the 100m)?

It's only because you post so much that I want to help your training, but it's still so confusing.

Basketball / Re: 2018-2019 NCAA Season
« on: February 20, 2019, 11:01:02 pm »
Damn, he blew his left shoe out. Looks like could be an MCL injury based on the way he fell.


Basketball / Re: 2018-2019 NCAA Season
« on: February 15, 2019, 12:15:56 am »
Duke could beat any NBA team thats having a bad day.... FACT.

If Duke played the Cavs tomorrow, Cavs would win by 50pts and Kevin Love would break Wilt's single game points record.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: acole14's journal
« on: February 12, 2019, 10:25:10 pm »
My training has been pretty much this for the last month:

M - general foam roll, few prehab exercises (whatever is sore!), back extensions

T - track session 1
  • 400m/prehab exercises/dynamic warmup (~20mins)
  • Jumps:
    • Broad Jumps x 6 - recent best: 2.70m
    • Squat Jumps x 3
    • SVJs x 3
    • some v. light 1-step SLRVJs into sandpit off both legs x 3-4
  • Sprints
    • 60m x 5-6 or 60m-80m-120m with ~walkback recovery
    • 100run-100jog-100r-100j-100r-200j-200r (60-70% speed)
    • 200m jog barefoot on grass (for my calves/feet)

W - home gym 1
  • Foam roll/stretch/warmup exercises
  • UB:
    • Pullups 3x8
    • Pushups 3x10 (lol)
    • Banded stuff  - a ton
  • Core
    • Banded twists - heaps
    • Lying leg raises: 2x20
    • 200m jog barefoot on grass (for my calves/feet)
  • LB
    • Back extension: 3x15-20@10kgs
    • BSS: 3x12/leg @ 10kgs
    • Calf raises

Th - track session 2 (this is the comp night)
  • 400m/prehab exercises/dynamic warmup (~20mins)
  • Jumps (not as many as Track#1):
    • Broad Jumps x 3
    • SVJs x 3
  • Sprints:
    • Sprint warmup - few run-throughs and practice starts
    • Short sprint, usually 60-100m
    • Long sprint, usually 200-500m
    • 200m jog barefoot on grass (for my calves/feet)

F - general foam roll, prehab, back extensions

S/Su - home gym#2

Exactly the same as home gym#1, but with less UB (just banded stuff) and some jumps at a ceiling target (approx 10-15 SVJs, 10 DSVJs). Have only done this one once so far this month - prior to this it was just the same.

Once I get comfortable with this structure and stronger in the BSS/back ext (I'm not giving these 100% atm), I will move to a new phase with the weight vest. Hopefully some squatting once a week too. I've definitely lost some vertical power, SVJ and broad jumps down from historical averages.

A 60m standing start:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: 2019 Vert Comp
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:52:05 pm »
Starting 2019 heights (from four days ago):

SVJ: ~30
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

DSVJ: ~31''
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

This is a target of ~255cm, or 75cm/~30'' if I hit it. I'm scraping it with SVJ and clearing it by probably only an inch with DSVJ.

800m+ Running and/or Conditioning / Re: The Misc Running News Thread
« on: February 06, 2019, 07:02:20 pm »

running in the woods, attacked by mountain lion, choked it out. that is raw.

That is crazy. It would have been an interesting log entry:

Run 5km
Choke out mountain lion
Run 5km

... the pain will be almost completely gone tomorrow ready to do the box squats, which will make the pain come back up again after the workout and last for a few days again and repeat, but I don't know what that means about the state of my back.

It's obviously hard to know exactly how much pain/discomfort you're feeling and whether it's above normal expectations from this type of  training, but it might mean your back cannot handle box squats right now. You could be playing with fire by continuing to go back to them and repeating this cycle. Ideally you'd want to see the discomfort fall as you get more sessions in, but if it's always bad, it probably means you should back off for awhile.

If you can, go to a good PT and get some treatment on your back. It might just be really knotted up. Or you can lie on your back, get your legs up on a couch, and get a hard ball (hockey ball or similar) into your lower spinal erectors, gluteus medius, and midback spinal erectors. See how that feels after doing it for 10-15mins a day. Then I'd just lay off box squats for awhile, but still do your other exercises that don't induce the pain.

Also, I would consider box squats to be a late-season peaking exercise and not something you're using as a main lift throughout the year. I think the best course of action for your lower body compound power lift (be it DLs, pulls/cleans, or squat) is start with a high volume of full RoM reps, low-ish weight (still ~60-70% 1RM, 5-10 reps) for most of your training block, then progressively reduce the reps, raise the weight, and finally perform the supramax versions like box or quarter squats, block DL, or hang power cleans etc., so you're moving a very high load as fast as possible. These last ones should only be over a relatively brief window in your training plan - because the aim is mostly to get stronger and more powerful at these exercises without getting hurt, which prevents you from doing your sport-specific training (sprinting for you).

In regards to my hamstring flexibility, I can lay on my back and lift both legs individually 90 degrees and I stretch it grabbing my trouser sleeves and pull it close to me. So I think my hamstring flexibility is good.

I used to do single leg Romanian dead lifts using dumbbells in both hands, but I stopped because it was hurting my back. But then again I was doing it while balancing on one leg, I didn't know I could put the non working leg on the floor at the back.

Flexibility sounds fine, don't go crazy trying to stretch yourself out to the level of a contortionist. SLDLs are great and they could help a lot, especially switching the load halfway through as I described somewhere. It might address some imbalances you've got in terms of hip/glute/hamstring muscles. But definitely don't rest your rear leg on the floor though - you want to have the balance aspect.

In regards to tempo sprints, can you give me an example. Do you want me to do them every time I go to the gym.

Are you still being coached? Ask your coach if so. A good example might be [100 sprint - 100 slow jog - 100 sprint - 100 slow jog - 100 sprint - 200 slow jog - 200 sprint]^n, all at a pace where you're up sprinting on the ball of your foot, but not much faster (60-70% speed or so).

I may also incorporate long walks when I get the opportunity.


Do that when you're retired and save your energy  :). Joking - any active low-impact stuff on off days is good.

   Kettlebell swings 2 x 10 - painful for lower back so would stop midway
   ME Ankle hops w/ minimal ground contact 3 x 10
   Tuck Jumps /w minimal ground contact 3 x 10
      - painful for lower back

   Broad Jumps 2 x 5 jumps
      - jumped as far but not max effort to avoid triggering by back pain
      - average of 2.23m

   Seated box jumps
      - 3 x 7 @35 inches

   Planks x 1 min

Cool down
   walk back
   standing vertical jump - couldn't do it as my lower back pain prevented me

It was a bad session because I couldn't run but an alright plyometric session. Back pain is feeling better from Thursday.

Mate, it doesn't sound like your back pain is progressing very well at all if you're having trouble with those exercises. How's your hamstring strength/flexibility? I'm banging on about it, but bad back pain will end you if you let it get really bad.

Also, my experience with box squats is that they are very heavy on your lower back. You are doing a ton of weight, and I remember too that you could really ramp them up compared to full squats, but that might not be the best thing for you right know. I'm probably too conservative, but I'd be dropping them for a few weeks. I don't know about whether just doing the exercise with a light weight and building up, as you've done, is the always the best way to physically prepare yourself for heavier reps. Your leg strength at lower levels might be fine to mask any weakness in other parts, and those weak parts might not get strengthened sufficiently. Something KB goblet squatting might be better to keep your torso fully straight and engaged. Progress on that and build in box squats from scratch. And I recommend SL DB deadlifts alternating the side you hold the weight, as well as all the rotational core stuff as always.

One other thing you could be doing (and you should be anyway) is some easy tempo sprinting. I always found that low back pain/discomfort would be ameliorated when doing a good volume of actual sprinting - maybe because it's recruiting your hamstrings and glutes in a different way. YMMV.

- run/walk 1.95km
shin thing flared up immediately after i started running and did not go away as i warmed up, decided to go easy on it. balls. it's swollen, icing it now. no idea what happened.

- superset x 2
- pull up x 7
- BSS x 12

- stretch


Is it in the right area for shin splints? Lots of toe raises clears up shin splints like nothing else. I've never seen one single exercise fix an issue so completely as toe raises for shin pain.

I noticed you had a stiff neck a few days ago, and then got hit with the headache yesterday. That's how mine often presented themselves. Since I've been forcing myself to do more neck mobility stuff, they haven't been nearly as frequent. They are absolutely brutal when they strike, so I can sympathise.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: 2019 Vert Comp
« on: January 31, 2019, 08:55:30 pm »
OP updated as it's the 1st of Feb here. I'm going to test properly next week to get a full baseline.

Might be worth some others doing the same :ninja:

Incoming!  :ibjumping:

(Although mine won't be a 'baseline' as such...been training for a bit prior to this.)

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: acole14's journal
« on: January 23, 2019, 08:25:51 pm »

as for the work+training combination, it took me a while to figure out. for me, it seems like competition is the key. that's why i sign up for tons of races. with a race nearly every weekend, there's an endless amount of motivation.

that's why those thursday competitions sound great. compete nearly every week. try to dominate :D :ninja: :ibrunning:


Yep 100%. That's why I was so glad to find out about it. I went from barely being able to run at enough comps (a few years ago in the amatuer athletic program here) to being able to run a 100m every week :huh:

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