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Powerlifting / Strongman / What to expect/do for your first meet!
« on: May 31, 2014, 04:04:48 pm »
I know this category of the site is pretty much dead, however I wanted to take the time out for anyone looking to do their first meet and do a brief write-up of what to expect and what to bring with you as far as food sources go as your competing!

First off things you will need for the competition:

Singlet (most federations allow basically any singlet long as it doesn't come below knee height)
Under shirt for singlet (some federations require a non-supportive t-shirt under the singlet, some federations don't)
Belt (always recommend a 13mm belt, competition specs state no padding on the inside, and you can compete beltless if you want)
Shoes (I competed in the old school chucks their fairly universal still in powerlifting, but if you want something better grade rogue has a good line of shoes)
Knee Wraps (you have the choice of raw or classic raw, giving you the option of knee sleeves/wraps/wrapless. it depends on the lifters choice.)
Wrist wraps (again lifters choice, I always wear mine when benching above 80%. competition specs don't allow you to keep the thumb loop on)
Deadlift socks (requirement for the deadlift, these can be soccer socks/baseball socks/any socks as long as they come up just below knee height)

These are typically universal rules across the federation board, however when you commit to a meet I would google the rule book for extra security so your better prepared! Also you will need to purchase a membership online from the federation you choose to compete in as well as paying your entry fee for the meet (entry forms are posted several weeks before competition so you can print it off and send your check in) some federations offer memberships in person the day of the meet (I would double check before making it your last option). also If you decide to use knee wraps start casting them when your 3 or 4 lifters out, it takes a minute or two to get them casted and tied off properly so doing this by the time your standing up you should attempt your lift within 30-45 seconds. reason I say this is you only get 1 minute to attempt your lift once the bar is loaded and you chance rushing your wrap and possibly to the point of just squatting without them!!!

Foods I recommend/had to eat during the meet:

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (solid blend of protein and carbs)
Turkey and cheese sandwiches (or any kind of meat you like best)
Trail mix (I love going with a fruit and nut mix)
Whey protein mixed with regular oats (I refer to this as a power shake as it contains a lot of protein and carbs)
Bananas (potassium for the muscles)
1 gallon of water (to stay hydrated)
Half gallon of water mixed with half gallon of Gatorade (perfect ratio for diluting the electrolytes just enough to fuel the muscles but at the same time not cause them to cramp.)

Rule of thumb on the food sources is eat what foods best sit with your digestive track!

also for those curious on a window of time for eating, everyone is paired in separate groups know as "flights" for example I was in flight 3 each flight rotates through all three of their attempts before the next flight is called. (where I was in flight 3 I consumed my food while flight 1 was going through all three of their attempts, total time for each lifter to complete all three attempts in flight 1 took approximately 45 minutes. once flight 2 was called I went back into the warm up room and took my time warming up. so in essence I had 3 large windows during the entire meet to consume food and water before warming up and doing my attempts.)

Picking attempts for your meet:

Opener - I always recommend an opener be a weight you can lift for at least a smooth triple (3 reps). reason I recommend this is all of your lifts are judged and you want to get on the board as well as shake any excess nerves off

2nd attempts - This lift I recommend going with a weight that is around 92.5%/95% of your max, but if your feeling good and confident you can go with something that is just a fuzz shy of a PR.

3rd attempts - This lift determines how well your training has been going, I always recommend a small PR here but if everything has went great on meet day you can attempt a solid PR (15lbs+)

Using myself as an example on how I picked my attempts:

My goal for squat was 500lbs (I squatted 480lbs solid in training)

Opener: 440lbs

2nd attempt: 479lbs

3rd attempt: 507lbs (everything felt great that day so I exceeded my goal and had more in me)

My goal for bench (using a competition pause) was mid 300's even though I'm a high 300 gym bencher:

Opener: 319lbs

2nd attempt: 341lbs

3rd attempt: 363lbs

My goal for deadlift was 530lbs (I pulled 515lbs for a PR a few weeks before the meet)

Opener: 470lbs

2nd attempt: 518lbs

3rd attempt: 532lbs (and had plenty of room for more)

Signals the head judge will give you:

On the squat - once you unrack the bar the head judge will give a "squat" command, when you go to squat make sure you hit proper depth for the lift to pass as well as keeping your body balanced and bar in good position. (any stumbling or bar rolling on your back while squatting will give your lift red lights). once you squat and your standing up the head judge will give a "rack" command.

On the bench - once you receive a hand-out you will wait for the head judge to give a "start" command once that is given you take the bar to your chest with a pause and wait for the head judge to give a "press" command once the weight is locked out wait for the head judge to give a "rack" command

On the deadlift - The only signal the head judge will give her is a "down" command once you lockout your weight. red lights will be given to those who hitch or shake too much during the lift and also make sure you don't just drop the bar in the floor once the down command is given.

I think that pretty much covers it for those who are curious going in to their first meet!!!!!

Pics, Videos, & Links / Weight loss progress/Jump pic
« on: May 29, 2014, 12:54:02 pm »
Just wanting to share with you all my progress on cutting weight, total duration has been 16 months (down 82lbs) and hopefully if I hit my goal for September I'll have an even better update pic to post. Not quite as lean as I'd like to be however I've came a long way and I'm satisfied with that.

The rim in the other pic should be near 10' (9'10" or so) still not consistent on a true dunk. hopefully that will change with a few more weeks of training.

I'd like to start out by explaining my method of training, I currently use the percentages and waves recommended by a popular powerlifting method called the "Cube Method" it was created by a fellow Kentucky pro power lifter named Brandon Lilly. However each training cycle is custom made by myself to focus on weak points that I analyze by watching videos of myself lifting throughout each training cycle. there are 4 training days a week which include a repetition day, a speed day, a heavy day, and an accessory day.

My current schedule consists of:

day 1 : Rep Squat
day 2: Accessory Day (Weak point attack day, I choose 1 variation of each big 3 lift I'm weakest at and train it. rest is hammering bodyparts I feel needs worked.)
day 3: Speed Bench
day 4: Heavy Deadlift

Each week days 1,3, and 4 rotate forward! (for example week 2 would be heavy squat, rep bench, and speed deadlift)

I have had much success with this schedule, on average after each 9 week cycle I have added 40-50lbs to my total.

First day of the new training cycle!

Doing a full 9 week cycle, followed by a 4 week mini cycle (week 4 will be deload week) then the week after is the competition!

Rep Squat day:

Squat @70%

350 x 8
 370 x 8 (moderate casted knee rap)

Reverse band squat using light bands:

390 x 6

Paused squats @ approx 55% and 60% :

265 x 10 (2-3 second pause in the hole)

280 x 6 (2-3 second pause in the hole)

High rep squats (used knee wraps):

250 x 20 (no grind at all, smooth reps)


2 sets of 15yds

Core work:

200 reps

Cardio for the day!

10 minute circuit consisting of:

Farmers carries x 40yds
 Standing military press x 10 reps
 Barbell walks x 40yds
 Dips x 8-10 reps

Pretty much fried at this point. Paused squats build explosive strength out of the hole but holy crap my posterior chain has taken a beating! Feeling great about this training cycle and looking forward to September.

vid is 370 x 8

Introduce Yourself / Introduce Myself
« on: May 26, 2014, 01:28:25 am »
Hello my name is Jason McKinney, I'm a 23 year old power lifter from Kentucky. I just recently competed at "The Beast Of The Bluegrass" where I placed first in my weight class and division. To date my competition lifts are a 507lb squat, a 363lb bench, and 532lb deadlift. I had an old username on the old school Terminal Vertical forum (bball08). For those who have a YouTube channel subscribe and follow my progress as I plan to compete in the 242's this September. I'll also try to get some jumping/dunking footage up as well. Thank you all!

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