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Saturday 30th May 2020

even with the extra days rest, I still feel a bit achey...and not all that fresh... but still better than lately

Soft tissue work - skipped no time

bodyweight at home without shoes = 80+kg

BBall practice and jump training session at WLC outdoor courts - 1h 48 mins

17 mins dribble drills

then jumps against 8 feet netbball rim and random backboards/rims

rotated sets between first 4, 1-2 mins rest

1) Band assisted jumps light jump stretch band 4x5
2) Continuous single leg jumps off a few steps - alternating legs x6  - 3 sets
3) Continuous approach jumps - max effort - alternating plants x 8 -  3 sets
5) Backwards run intervals to 90% speed - walk back to start recovery -  half court x 7
6) Sprint intervals 90% speed - walk back to start recovery - full court x 3

15 mins worth of shooting and moves against netball rim...  bigger ball vs smaller rim = more accuracy needed!

Cooldown - backwards walking up 35 degree slope - 2 mins, 2.5 mins

Courts were busy today so had no full time access to a rim, so mostly jumped against the 8 feet netball rims, and random backboards and rims.
Legs still felt kinda heavy, and lots of quad action
Did appear to be jumping a bit higher - touched the 9'10" rim, but I jumped from too far out and arm was at an angle, so probably could have gotten my fingers over it.
So that would be around a 32 inch approach jump.
Got both my wrists on a 2 handed jump to 9 feet, so that would mean I should be able to touch 10 feet now, so again a 32 inch jump.

The band assisted jumps felt pretty quad heavy, since your so upright it's like a jumping front squat.
Felt springy on them... but I snapped my band after the 4th set... I should have used the larger average band as this light band needed to be stretched a bit..
But the band is quite old and brittle now.
I wrapped the band on the 8 feet netball rims.

Cut the sprints short as my left heel still too achey to do them.

‘Are the bands just helping you jump higher?’

The mistake is looking at the flair and not the floor. The key is what is happening during the landing phase of each jump you will experience a greater stimulus for increased forces and thereby passive eccentric loading and in turn increased velocities as the bands spring you back up.

‘How much of an assist should the bands give?’

I’ve used usually a Maximum -10-30% Body Weight Reduction, but I’ve gone as high as 40%.

‘Why just not do normal jumps?’

Do both! This overspeed movement gives us access to enhanced nervous system firing rates and increased intramuscular coordination qualities..

12 hour fast - broke fast before BBall, with raw carrot/beetroot, slice of cheese

3200 calorie burn for today, according to Fitbit Charge 3, with HR monitor turned off
Plan to eat 2600-2700

Friday 29th May 2020

Lower back and abs still achey, upper body and calves as well.

Cold wet dreary day, so no BBall/jumping today.
Tomorrow will be dry, warmer and I'll be more recovered - so hoping for a good session, first in a couple of weeks....

Took it easy today. No backwards walking so my quads can be a bit fresher
Noticed my outer lower quad tendon has gotten much thicker!
Ready to put out and take in more force

mobility work upon waking

Mobility work pre walk, and  released feet and calves

55 min walk/hike

pullover stretched hold over foam roller x 5kg plate
pec stretch lying inline with foam roller.

More release work, for pec minor and lower body - felt so nice and loose after
then hip flexor and couch stretch

17 hour fast
2700 calorie burn according to Fitbit Charge 3 - with heart rate monitor off
plan to eat 2300

I really want to time one of Riley Smith's recent running jumps, but they all have slow mo :/

All his jumps are around 37 inches, 40 inches tops, there is no 44 here...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

40-43 inch, jump mat claims 47.....

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Sammy Coates 42 inches - Jump mat says 45

see 1:02
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

44 claimed, got 43 on last attempt, so close enough

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Got a 43.7 inch jump on the above vid with the proper measurement settings now.  :ibjumping:
From just before the feet leave the ground,  to flat feet landing

accurracy will vary by up to 3 inches either way due to 30fps


Rugter's Dunker VJ is now 35.5


Johnny Candito - 35 inches

55 inch box jump from a stand still.  Used car due to lack of resources.  Video shows what a 515 pound squat can do for your vertical leap.  My vertical is around 36 at a stand still.  I am 5'7" 175lbs

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I was looking at that site last week! Your thoughts on accuracy in regards to your own jumps/vids?

Pretty close, but with lower jumps and 30fps the swing to either side of the measurement is quite a bit larger. Most are within 2-3 inches
Also I think timing from feet flat to feet touch landing is more accurate as the toe off adds jump height


The analysis might underestimate your vertical jump if you take off and land on your toes.

Since I land on my toes, this under estimates my jump a bit.
It matches up for me when I time from 1-2 frames before my feet leaves the ground and flat feet landing

Been looking for a cheap option to strap weights/dumbbell handles to your shoes to do tib raises and ankle circles
And I believe this is it - heavy duty velcro cinch strap tie downs

24x 2 inch seems about the right size - using two should keep a good weight on the feet secure

Also might grab a longer set for my yoga mat - keep it rolled up :)
And they seem useful for other things, training wise - like weighted leg raises etc.
Maybe even as a Nordic curl strap for a bench.... although you might need the ones used to strap down cargo on cars etc

I also thought about retrofitting some old Jump Soles for the same job :D
Or attach my spare dumbbell handle onto some old shoes, and then just load up plates on the top side of the dumbbell only

Someone who trains to a 2.5*BW ATG squat, for whatever reasons, using whatever methods, with whatever other variants, either he knows it or not, he also trained himself for(to) a top-class vertical jump too.
 ;D :lololol:

Clarence was more an olympic lifter back then and did a bit of tricking, but I doubt he practised running jumps as much as BBall players/aspiring dunkers do :)

So I have been loading videos into this web app that allows you precisely tag takeoff and landing points of a video and calc hang time and vertical etc.!

And a lot of jump mat videos are so inflated it's crazy.
That 47.1 vertical vid from a football combine is only 41 or so inches based on hang time...

I wanted to measure a lot of popular vids, on Youtube and instagram but they tend to slow mo the jump after takeoff... blah...

Clarence's jump back when he was 80kg, with that 200kg squat is a legit 40 inches or so on the app. Not bad for a non vert training person.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

another vid I tried was Rugter's Dunker's vertical on a vertec, which was supposedly 40 inches, I only got 30 inches....

Thursday 28th May 2020

The usual upper body aches - biceps and upper back, posterior shoulder
But my lower back, glutes and upper hammies are unusually sore.... I think from the rows and barbell curls - your posterior chain is basically doing an ISO back extension on these.
And maybe when deadlifting up the bar as well.

back of left heel achey, but improving.

mobility work upon waking
Mobility work pre walk

BBall control drills - 15 mins

57 min walk/hike
middle of the walk - backward walking up a 20-30 degree sloped path x 2.5+ mins


18 hour fast
2800 calorie burn according to Fitbit Charge 3 - with heart rate monitor off
plan to eat 2400-2700

Wednesday 27th May 2020

Lower body still sore, and upper back/traps as well from swings/cleans

Soft tissue work - just feet, calves and subscapularis - didn't have much time

bodyweight at home without shoes = 81.5kg                   

BBall practice session at WLC outdoor courts -  48 mins

1) A few footwork movement efficiency drills - star pattern hops, line hops etc,  pretty easy and fast for me
2) 10 mins dribble drills,
3) 10 mins shooting drills
4) medium intensity moves, shots, layups
5) After 35 mins - a few jumps

legs feeling heavy, swole and sore.
So hops are down, paused vertical down 2+ inches.
Left heel a little achey while running around earlier in the session, but felt better later on.

Sit in bottom of narrow stance squat for 1min
Wall tibialis raise -  low intensity BW x30
Knee over toes soleus calf raise double leg BW x120+  2 mins straight.
backwards walking up 35 degree slope 2mins x 2

stretched lower body


Resistance at the outdoor courts

3 level ext rotated band pull apart - to forehead, shoulder, sternum + star drill combo - light rogue band  - dual strands x 10 each, 20 secs rest between each axis
band curls x12 to warmup forearm tendons
Light jump stretch band, curl grip  rows x12

alternating sets - 2 mins rest
Dip shrugs - straight bar - BW x20 @RPE 8
inverted rows - undergrip - explosive - BW+5kg 2x7, 1x9 @RPE 8
Pushups to upper abs - closegrip triangle - explosive - BW x10 on bench, 6 inch of step - BWx10
6 inch step - BW+15kg 2x18 @RPE 8  (+3 reps)

stretched pecs, lats and triceps


Back at home

Rotating sets between each exercise - 2 mins
A1) High angle rows to ribcage  - slight pause at bottom, explosive - barbell 20kg x12, 40kg x6,  50kg x2
52.5kg 2x9 @RPE 9 (+1 rep)
45kg x10 @ RPE 9 (+1 rep)

A2) vertical wall ab wheel roll outs - pulling handles apart 2x30 with hold at top

Rotating sets between each exercise - 2 mins
B1) Barbell curl explosive - 20kg x6, 25kg x2,
30kg 2x9 @ RPE 9.5 (+2 reps)

Dang, overdid it, pushed 1 extra rep too much or just gained more strength than usual :)

B2) Prone trap front raise 45 degree incline, hold at top, controlled eccentric, with 3 count hold at top -  plates 1.25kg x6,
 2.5kg x6, 3.5kg 2x10 @ RPE 8

Single arm overhead press - max extension - neutral grip 5kg plate held at bottom handle for max instability - 3 count hold at top x17
45 degree incline - reverse grip dumbbell bench 3.5kg x 10, 6kg x20

left side a bit wobbly

Elbow on knee external rotation alternating arms/sets without rest - 2.5kg x5, 3.5kg 2x18  - harder for left side

Pullover stretched ISO hold across bench - straight armed - 2.5kg plates x 1min
Incline flye stretched ISO hold 45 degrees, straight armed - 2.5kg plates x 1min



I get bigger, and so I get stronger, or is it the other way around?  No neural adaption for me...

12 hour fast - broke fast before BBall - a bit of raw carrot/beetroot and a slice of cheese, and nuts

3100 calorie burn - according to Fitbit Charge 3, not including weights
plan to eat 2600-2700

was able to stand on each leg at a time for a minute without losing balance today - that's insane, I can't remeber if I could ever do that before!

I could never do that on my left leg. Turns out my tib post just didn't work. Maybe all that calf/tib work is paying off for you.

yeah I think it might that, plus releasing my peroneals

was able to stand on each leg at a time for a minute without losing balance today - that's insane, I can't remeber if I could ever do that before!

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