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Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: 40x40
« on: November 21, 2019, 04:18:07 pm »
I had pretty much the same epiphany....not really following the ATG workouts to the letter now, but definitely using their movements to get my ankles and knees right.

Has it really been almost 2 weeks since I've logged?

Life's been hectic, but managing to get some shorter sessions in 4-5 times a week over the last 2 weeks.  Been doing only 'low' type sessions, more of a gpp/get healthy phase.  Typical format has been:
warmup:  forward and backward marches, skips, hops, etc
banded running in place or some type of hop (mostly ankle bounces) for 30 sec, with either abs or pushups in between sets
upper body: hi rep shoulder/upper back/arm work
atg ankle exercise/tib raises/shoulder dislocates

feeling good, will stick to this basic format for another 2 weeks or so before I start to incorporate more 'hi' sessions with sprints/throws/jumps and heavier weights

BW has been holding steady at 178-181 every day


BW: 181

rest day


BW:  179.2

Low day:

Warmup:  forward and backward marches, skips, hops, etc

Banded tempo runs x 5 sets
Jump rope x 5 sets
various shoulder and ab work in between sets

ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates
Ankle flossing


BW: 179

Hi day:

Warmup:  forward and backward marches, skips, hops, etc

A1:  Banded sprints, 3 x 6 secs
B1.  Approach jumps, RL x 3, LR x 3
B2.  Lying med ball throws
C1.  Squat, 2x3  (185)
C2.  Depth jumps x4
D1.  Bench 2x5 (155)
D2.  Plyo pushup x 6

ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates


BW:  182.2


Warmup: forward and backward marches, skips, hops, etc

Sprints:  buildups to 10 meter fly x 2

Hi/lo pogo jumps x 2 sets
Med ball chest passes x 2 sets
2/1 pogo jumps x 2 sets
Rotational med ball throws x 2 sets

Squat 2x2
Bench 2x3

ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates

Good workout today.  Achilles feeling better.  Sprints felt good, body not used to being at top speed.  Lots of room for improvement.  Jumps and throws felt good.  Getting coordination back for power exercises.  Squat and bench are just for general strength...nothing too heavy, just to get a stimulus


BW:  181.6

Workout 1:

Warmup=forward and backward marches, skips, high knees, etc

Banded run in place - 5 sets
Jump rope - 5 sets
Upper body circuit weights, high reps

Workout 2:

SL standing iso
pushup iso
BSS iso
Scap pullup
Calf iso
Ab work

Today was a 'low' day.....higher volume, low intensity.  Achilles was a little tight this morning, but felt better as I got warmed up.  Will see how I'm feeling tomorrow.  Warm-ups are basically the same for low and high days, just some generic bouncy type stuff to get the blood flowing.  I have no issues with doing back to back low days if I feel that's what my body needs.


Haven't journaled much lately, workouts have been haphazard.  Taking a break from the ATG stuff, the KOT squats aggravated my knee, and I want to add in more jumping into my workouts.  Just ordered 'applied sprint training' by James Smith the other day.  About 1/4 of the way through it.  Good explanation of Charlie Francis type workouts, but it's a tough read.  Also just got 'speed strength' by Joel Smith, gonna start on that one next.

I really need to focus on my lower leg (foot/ankle/calf) strength and elasticity, aerobic conditioning and shoulder health.  Started a high/low type set up yesterday, so we'll see how it goes.

BW:  didn't weigh

Workout 1:

Warmup:  marches, skips, high knees....forward and backward

Was planning on a few short sprints afterward, but achilles felt tight, so did some ~30 meter buildups instead

Hi/lo pogo jumps
Med ball chest pass
2/1 pogo jumps
Rotational med ball throws

Squat 3x2
Incline Bench 3x3

ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates

Workout 2:

SL stand
ISO pushup
Scap pullup
ISO calf


BW: didn’t weight

A1. Pigeon stretch x 60 sec
A2. Weighted butterfly x 10, 30 sec stretch on last rep
A3. Jefferson curl x 10, 30 sec stretch on last rep
A4. SL hip flexor x 20
A5. Split squat x 10, 30 sec stretch on last rep
A6. QL x 10

Not much time or energy today.  Was supposed to run through the circuit 3 times, but only did once and called it a day. 

Workout 2:

ISO calf top position
Eccentric calf
Depth drops
ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates
Face pulls
Incline db curl


Haven't logged in a few days but still able to get my workouts in.

Workout (8/10/19):

Two foot jumps x 30.  Did 2 RL plants and 1 LR plant, up to 30 total jumps.  Worked to a two-stop approach towards the end

Workout (8/11/19):

A1.  DB external rotation
A2.  Powell raise
B1.  Cross-bench pullover
B2.  Trap raise
C1.  Crushing grip
C2.  Palming grip

Workout (8/12/19):

A1.  Backwards squatted walk (was supposed to do reverse sled but weather was bad this morning)
A2.  Kot squat, worked down to 2 sets down to a 6 inch box x 10
A3.  Couch stretch
A4.  Nordics, worked down to a 6 in box x 5
A5.  Calf raise, BW x 10 with 30 sec stretch on last rep
A6.  Tib raises x 20


BW:  174.2

Lost a ton yesterday.  Mostly water and glycogen I'm sure.  Gonna continue the fast til around 12 today, which would be right at 40 hours.  Nice little reset, and wasn't hard to do.



A.  Calf stretch x 3 mins ea leg
B.  Elephant walk til feel loose
C.  Couch stretch x 3 mins ea leg
D.  Pigeon stretch x 3 mins ea leg
E.  Wall middle split x 3 mins
F.  Seated pancake x 3 mins

Workout 2:

Eccentric SL calf.....start with heel raised approx 10 degrees above parallel, hold for 5 secs, slow eccentric to full stretch, hold at bottom for 5 secs
Rhythm squats
ATG ankle exercise
Shoulder dislocates
Face pulls
Incline DB curl
Ankle flossing

Nice, quick workout.  These seem to make me feel better during and afterward. 

Tomorrow is stretch day, the Jumps on Saturday.  Will forgo the extra workout tomorrow, other than ankle flossing, to be fresh as possible for Saturday. 

Haven't eaten since last night around 8 pm.  Think I'll continue to fast through tomorrow afternoon, then have a few protein shakes and good dinner.  Just seeing if I can drop a quick 3-4 pounds and feel fresh at the same time.


BW:  181.4


Reverse sled, 3x150 meters
Patrick step up, 4 in box, 45x20, 75x20, 95x20
Single leg RDL, 20x10, 10, 10

Left shoulder a little aggravated today.  I think it's from the cuban press yesterday, will take that out of the rotation for now. 
I totally miscalculated the area that I have in my backyard to do sled work.  It's only around 10-11 meters, so I did 15 trips today to hit my 150 meters.  Legs and lungs were on fire.  Right ankle strength is coming back, but tightness is still there.  The step-ups weren't bad at all, will push the weight next time I do them.
Was supposed to do SL back extensions, but don't have a way to set that up at home so I subbed the RDL's.

Workout 2:

ISO calf raise at top position
OI calf raise
Low pogo hops
Band pull apart
Cuban press
1 arm preacher curl
ATG ankle exercise
Ankle flossing

Nice, quick workout for a little more volume on ankles and shoulders.  Ankle getting better every day.


BW:  181.0 (amazing what my weight will get down to when I don't eat like an asshole!).  175-178 lbs is a good spot for me where weight loss starts to level off.  I'm thinking 170 is a good weight for me though...should be able to hit that in the next week or so

Workout 1:

SL jumps x 30 total.  Rest 30 sec - 1 min between each jump.

I did 2 jumps off of right leg for every 1 off of left leg to balance out.  Jumps were terrible.  I've never been a 1 leg jumper.  But it's encouraging....I realize that the work I put in will lead to good adaptations over time.  Ankle feels great.  Achilles on both legs felt tight beforehand, so I did an extended warm-up of marches, skips, ankle dribbling, etc to get the blood flow going. 

Workout 3:

Calf raises, 2 up 1 down
SL calf raise ISO, 50 lbs x 40 sec with slow eccentric on last rep
Reverse step-ups, 4 inch box x 30
ATG ankle exercise

Shoulder dislocates, 2.5 lbs
Face pulls, 2 black bands
Lateral raise with 5 sec hold at top, 5 lbs
Incline db curl, 10 lbs

Ankle flossing

Had time for another workout this evening.  Subbed reverse step-ups for rhythm squats.  Felt great afterwards

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