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Re: FP's log
« Reply #900 on: May 10, 2023, 04:20:24 am »
I used to be the "vertec eye" of the forum.  :P
I'm quite rusty now and there is a lot of distortion but i'll agree, that touch is in the 14'' above area, give or take. So all your calculations seem right, props, great jump!  :highfive:
Target training paces (min/km), calculated from 5K PR 22:49 :
Easy run : 5:48
Tempo run : 4:50
VO2-max run :4:21
Speed form run : 4:02


it's the biggest trick in the run game.. go slow to go fast. it doesn't make sense until it smacks you in the face and you're like ....... wtf?


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Re: FP's log
« Reply #901 on: June 15, 2023, 01:46:06 pm »
Going back to logging for a little while. Tryout time is over, during which my aim was just to take it easy with workouts and stay fresh. Didn't really make any great teams, for lots of reasons, but pretty content with where I am at.


close grip pushups -target and prevent mid back from collapsing
pushups with traps wide
pullups with engaged shoulders? very specific grip.   
leg raise and dragon flag variations - can mess with this to target different parts of the psoas, and train it in differnt ways


Kettlebell snatch (alt arms): 40 *8+8, 8+8, 8+8 (warmup)

Pullups *6,6,6
-these are strong, fast, and dead hang. A cue I have been feeling like might help carryover to functional strength is to kind of widen my shoulders and use my coracobrachialis muscles to stabilize. However this will cause less reps in the short term (didnt do this during this workout)

Captains chair w pause *18,18

Hang Power cleans 155*5, 185*5, 155*5, 135*5
-the lighter ones are done with practically no hip bend, basically from an upright position, and with almost without stopping between reps, however didn't manage to get some of the later ones very high. 185 about halfway down the thigh, but all went up nice and high.

a few depth jumps
-pretty bad. trying to touch a high target. I think this is mostly a coordination exercise at this stage

altitude drops up to 54"
-not getting much hip involvement, also not super coordinated.

broad jump with runup into stick
-considering this variation to develop force absorption with the hips. Not a very intense stimulus, even with longer jumps. Was thinking if I landed on a diagonal surface, I would get the hips more involved in absorbing force. Might be interesting to try on sand?

A few accelerations
-I need to get coordinated in accelerating more on my toes. I think this allows the highest degree of both hip and quad activation, will keep working on it.

Trap bar DL 185 *8,8
-focus on bar speed, rebounding hard out of the bottom. I feel like this will have moderate carryover to accelerations, in a complex with them I think these might have some use
-So with all the alignment work I have done I have established that my left and right legs have very different ways they activate in any movement because of the PCL tear. I'm trying to be mindful of this during training, essentially I have to use different movements to train either the left or right leg. Seems like the trap bar DL can target both, I just need to focus on the leg I am targeting

-So I didn't have a traditional GPP block to build strength going into the season. This is the only season that has not had a preparatory GPP block. Been feeling the impact of that, not quite as sturdy and more strength based field movements (acceleration and CoD) have quicker dropoffs and less available to fully activate after having already asked for a lot from the anaerobic and aerobic system during any given point.
However I don't want to be doing a whole lot of strength work in-season either, in the short-term I think that's going to sap explosiveness. But it might be best for best end of season results.


Hang Power Cleans 115*5 *9 rounds
-last 3 superset pushups 3*12
-feel like with this low weight I'm actually the closest to carryover to top speed
-calf tiredness? maybe from dropping the bar from the upper position?

40Y sprints *4
-my impression when about to start these was that I had temporarily potentiated ONLY the concentric portion and that was actually a bad thing, like maybe specifically even: I generally use my calves for absorbing landing impact when sprinting, but they were completely tuned to being used concentrically.
-there was a potentiation effect from the HPC's but it was something like: +stride length, -stride frequency. There was certainly something about them that felt good. Overall, though, I would say there was a loss. But it might have to do with lack of experience mixing these, tiredness from the HPC's and the fact that I didn't adjust for my PCL tear mechanics when doing HPC's.
~hunch: I think my current running style, running on my toes will not have as much carryover from HPC's. Generally ground contacts are really brief and another impression that I had was that I use my quads too much to benefit from HPC's as potentiation
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Re: FP's log
« Reply #902 on: June 22, 2023, 10:36:25 pm »
So my silly ass is going to be doing GPP in the middle of the season. Just want to get back to lifting for a while and see how it feels. Been having some serious anxiety and periods of high stress, want to see if lifting helps


Sumo DL: up to 295*5, 275 2*5
-my hip mobility is good, but not good enough to keep perfect form (my femurs are internally rotating), 295 had some very slight back rounding

Squat (low bar, heels elevated): up to 265 3*5, 1*7
-this feels good! I'm getting a good hip drive with these specs, and my quads are playing a secondary role.

BSS (14" box, foam pad for knee (partial RoM): 50's *8, 65's 2*8 w pause
-left leg mobile hip, right leg hip stable. First few reps going up fast, last few grindy but not difficult?: this emphasizes the weaknesses of my training this season. I don't think I have ever had this issue when lifting consistently in previous seasons.

Back ext, upper back extensions (hands on head) BW*8,8,10
-a lot weaker than I thought this would be. not even sure what muscles im using. I think its like some of the upper erectors that go from the upper lumbar to the cervical vertebrae. my theory is strengthening these muscles will help stabilize my hypermobile left leg during athletic movement

Leg press on toes, trying to go for extra RoM: 360 4*8
-I think this tweaked my back cause I was stabilizing from the back instead of the hips on my right leg which actually doesnt usually work with that kind of pattern. My left leg typically works uses this kind of pattern but my right one does not.
-explosive str endurance is kind of low i guess? I used to destroy leg press

With my former mechanics involved using the quads concentrically for movement a lot. Now I think I mostly use them for force absorption and elastically.

soreness: glutes, adductors, a little quads. forgot protein yesterday

DB OHP: up to 40 *8, 35 2*8
-asymmetrical pattern, right shoulder forward

DB rows: 85's 2*8
-last reps a little too grindy

Face Pull: 22 *12,10,10
-aiming to pull stability both from the neck and low/mid back. afterwards uppermost erectors, connecting thoracic vertebrae to cervical and head tightened up. I think I was using muscles dynamically that I normally stabilize the neck with isometrically, so the neck was unstable and pulled help from elsewhere.

Incline DB press (setting 5 incline): 45's *8, 50's *7,6

Reverse flys: 12's *10,10,10
-left scapula wants to stay stable, right scapula wants to move with the arm bones

Shrugs from low pulley: various weights
-couldn't decide on the form: neck bent or straight, back bent or straight

Pullups: *6,6,6
-trying to externally rotate arms and get coracobrachialis involved. My opinion atm is this is the most complete way to do pullups, but the body is diagonal with this setup (not vertical like you generally see with pullups) and that's tough to maintain.

Lateral raises: 15's *8,8,8
-not really getting the sort of shoulder engagement I was looking for. Not sure why

Close grip pullups *6,5,4

I seem to be sucking in my stomach for a lot of this stuff. Doesn't seem like a pattern that one would want. Not sure about going forward with upper body lifting, I believe it's detracting from the non-weight room mechanics I have spent a lot of time developing. Will have to see how my athletic movements are impacted and what to do next.


A 3 hour ultimate practice both days. Hamstrings still sore both days from lifting a few days ago. However it seems lifting actually contributed to (cant be sure but) good mechanics, probably because the squat was hip driven. I think despite the soreness, my CoD is better than before lifting. My throwing mechanics are really different from a few weeks ago, backhand side is worse, flick side maybe a bit better.

Something to be cautious about, achilles ache,  after lifting mechanics introduced, having to perform 2 roles of stabilizing the knee  (where the calf attaches to the femur) with a locked foot and also working concentrically during triple extension. With non-weight room mechanics, it doesnt stabilize the knee, the hamstrings do that from the hip. I have tried this pattern before (briefly) and at the time felt it was too risky for the calf to have to perform a role that serious. If I cant get this to work Im gonna drop lifting and use the pattern im used to, safer that way.
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Re: FP's log
« Reply #903 on: July 14, 2023, 07:48:11 pm »
Anyone have advice on injury prevention stuff? Nordics the obvious one, supposedly KOTG stuff for knee durability, and I was doing this intense ankle isometric (standing up out of crossed leg sitting) a while ago and when i cranked my ankle hard I think having done that iso may have saved me from a tear or something. Flexibility and good mechanics important+++

Then maybe something for shoulders? Other ankle positions as well. Doubt I will injure the back playing ulti but that could be a good supplement, and something for groin, maybe something for hip flexors. CoolColJ was doing those achilles and patella tendon-enhancing iso's, or were they eccentrics?

My general vibe is injury prevention = train in lengthened muscle positions, weird unconventional positions, maybe something like parkour for landing and falling

Lifting going strong! Taking some time to ensure good alignment, been kind of falling back into both upper and lower cross due to poor resting and walking posture.
Will post PR's. A recent one that's a testament to my commitment to improving p-chain functionality was hitting 205*5 on Hang power cleans, which was insane because it took so damn long to get to that level last time I was there and this PR was with having practiced the lift very little and all from improved mechanics