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Re: FP's log
« Reply #736 on: June 18, 2018, 06:08:38 pm »
6/16, 6/17
went to a tourney to hang with the team, track stats, film and help out. i will be playing with john doe, a mid level regionals team. we went 1-5 for the weekend
got some throws in but not a whole lot, maybe ~200-300 the whole weekend


sumo dl:
315 *5
335 *5
355 *5,4
-yes! easy, good form. 355*4 looks great on vid, no need to force a 5th rep

standing OHP:
105 *6,6
110 *6,5

waiter carries:
50 lbs 3*45s/ side

adductor machine 295 2*8

core circuit:
-bicycles 3*30
-russian twists 30lbs 3*30
-ab wheel 3*15

65 *12,12

adductor high chair adductions:
3*8/ea side

hip hikes 45lbs *12,12,10 /ea side


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Re: FP's log
« Reply #737 on: June 19, 2018, 06:23:51 pm »

Hucks *150
short throws *100

tl;dr throwing rambles
most of these were in rain. much more consistent than in wind: I was throwing with 8 discs, and on some of the sets I was hitting a 5*5Y box 55Y out with 6/8 discs, I think I got 7/8 once. Hit a handful of money 85Y pulls. The really excellent thing is I am getting my hang time to be much more consistent. Before I would just throw for distance but having a space as a target and tracking hang time will help my game throws a lot.
Realized that my backhand technique just needed a complete makeover, so I was trying out a different technique today. Again, sacrificing some distance for a much better extension, much lower hang time and consistency. The distance will come with practice.
misc notes:
-my first few sets I always anticipate the throw to blade over and adjust for it, leaving an ugly but accurate throw. But as the sets keep coming and my technique becomes better, I should stop adjusting for it because my technique becomes good and throws end up veering off IO.
-Practicing pulls and backhand hucks on the same day is a bad idea because a good stepout backhand huck has a tight torso and a good pull has a loose one. Learning one interferes with learning the other.
-having difficulty transferring momentum from power position backhands to my throw. Maybe throwing more IO would help? I default to always throwing OI backhand. In general my runup/power position hucks need loads more work, they are not as powerful as my stationary throws.

400m workout:
400m*3 1:21, 1:19, 1:17 (90s rests)
6 min rest
400m*2 1:14, 1:18 (90s rests)

I did a few laps and the ankle felt good enough for some 400's. Big improvement from last time, even though I have not done anything anaerobic in more than 2 weeks.
The other thing with the 400's: There are 4 ways I have gotten fatigued from doing these: leg lactic acid buildup, ammonia buildup in the head, core fatigue, and lung fatigue. I almost always get exhausted from lactic acid buildup and sometimes ammonia buildup (horrible headache feeling). Today it was mostly lung fatigue and some core fatigue. Very strange. Possible reasons: my hip flexors are the strongest they've ever been and I think the hip hikes I've been doing have been a game changer. General core strength is around PR levels too. Maybe the swimming improved my breathing? I am completely awful at breathing when swimming.


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Re: FP's log
« Reply #738 on: June 21, 2018, 07:18:35 pm »
went to practice hoping to play but ankle not nearly good enough. i have pain in 3 different areas. i think it is a fracture, sometimes they get missed on x-ray
throws *100

BW: 193
CNS: average

sumo DL
375*1,1,1,1, 355 7*1 (30s rests between all singles)
-form fine, 375's slow, mixed grip loosening up, almost dropped the last 375. not sure I could do 405 with good form

135 2*5
165 2*5
135 (paused) *13F

bb rows:
135*8, 155*7,7F 145*7

amrap v-ups /35 secs (120s rests):
*25, 22, 23, 22, 20
-big improvement, last time all sets were 20 and below. but i think i did them off an elevated surface. going back to the elevated surface next time.

dips *8,8,6
face pull 35 3*12

flys 30's 3*8
reverse flys (top rom only) 10's 3*8

edit: throws *250
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Re: FP's log
« Reply #739 on: June 22, 2018, 06:00:36 pm »
so while my ankle is injured i think these 400s are a great look

hucks *100
heavy wind. upwind i couldnt get my flicks past 40y and no consistency. downwind i focused on choosing whether the disc went IO or OI. too much in either direction and the disc blades or pops up and veers 20y to the side. no point in being able to throw a full field bomb if you cant control it. i did end up hitting a water bottle from 50y out but y'know, it's 1/100. who gives a shit. jk it was a money shot

400m *4 @1:18, 1:17, 1:17, 1:13 (2 min rests)
7 min rest
400m *3 @1:19, 1:20, 1:25 fuck.
bailed on the last rep again. was not expecting such a big drop off after a 7 min rest. hmm
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Re: FP's log
« Reply #740 on: June 24, 2018, 12:59:05 am »
practice *2 hours
-ankle not quite there. another week at least  :uhcomeon:
-fucking killed it though. good all around. if i dont get injured, endseason these bois wont know what hit them.
-i need a lot more high level touches. dropped an easy clap and had an around throwaway where i had a loose backhand grip that ended up slipping with the wet weather

trap bar DL:
235*27 in 60 seconds
-mid back rounding. it feels completely fine but it looks bad on video

safety bar walkouts
145 *100 steps
235 *100 steps
265 *110 steps

ss *3:
-good mornings 145*8,8,7
-landmines 75 3*12 PR

ss *3:
-natural glute ham raises (ecc focus) 3*6
-suitcase carry (strapped) 110 *45s, 45s, 30s /ea side

ss *3:
-crunches 20lb behind head 3*20
-leg raises w/ hip lift 3*15
-situps w/ 20lb behind head 10, 8+2, 7+2+1

ss *3:
hip hikes 40lbs 3*12 / ea side
sl-rdl 40lbs 3*5 / ea side