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Lotto Quaranta VIP
« on: October 30, 2015, 02:05:22 pm »

LBSS recommended and approved.. well maybe not this exact version, but lotto quaranta's in general.

Love these: price + very light + foam is extremely comfortable/bouncy. I move around great in them.

I do have some issues with them:
- they seem to wear down very fast when playing tennis on hard court: foam sole is grinding down very quick, little holes starting to appear. I've probably played with them ~15 times and they are definitely wearing down quick.
- the insoles they come with are HORRIBLE. I would have ripped them out but they ripped out the first time I wore them.
- since the insoles suck (thick cushion feeling), I have to put my own insoles in them, because the sole is this raw mesh that'll wreck your feet. I just wish they had a normal fabric sole so I could wear them without an insole.

I like these alot better than my Lotto Quaranta IV's.