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Another free collection of Mass articles
« on: April 19, 2022, 02:43:38 pm »

Table of Contents for the free PDF
Comprehensive Research Review articles:

When and How are Flexible Templates Actually Useful? ​
by Michael C. Zourdos

The Link Between Overtraining and Low Energy Availability​
by Eric Helms

Extrapolating From Short-Term Adaptations and Proxy Measures: A Dangerous Game
​by Eric Trexler

The Most Comprehensive Look at Proximity to Failure Yet
​by Michael C. Zourdos

Building Muscle in a Caloric Deficit: Context is Key
​by Eric Trexler
Comprehensive Research Review videos:

Video: Time-Efficient Programming Strategies Part 1
​by Michael C. Zourdos

Video: Periodizing Singles in Powerlifting Training
​by Eric Helms
Research Brief articles:

A Heuristic For Estimating Energy Expenditure During Resistance Training
​by Greg Nuckols

Replacing Animal Proteins With Plant Proteins: Are There Any Downsides?
​by Eric Trexler

The Bench Press May Target Different Muscles in Male and Female Lifters
​by Greg Nuckols

Collagen Protein Isn’t Great for Promoting Muscle Hypertrophy
​by Eric Trexler

Attentional Focus May Influence Strength Development
​by Greg Nuckols

Adding Another Layer to the Energy Compensation Discussion
​by Eric Trexler

The Interference Effect is Getting Less Scary by the Day
​by Greg Nuckols

Is Everything That’s Measured Worth Managing?
​by Eric Trexler

An Update on Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy
​by Greg Nuckols

Cold Exposure For Fat Loss: Physiology Can Be “Cool” Without Being Useful
​by Eric Trexler