Author Topic: Gain more strength when doing atg rather than more weight half squats?  (Read 1023 times)

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Thursday I decided I'd go low in my squats, that I'd do them " the right way". Which meant i'd have to use less weight. For the last two days I've been extremely sore, so I was wondering do you gain more strength through atg squats or heavier half squats? Also are you working more muscles in the atg squats ?


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Soreness =/= Gains

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I think the full squat is better suited for muscle gain as it's less specific to actual jumping but does recruit more muscle (better glute recruitment in a stretched position) and on a bigger rom, the TUT is longer and so on.

Half squatting is good for people who structurally don't squat good ATG or for people who are already at a high level muscularily and want more of a specificity workout at that point (better carryover to jumps).