Author Topic: Lifts when recovering from stress fracture  (Read 2525 times)

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Lifts when recovering from stress fracture
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:43:51 pm »
Hey Adarq/Lance,

I've been resting the last couple of weeks due to a minor stress fracture in the fibula/tibia head on my left (jumping) leg. It basically feels good to go now, so I want to start phasing in lifts and eventually plyometrics/sprints/jumps when it's had a few more weeks to rest.

My question is, in terms of lifting, are there any lifts I should avoid during this time (i.e. excessive weight-bearing like heavy squats)? I was doing squats 3x/week before I stopped a few weeks ago (work up to 1x3, work up to 1x6, and a 4x10). I'm thinking the fracture came about from playing basketball and doing max sprints not fully recovered from squatting. Other lifts I was doing include RDL, TKEs on leg extension, power cleans, calf raises (seated and standing with DBs/BB). I also foam roll and stretch the lower body 1-2x a day.

Thanks for any help, appreciate the time.