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Program for a cricket player
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:22:47 am »
My little brother asked me today about training for cricket and asked me to draw him up a program. He's an indoor player so reaction times, explosiveness and power will be the main goals. He's only an amateur player and has really limited lifting experience. All inna-net bb program stuff really. I have to get him out of the mindset of lateral raises for athletic development  ::)

He's also a big dude. 6'3" and 130kg. Bf% must be over 30. Despite that he's freakishly flexible (atg squat in bare feet with no flexibility work ever, his warm up for a lower body day appears to be arm swings!) and has good leg strength (suppose you get that lugging 130kg around and playing wicket keeper). Based on the limited lifting I've seen him do his pc is pathetic.

I drew up the attached in 10 mins for him. I'll observe him over 6 weeks and test his running vs standing leap to see what needs more focus. Since he can't do any oly lift variations I can't think how else to test his ability to apply force. Any program tips? I've never done this before and just trying to help out my bro. I'd love him to dominate his amateur comp after a year or so  ;D

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