Author Topic: Jump performance in Maasai jumpers and Caucasian controls  (Read 1787 times)

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Jump performance in Maasai jumpers and Caucasian controls
« on: August 17, 2017, 12:53:39 pm »

Purpose. The purpose of the present thesis was to investigate countermovement jump
(CMJ) performance, muscle-tendon morphology and anthropometrics in Tanzanian
Maasai individuals and to compare these data to Caucasian controls.
Methods. 28 healthy subjects (Maasai = 20, Caucasian = 8) volunteered for the study.
Maximal CMJ performance was evaluated by use of force plate kinetics and kinematics.
Timing of muscle activation was examined with electromyography (EMG). Moreover,
anthropometric data for the lower leg was acquired, and muscle architecture and tendon
dimensions were assessed by use of ultrasound (US). Finally, jump height and joint
angles were estimated for the Maasai while performing a traditional ‘jump dance ritual’.
Training for sub 20 5K & 40" RVJ & 170kg BS @ 85kg bw. log entry template