Author Topic: cotto vs trout !!! showtime, tonight!!!  (Read 998 times)

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Re: cotto vs trout !!! showtime, tonight!!!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2012, 07:34:30 pm »
Wooww, in terms of the winner.

Man I didn't know cotto's skills had deteriorated. Bu i have to give it for trout, he had some nice dodging and weaving but never the less some inaccuracies, but he had some good shots, some later rounds uppercuts. i didn't see much from cotto, he was able to hit him but when it came to combination the first one hits and trout quickly grabs on or moves away from the firing range.

trout did have the habit of grabbing on to cotto, during close range but later on was a bit easy on it.

the low blow, was not a low blow but on the belt line. yet cotto turned back. lol they had cortez talk about regarding his experience with victor ortiz haha
the croud were biased and at the end he thought he won, hah, and he said tell the crowd they will tell you, i don't think so they were rooting for you so they will say yeah cotto won, when in fact he lost. Also saw tactics used by mayweather from trout trying to hit behind the gloves, when cotto  has his defence up, the area behind the gloves still expose, which mayweather was good in exposing, which  trout used the same area to attack.

overall poor performance from cotto and better than expected performance from trout. lol at the canelo jinx, cotto was next on the list, but instead he has to get trout, he can get rid of that offer and hope mayweather choses him or will have to face trout, which is not as recognized top fighter cotto.

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