Author Topic: cruz, thurman, karass, maidana, broner - great night of fights  (Read 1171 times)

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cruz, thurman, karass, maidana, broner - great night of fights
« on: December 15, 2013, 05:49:54 am »
sick night of fights.. thurman hits HARD.. so impressive.

also i've never seen someone (broner) lose in so many ways.. he's so cocky, crosses the line quite often.. so in this fight, he gets beat down, head butted, humped, booed, loses, probably broken jaw, and then he gets trash thrown at him as he runs out of the ring into his locker room.

completely destroyed.

that late hit in the 11th looked like it made maidana want to quit.. he was badly hurt.. corner had to convince him to keep going. could have ended up really bad, but instead he landed a few huge shots in the 12th which kept broner away.

great night of fights, shotime puts on sick cards.



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Re: cruz, thurman, karass, maidana, broner - great night of fights
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2013, 01:39:25 pm »
keith thurman was powerful to back off soto karas and go for the win but maidana vs broner an excellent fight, I was so happy with the way it went.

Maidana is a beast
An excellent fight, first round, maidana goes in hard batters badly than he has ever been battered before and second round, a wicked knockout punch which drops maidana for the first time, knocks his cocky ass to the ground.

i liked maidana's style he goes at angles to do power shots, also i see the overhand right do alot of damage as well as some nice left shots, broner, not very active, fast hands flashy hands and did land some good shots, at some times i see maidana get tired but after while he gets in the power shots,

my favourite shot, is the power to head then the body so powerfull and then a final powershot to the jaw to knock him out on the eighth round.

funny how broner tries to act brash and hump him and then later on he gets humped back, man maidana is class, gives him back what he deserves.

the headbutt was a joke, like footballers who over act, lol, he crawls on the floor and he took points away from maidana straight away but for broner always pushing never deducted points from him, shame he lost anyway.

last round, he hits maidana in the jaw, didn't shake him but took something out of him that on the last round broner was going in for the kill i had to hold my breath when i see broner get upper hand but later on when maidana goes for the flurry and strike him on his jaw i was comfortable, he had no chance of getting maidana down any time soon.

lol, after he was declared winner, maidana deserves it, title as well, broner goes to the back and people throwing trash lmao.

he got what he deserved reality call, like mayweather said, he needs to learn to turn it off the cocky behaviour.

I am happy with the decision, maidana was definitely made to give broner hell.

a hell of a night of fighting, would love to see maidana vs danny garcia
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