Author Topic: klitschko vs fury - Spoiler alert  (Read 1521 times)

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klitschko vs fury - Spoiler alert
« on: November 29, 2015, 03:49:28 pm »
What happened with klitschko, fury was ok not enough to defeat klitschko, he was feinting a lot, hitting some jabs jumping in hands at his side alot, but klitschko, why... he was falling for his feints alot, he has fought alot of short opponents he had no good game plan against the tall fury that it must hae intimidated him and that is when he lost before the fight started, until the later rounds he started taking more risks, he should know that fury is not that good of a counter puncher that he can let his hands go and use his jabs to get him off balance, but no he was cautious way too much, he just degrades him alot.
If there was a rematch, I hope klitschko does better and more active.
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Re: klitschko vs fury - Spoiler alert
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2015, 11:33:40 pm »
Same old Klitschko is what happened.. He can get away with clinching, head hunting etc with smaller opponents. But with someone as big and skilled as Fury, Klits had nothing. I mean only landing 4 body shots? You've got to actually box to have a chance, which means you need to throw body shots. He doesn't even know how to work the body, he's in serious trouble. I don't see a rematch being any different... I think we just witnessed Klitschko's style over the years catch up with him and become his absolute down fall.

It is very unfortunate.. I like Wlad. But there's no excuse for being a heavyweight champion and fighting like a recreational boxer at some random gym. It really was THAT bad (offensively).

To make things worse, instead of letting his hands go inside (body shots, uppercuts, etc), Wlad would actually be the one to clinch. Here's a guy down significantly in the fight, and he initiated pretty much all of the clinches.

head hunting + clinching isn't even amateur level boxing.. it's straight up rec league.


Also Wlad's corner sucked. I don't like his Kronk coach. He needed someone like Atlas in there to light some fire under his ass. 3 rounds into the fight, corner should have pleaded with him to throw body shots and just unleash the right hand.. literally throw only right hands if you have too, to get him to let it go.

Look at what Maidana did to Mayweather in their first fight. He slugged, hit his body, brawled, got dirty, etc.. That's what you do when you can't hit someone (especially their head).

If Wlad can turn it around the next fight, i'd be shocked (and very happy). I'd love to see him decimate Fury then go on to fight Wilder and such.

I missed bute/degale, charlo, and the cotto/canelo replay! fml