Author Topic: provodnokiv vs algieri - wowwwww  (Read 1388 times)

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provodnokiv vs algieri - wowwwww
« on: June 15, 2014, 01:11:09 am »
anyone see this fight?

amazing performance by algieri.. he got absolutely wrecked in the first round, yet he was able to outbox provodnikov for pretty much the entire fight..

his conditioning is top notch. He was completely fresh in the 12th round surprisingly because he sustained some serious punches.

he's actually a pro sports nutritionist.

provodnikov should have gone to the body more.....

very interested to see algieri's next fight.

on a side note: andrade has some serious skills.


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Re: provodnokiv vs algieri - wowwwww
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2014, 07:07:11 pm »
oh wow what a fight, so much to say but don't know if i remember them all.

firstly what a great fight, in the first round when provodnikov got him on the first shot, which was disgusting shot, knocked him out i was thinking this is one of those tune up fighters you see always get knocked out, then after second round onwards, algiery picked up the pace, he has a great team who give great game plan and he carries out those plans to the t, algiery is an excellent well tuned boxer, his kickboxing career has definitely given him that edge, i can tell by his, height, also his height was not much an advantage as his reach, but another algieri's jab is soo damn, good, let's just if anyone wants to know about the jab, go to this guy, he just uses it soo perfectly against ruslan provodnikov an animal, when he comes to attack algieri jabs him to ground his power, he got rid of the animal from provodnikov, he took the power away from provodnikov, i like his creep/crawling style his corner gave him, that eye was bad, i was scared they would stop round after round, why don't they cut it with a blade just to reduce it.

so besides large swelling eyes, jabbing and some power shots, 41% landing, which was knocking ruslan's head back, especially with the jab, he was boxing him all the way through, he got my attention, he is very good, i also felt after from round 6 or 5 when algieri did a lot of jabs keeping him away all the way up to the last round, some in between rounds go to provodnikov, but I definitely agree with the judges decision of 114-112, I can't believe they gave ruslan 117-109, must have been the power punch over volume punches, but in my recollection, ruslan did not land that many power shots, he was missing a lot. then the last round, he was allowed to fight, he was fresh, which is good as he knows last round, same zab, box, keep him away, he was blind in that eye, so he has this beastly ability to anticipate his punches, even when he couldn't see, which was awesome, then when the scores were told and he was told that he was the new world lightweight champion of the world, i was happy with that decision, also an epic reaction from his friends and family especially his brother, what a well deserved win for him, that's what made this match all the more better, because of his ability and determination, he just got better and better at avoiding him.

would definitely love to see what he has next. he is also a nutritionist as you said, which I heard, a masters degree, lol, even more talent, so much to say about what an excellent boxer and performance by him, well deserved win.

I think the swelling eyes and roach's game plan ruined it, jab, uppercuts all to the head, so roach is good with strong fighters, but since he lacks them in defence, except for cotto, who already good defence, his fight against algieri was not good, too much aimed at the head, the swelling must have distracted him, should def have gone to the body.

Also I remember when ruslan comes to attack with combinations and power punches and swings, he lower himself to try find a space from his long jabs to get inside, but when algieri sees this he jabs him, which was smart to get him back up again, ruslan just could not find a way to get close and finish the job.

great fight.
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