Author Topic: Rehab my left leg  (Read 4584 times)

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Re: Rehab my left leg
« Reply #15 on: September 21, 2020, 11:30:47 am »
I can bring my knee to my chest when laying down and other leg straight when I couldn't before, there is little tracking outwards but can bring to nipples, there is some apprehension of pain when bring knee here but can do it with around 1 / 10 pain but if I rotate it externally bringing knee inwards towards mid chest then you can feel it in the hip and pain is around 4-6/10. So it's the just about the same level as my right leg, with slight more pain on left but only slightly.

Now I am going to start releasing left and right adductor muscles, am hopeful I can get rid of impingement but don't have high expectations of it ever disappearing.
Warm up drills
   - a walk, b skip quick powerful switch (heel to hams focus), a runs, dribbles small to big to run, straight leg to runs (force, reflex, go up/forward). force to hit the ground before it hits the ground knee/hip is at 90 degrees.
   - acceleration: low heel recovery, shin angle low, drive legs back before hitting the ground and drive thighs/knee forward not up
Measuring reminder:
5 toe to heel steps = 148cm

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Arm also aids the legs in driving it down with power - seifullaah73

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