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Re: Misc MMA News
« Reply #45 on: May 12, 2020, 12:06:09 am »
Anyone watch Ferguson v Gaethje yesterday? That shit was insane. Best fight I've watched in years.

ah nice damn. nah i saw some gifs tho. looked crazy.

Also Ngannou is a straight up monster.

he really is.. this dude is just demolishing people.

20s.. it's like people just get hit by a bus. that's how a bus would KO people.

i mean it was some sloppy looking sh*t but he dgaf. insane.

He's basically the Hulk. That dude just wasn't ready.

not ready for a grizzly bear. lool.

i actually liked rozenstruik's counter. some nice technique there. good shot on Ngannou.. then.. RIP.


Haha. Easy for me to criticize from here but he needed to get off line. He's a bloody pro kickboxer and should have known better.

Also, I think Ngannou has a bit of the MJ personal spite gene. Rozenstruik called him out and Ngannou wanted to show him they're not even playing the same sport. 
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