Author Topic: highest running vertical ever?  (Read 16569 times)

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Re: highest running vertical ever?
« Reply #45 on: January 29, 2016, 01:18:45 pm »
just a thought, maybe he had a fluke moment..I had some insane jumps when i am super relaxed, like 5-10inches more than normal jump due to being unnaturally calm for no cause

5-10 inches???  :o

I've had that with ~2-3 inches but a 10 inch increase out of the blue from being relaxed.

I'm not attcking you BMully, everyone is different and i just felt like posting the pic  :P

i don't lie, i got super relaxed in a game and almost dunked with 2 hands, head was heigh as hell, this was 8th grade

Yes yes. And I won Mr Olympia. It was just a fluke. Im back to fat now again.

that is a physical change, not possible to do just like times of extreme pressure or extreme relaxation, people can get super human abilities..that is how i grabbed rim as 13year old who could only normally get half way up, this one jump i got rim, then it took a while before i got it legit everytime...the cns is responsible for strength and power, we develope it to allow more, but it is always capable of that power

ya bmully is definitely right about a substantial performance increase, verkhoshansky referred to it as the 'innate (protected) reserves'.. in which access to that strength/force output is restricted, but through years of proper/aggressive training, athletes can keep improving how much they can tap into it at their own will.. i mean, i remember i was jumping shitty say 5 months ago, then that cop pulls me over, and i jumped like 3" higher after alot of fatigue, that wasn't even life or death, but that small adrenaline response/heightened cns arousal lead to some gains..

level-7 = PR city.

True. But claiming a 10" sudden increase is idiotic. Thats like when Rip claimed that crazy crazy sprint time because he saw a spider or something like that. Actually I dont remember if it was Rip, but someone did claim to run a crazy time, faster than world record speed.

btw yes, that was rip that ran a WR after having a spider on him :D

Hehe. I thought I remembered it. :highfive:

Yes, athletic improvement can increase during certain circumstances we all know (Lev 7 MANG). Yes 10 inch vert increase suddenly is about as likely a sudden 100lbs improvement in the bench. And yes this is a long quote, quote, quote, quote, quote. And we all know that rip pr'd becuase that spider was a super duper mega jumping spider, and when in landed on rip, some of the exlposive and elastic qualities of its legs were temporarily fused with rip's Bi-legged frame.

show me the video of ripp doing a wr in 100m after a spider jumped on him

No vid. Only story.

correction, "No vid. Only true story."

Can I quote again? Looks like fun.

Was it fun?

It definitely was, it's like the LEVEL-7 quote training.

This thread is epic. I only pr when running after the bus

I PR when on massive amounts of caffeine & when my legs feel light.

I tend to jump best when a smoking hot bitch will give me something as a result of great dunking ability.

I know, but doesn't that apply to anybody that's heterosexual?

i jump REALLY good when hot chix are around.. i say to myself, "land this dunk and they will leave their pathetic boyfriends for me".

Why would you want a girl that has pathetic boyfriends? Or is this the kind of girl that looks the best?

well, their boyfriends might not actually be pathetic, that's just my perception of them because the sexy female is not with me. They are probably very successful, nice, charitable, respectful human beings, what do i kno.

I doubt they are. From what I know about women, which is very little, they all like guys who beat them and love other women, so these women can cry and think about how great it would be if the guys wouldn't do all these things. :(

possibly, but that illustrates our differing views, you, the pessimist, me, the optimist.


So you're optimistic about your chances to :P a woman?

17 DOLLARS !!!

( only followers will get this joke but it's 1000% relevant! )

this is my favorite

Hence we can now conclude that the conservation of angular momentum and its vector quantities contribute to the degree of arousal in the average athlete in regards to vertical displacement when performing a veritcal jump, off the running or counter-movement sort.

I thought that was obvious? clearly this convo has all that crap you made up

hahaha! nice pic

Can we continue this thread? #pls