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Bodyweight(AM): 88.6kg (22 March)
Diet compliance: 0/0 days
Daily Squat: 122/22 days
Activity: 14

   Shooting, 30 min  

   BS 6x120, 1x140, 1x160
   OHP 8x50, 6x57.5

 Run/Walk -5km

  • That 160kg was too heavy, im not sure how it went up (not cleanly and yet the guy nearby complimented my form, i told him it was dirty! and he said but you have good form. ok?). The whole thing is worthy of a rant i'll enter below.
  • Morning bball is a bad idea .. i just dont feel like going too hard in the mornings .. i dont want to stress my joints etc too much. is this dumb? Im not sure. Evening ones post lifting i can go more hard no problem
  • Finalllly did my first outdoor run in what must be like 2 months. damn. i was flying .. i did the first km in sub 5 min/km pace .. and for a while i was maintaing 3:xx/km pace which is insane. I think if i trained for it i def cud get a 22:30 now .. it just feels more attainable than it used to be. ANDD i was running against the wind too and i didnt eat carbs during the day .. i was fasted except for a shake in the morning. So pretty exciting stuff on that front ..
  • Ive taken a pretty big caloric deficit .. just want to finish the cut asap .. now im thinking max 14 days.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 21, 2019, 11:29:54 pm »
So im running out of time to get in shape, i decided i'd start actively cutting now. Will maintain my squat at a hopeful 160kg daily. I'm not there yet, will be going for a 157.5kg single today. Daily cardio (ofc), at least 10k steps/day .. reduce calories .. try to ball everyday. That's the plan. Bodyweight is 88.8kg and the goal is to see the scale read sub 86kg by end of cut. Hopefully that happens in less than 3 weeks cos i need some time (a week at least) to recover from cutting before the comp (28 days to go). Sub 86kg is ideal case. Just cause psychologically it will feel good to see it read 85.x kg which is close to my ideal bw of 85kg. In reality i should be happy with anything under 87kg given the limited timeframe.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 21, 2019, 06:51:10 am »
Bball update!

I felt real good today after resting a whole week since my last bball session where i messed up my R knee. I played a game of 21 against 2 guys .. which is nice cos you get better defence, at least on paper, if they both try that is. I took a couple of 3s and hit them all, pulled up inside the 3pt line off the dribble a few times and connected them all. Felt unstoppable. If they overplayed me i was able to get past them otherwise my jumper was locked on. A couple of drives (just to check). Was dominating easily, my score was 11 and the others were around 3 or 4. I got one huge block which ifelt bad about .. one of those volleyball type blocks. Initially i was thinking to dunk but one of the guys said something about just dont dunk on me which killed my motivation .. cos i work better thinking im an underdog and to have someone think i was capable of dunking on them just deflated me cos im no where that level. But i did find the best way to do it would be to cross someone up at the top and then use that space to attack the rim. Otherwise i just dont see how you can make the space to setup for a dunk???????? Obviously game time if your'e facing a zone you're almost never going to have that chance :( esp when you're a 4

Messed around with the LR plant today. It feels ........ amazing when you connect on a dunk but if you miss it feels really .. out of control? But this is the proper way to jump and when i view the video it looks more correct so im just gonna have to get used to it. I wish i was getting a bit more height on the jump but it was a good start today. Need to make it smoother and seemless. I've pretty much realised im a much better player operating on the L side of the rim .. even in a postup i can get my shot off much easier .. i can drive much easier ... i can score much easier .. it's my space .. but ive always done my jump training.. like 100% on the R side, which doesn't translate to game space where I'm just too unathletic on the R side to use the training gains.

I couldnt really grip the ball .. it was a hot sticky day .. humid af .. and i didnt get much sleep either which meant my CNS was weak which meant my grip was weak. I couldnt even grip a size 6 which i took with me just in case the 7 was too big today.

So just need to keep working on making the plant more natural. Right now it feels like a waste of time doing something where im much more limited in compared to my PR level jumps. But RL jumping never got anything except being a warmup dunker .. if i can't apply my jumping to game time then what good is it? May just be that by sticking to the LR plant i can eventually carry it over to games cos im much stronger on the L side and it might just be what gets me in the right positions for a gametime dunk.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 20, 2019, 05:22:36 am »
Those shud be within my abilities. I didn't really expect to be injured at htis point so timing has been bad. But i feel pretty good now so im looking forward to training normally starting tmr. Learning exp but it was a combo of not keeping up the daily heavy squatting, which i think keeps me from getting in too much trouble ha ha. It keeps me fatigued enough that i don't do 'too much'. The problem was i playing ball on hard wood with my hard soled shoes and i also threw in some max attempt jumps including with the vest. And on the same day i had done 5 doubles of 150kg .. which shouldn't be an issue if i was trained for doing several sets of heavy doubles but i wasn't. Also lifting and jumping and all that has taken a toll on my right leg, it's beaten up my right calf too much and i think that's where this is all going wrong for me.

If i do jumping i need to work on using a LR plant more.. jumping off my L leg as SL training .. etc. The double leg rvj off RL plant is just brutal on my R leg. Especially when i weigh more than 90kg in the gym.  At 35, i can't do all my jumping that way, it's just asking for trouble. And respect the weights, respect the hard surface, don't jump so much .. just try to get coordination down etc.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 17, 2019, 12:46:39 am »
Not sure what happened but my knee has felt off yesterday and today. I dont know the language to describe it exactly but if i do the following:

1 stand up straight
2. raise my knee slightly
3. raise my foot up towards my butt
4. straighten my leg

and something gets stuck in the knee

damn dude. hope it's nothing.

i made it worse yesterday morning by 'testing' it. i think it started when i did that first treadmill run. Just giving it a bit of rest, it felt better today morning. And im not trying to bother it. I really hope i can train normally soon. But need to be careful from here. Just going to focus on upper body. I need training as my outlet otherwise i'll lose my mind. But if i focus on adding some kilos to my ohp or dips i'lll be fine. Hopefully.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 16, 2019, 03:21:09 am »
Not sure what happened but my knee has felt off yesterday and today. I dont know the language to describe it exactly but if i do the following:

1 stand up straight
2. raise my knee slightly
3. raise my foot up towards my butt
4. straighten my leg

and something gets stuck in the knee

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:38:13 am »
Basketball report ..

i played with some 16 yo kids .. we played king of the court to start with .. i was feeling so athletic .. just flying around doing whatever i wanted .. they weren't very athletic and they're small, weak and slow so i didn't find it at all challenging. I got bored. One of the games i went up to dunk on one of htem .. and he said 'im scared .. dont wanna get dunked on' .. and i just felt bad like stop being a bully. If i could actually dunk in game obviously i wouldn't be trying against kids.. it's just practice but nevertheless i decided to just switch it off cos it wasn't fair. To be honest i was also winded lol. We played 2v2 after that and one of the kids was really out of shape .. fat guy .. gave up playing d so the game died otherwise it was pretty fun.

After that i played 4v4 with some asian guys .. one guy had a very good crossover, he crossed me up real good. And then he drove and finished, i felt like a helpless ogre. Next time he crossed me up again and he got cocky and pulled up for the shot, i recovered and blocked it, got props for my d. im not that easy to beat on the perimeter .. long arms and i can jump (sometimes). ha. the highlight was i got the ball baseline and i had programmed myself that if i get a small window im going up . i dunked it. they were all in awe. if they knew me, they'd even more impressed cos ive never ever dunked in a game lol. but it was pickup okay and these guys hardly play d .. so lets not get carried away

still im being more aggresive now attacking the rim, if get a good pass im just thinking start a quick move and go up.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:32:47 am »
Bodyweight(AM): 88.8kg (14 March)
Diet compliance: 5/5 days
Daily Squat: 117/117 days
Activity: 12

   WV walk - 15min   

   BS 7x120, 5x2x150
   OHP 10x20, 10x40

 Basketball ~ 90mins 

  • My back isn't really recovered yet but i did 5 doubles with 150kg .. i couldn't do more than 2 reps today. Not recovered enough. But squatting heavy like this .. this is what will make me athletic guys .. because now my legs are actually being challenged by squats .. before today it was probably just glutes. Glutes makes u faster but i jump higher when my quads are stronger and now they're going to start doing some work ha ha

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 14, 2019, 06:27:32 am »
This is solid advice. I think i will need to make a list of moves and i can pick the 2 moves i'll go with for off-the dribble and for in the post? Let me put some up on insta and you can tell me which one has more chance of a)mastery and b)effectiveness.

I need to figure out how to use the jump stop to get some spacing to go into a dunk. Also i need to do some low rim dunking with the size 6 ball to get the movement pattern down. Right now i can't even do a two hand dunk leave alone a tomahawk. This isn't because i can't jump (can still hit a 35" rvj apparently) but because i dont know have the movement efficiency down to do it? Legit if i can get a couple of dunks in game .. it will have a psychological effect that hopefully will help my team. Just a session or two if i can fit one in will get me that back and then i don't have to do anymore dunking specific workouts hopefully.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:20:02 am »
So might start to make some diet changes .. i have 37 days til comp day, will start boiling my eggs in the morning and reduce the quantity to 2 eggs from 3. Not a huge change but over the scale of 37 days it should help. Also will be keeping daily activity at 10,000 steps or more. Which won't happen unless i go for walks or running or basketball.

More jumping .. jumping with the vest ... forget about dunking esp with the vest that's stupid .. better to just potentiate with the vest using max effort jumps then try with a ball 
Squatting will be trying to master 150kg for volume ... it's time to switch over to heavy weights and see what i can do athletically with whatever muscle ive build (lol).
Start sprinting. Always hard to start these cos the first sessions will give massive doms but i need to ease into this asap otherwise i'll miss the boat
conditioning has to come from hard running (20 min max) or intervals. i will start the intervals soonish .. this week....
im too heavy .. will need to actively drop some kilos. 86.5kg would be realistically amazing if i can get it but im not sure if it's attainable in this timeframe while trying to do all of the above..

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:13:22 am »
Bodyweight(AM): 89.1kg (13 March)
Diet compliance: 4/4 days
Daily Squat: 116/116 days
Daily Cardio: 2/2
Activity: 10


   BS 8x20, 8x20, 8x50
   OHP 10x20, 8x40, 3x57.5
   Incline DB BP 15x15, 12x20
   Dips 10xBW, 10xBW
   Chinup 3xBW, 3xBW

 Weight vest walk - 30 min 

  • Didn't run today, want fresh knees for tmr's squats
  • 5kg vest walking keeps my HR at 100bpm.. maybe more weight will get it closer to 2xResting HR?

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 12, 2019, 11:01:11 pm »
Some interesting DOMS - right hamstring. I'd say it's from the run i did the other day.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:19:34 pm »
Bodyweight(AM): 89.4kg (12 March)
Diet compliance: 3/3 days
Daily Squat: 113/113 days
Daily Cardio: 1/1
Activity: 17500

TM Run, 2.5km, ~16:55 min    

   BS 8x50, 8x70
   OHP 10x50, 10x40

 Hoops - shooting around and 2 1v1 pickup games   

  • Played 1v1 against a 18 yo .. we split 2 games. It's so hard defending short guys .... it's almost impossible lol. Anyone 5'10" or so you can keep D up hip to hip .. but shorter guys than that .. they just vanish into the ether and teleport near the rim

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:54:14 am »
Bodyweight(AM): 89.1kg (11 March)
Diet compliance: 2/2 days
Daily Squat: 112/112 days
Daily Cardio: 0/0


   BS 7x120, 2x157.5(PR)
   OHP 10x20 

 Hill Run - 1.5km, 10 min
   Walk 40 min.   

  • Ok restarted daily cardio.My HR was 175 at 1.5km .. i just decided to stop there .. i could have kept going of course but i didn't want to be up all night because my CNS was fried from going too hard on day 0 .. shows how quickly you lose fitness huh .. 175 for a 6:30/km pace .. yikes. 
  • The 157.5kg double was a mistake. I should have taken a recovery day but ive got the 24hr holter on and i wasn't sure if i could fit in a workout before i have to return it tmr. I couldn't decide what workset to do after the 120kg warmup .. which mde my legs feel sore all of a duden, so i prob wouldnt be able to do a proper workout tmr, anyway, so i thoght i might as well make this the workout
  • Couldn't decide between a)leaving, b)repping 150kg for a reps PR, or c)Progressing to a 157.5kg double
  • Then some guy decides to just setup for rack pulls (on the outside) on the same rack i am using on the inside. i told him i only had 2 sets (he never asked me first)  left and he said ok and just left the bar there? take a hint im not asking im  hinting you to get out of my personal space lol. It's not ok to just jump into someone's rack without even saying hi. Then i had to ask him to remove it because it was unsafe to have a bar behind me if i fail a set. After that i felt amped up and went with 157.5kg even tho i prob shud have just left the gym at that point. If he had just asked me first i'd have happily given him the rack and just left because the universe decided for me, but people are so inconsiderate. OR maybe i'm the inconsiderate one for doing daily squats/ohp and people are sick of me? it messed with my head .. shitty day of training.
  • It was the ugliest 2 reps ive done in a long time .. so bad .. i dont even count it as a PR tbh

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: March 11, 2019, 06:58:16 am »
I think you were right to call me out. Given the background information available to someone neutral reading, the call out was justified, no argument there whatsoever. The state of knowledge at hand can lead to two different viewpoints where both can't be true but somehow the viewpoints are logically valid given different background information. It's like when you say something unexpected to someone and they say 'that is random' to make that statement, but if they knew the full state of your mind at that point, it would no longer be random because they'd see the chain of thought that led to that statement being uttered.

The question of racism here is of the same quality of background knowledge and i hate to say it, 'intent'  (which i think is regrettably known to be abused for excusing racism) matters. If the trio of 'old' 'white' 'fat' are qualities being used to diminish the person in question then it would be racism, i agree. However I would not say i meant the 'white' in a pejorative sense here, if whatever race that person was i would have written it the same way and not have it reflect on that person's basketball ability. I have used it in that sense before but it was a positive way (the 14 yo athletic white phenom i described a few weeks ago in a youth league). That's still racism but positive or whatever.

In general, I don't have a problem personally talking about race casually, yeah we're all equal in theory but in practice im probably not afforded that kind of luxury of a viewpoint, which i think is something another Australian might take for granted (and that would be a good thing). I don't want to live with some kind of delusion that race doesn't matter or exist because that would lead to unrealistic situations otherwise. Or rude awakenings. It's nice to believe you're just another person most of the time, maybe even someone 'normal' but then you'll run into a small amount of racism and find it deeply troubling unless you've cultivated a resistance to racism being able to hurt you. I have to keep race in the foreground because otherwise racism is just too crushing when it happens, kind of like maintaining a level of immunity to it is required to function.

If you knew the person i was talking about, the 62 year old, he's a feature of the local pickup scene for years. The man is almost an institution, a playground legend. He's almost loved here. I honestly admire the man and i would even say i find his love for the game infectious. He hasn't got athleticism or even skill but he loves to play basketball and everyone just humours him but not having played with him in a year or two, i was surprised how much better he has got .. or perhaps how bad i have gotten at the same time, and how troubling i found it to be beaten by him .. not beacuse he's white .. but because he was really really bad .. like just terrible and now he was absolutely demolishing me. And having said that, it'snot like he's suddenly now a good player .. he's still bad .. but he beat me bad. But i couldn't have even tried to beat him in a competive sense .. i have a bit too much respect for him as a opponent to humiliate him? i dont know, it wasn't a competitive situation, i played with restraint but i'd expect to beat him easily even without trying. I'd never say he's bad because he's white .. it's not a factor (in this case). If his race was relevant that would be different. I guess if i was to flesh this out fully .. a 62 year old brown man or black man .. that would not make it any different in my eye, the age and fatness would be the main thing here.

Also i'm not good at dealing with racism .. but ive been trying to dispower it .. maybe it's a complex thing that needs way too much nuance to be careless like in this case.

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