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Wed (27/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 2 days
BW: 85.1kg (!!!!)

BS 17x95, BX 20x25kg

Exams are stressing me out and im not getting much sleep. Need to be careful with all the caffeine im taking and the previous factors mentioned, im giving myself a good chance of arrythmias. my heart rate was so high after that set of 17x95 that it took a good half an hour to come down below 100bpm. But thankfully it did. So that puts me exactly 20kg away from my lifetime PR of 17x115kg.

But on the bright side somehow the scale read 85.1kg today .. that's good! I finally found a diet secret that seems to be a huge gamechanger. Coles now sells these 500mL MCT enriched coconut oil bottles for like $11. Taking 10g twice a day is letting me reduce carb intake heavily while suffering no consequences whatsover, which is profoundly cool.

Tue (26/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 1 days
BW: 87.9kg (!!!!)

BS 2x8x20, 8x40, 6x55
BP 8x20, 8x30, 6x40

Scales are back and while i expected to see say 86.xx something and be disappointed about THAT imagine finding out i'm 88kg. Yikes.

Ordered some cells for the scales. I went too long between bench sessions and now i'm about a month or so weaker. My knees have told me to stop with the daily heavy squatting nonsense, even if the weight isn't really heavy. Programming wise it wil be something like

Day 1: Upper body (alternate between bench and ohp)
Day 2: Rest (active recovery with the empty bar)
Day 3: Lower body (alternating BS/BSS and  running / jumping) 
Day 4: Rest (active recovery)

If that gets me progressing and feeling good about training i'll be happy. Daily training is the worst thing to do, high freq gains vanish very rapidly. I see that now, it can happen within a day or two of not training. I want gains that last even if they come slower. I'm ON that mindset now after spinning my wheels for the last 3 months and making zero progress.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Two Hands Two Feet
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:40:57 am »
Happy birthday Coges, you're my training inspiration, where i want to be(balanced) vs where i am (addicted to squatting).

Fri (15/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 48 days

BS 6x75, 6x92.5, 1x110, 1x120

more paused bargaining haha

Thu (14/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 47 days

BS 6x75, 6x90, 1x107.5, 1x117.5

bargained and did some paused reps instead of bailing on workouts

Wed (13/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 46 days

BS 6x75, 6x90, 6x102.5, 3x120, 1x130
BP 6x75, 5Fx83.5, 3x87.5, 7x77, 8x70
LPD, CRow, Curl 15x30kg

feeling blah

Tue (12/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 45 days

BS 6x75, 6x90, 6x107.5, 5x115, 3x122.5, 1x130, 16x92.5
BX 17x25kg

I pushed the agenda today, i kept the initial warmups technically clean but the latter reps of the sets from 107.5kg  onwards were dirty. It's ok i think, it's better to be dirty and get stronger than stay mediocre forever. I'm patient but day 45 and still struggling to use 100kg+ for reps makes no damn sense, maybe what's missing is my old intensity?

Also im making a note that there is something missing between where i am and where i want to be with BSS. Let me explain, my knee wobbles even with the empty bar. So there is some stability missing that i need to readdress before i can use BSS to make my right leg muscles stronger which i think it does just well but it doesn't do anything for the stability issue. What exercises do i need for htat? I have no clue :(

Mon (11/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 44 days

BS 6x75, 6x92.5, 6x102.5, 4x112.5, 3x120, 1x127.5


Sun (10/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 43 days

BS 6x75, 6x92.5, 5x105, 2x120, 1x130
OHP 6x50, 2x57.5, 2x60, 6Fx54.5, 6x55, 6x54.5, 7x52.5, 8x51.5
Chinup 1x17.5kg, 3x10kg, 5x5kg, 5x2.5kg, 5x1.25kg, 6xBW
LPD, Crow, Curl 15x27.5kg


Politics, News, & SHeeT! / Re: coronavirus
« on: May 09, 2020, 06:04:06 am »
Isnt he supposed to be a germophobe? Might be saving him from getting it

i really don't see him germophobing though. i don't get it.

true, he's an inconsistent person it seems ..

Sat (9/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 42 days

BS 6x75, 6x95, 4x110, 2x120, 1x130
BSS(R) 8x20, 8x27.5

I added the reverse deadmill drill as a warmup  since yesterday. I do 3 mins highest incline walking on the TM then go to failure on the reverse deadmill, i experimented with incline and i still dont know which is more beneficial 0 incline or max? Wasnt feeling like doing split squats today (the right foot doesnt like being flexed so much) so tried BSS and what do you know, BSS seems to be way harder. I worry about balance tho cos if i stack it with a bar that would be a wreck! Also i experimented with adding an extra warmup set because i was finding 100kg to 110kg is too challenging to be called a warmup. Adding the 95kg made it less challenging but i still am not strong enough to warmup with 110kg .. so need to experiment some more there also.

Politics, News, & SHeeT! / Re: coronavirus
« on: May 09, 2020, 02:29:20 am »
Isnt he supposed to be a germophobe? Might be saving him from getting it

That's got to be up there for sure. At the moment i'm only using SL training on the R leg which was my injured / operated / rehabbing one. If i can bring it up to symmetry with the L i'll be happy. When they're equally as strong, i'll prob be a better squatter and DL jumper and SL jumper (i almost only jump off R). But will be interesting to see if it allows me to go past my previous athletic levels b/c i prob had some sort of imbalance even before the injury as well. Now i'm also curious what would happen if i use SL training on my stronger L leg as well, make it even stronger? Maybe.

I want to do a few things actually in addition to SL training, explore the alternative plant LR and SL jumping off L which are both things i've scarcely done, just for balancing out. Some jumping training like bounds (especially SL but DL too) are so much fun compared to normal training it's fun to mix it up. But when i talk about payoff im wondering if  can improve all these from SL training. Maybe, maybe not

Fri (8/5/2020)
Daily Activity: 
Daily Training: 41 days

BS 6x77.5, 4x107.5, 2x120, 1x130, 15x90
SS 8x32.5, 8x35
BP 6x75, 6x82.5, 2x87.5, 1x92.5, 6x80, 7Fx77.5, 8x72.5
Pullup 3x10kg, 5x7.5kg, 5x5kg, 5xBW
LPD, Cable Row, Curl: 15x25kg

Interestingly .. today it wasnt so difficult for the CNS to do the split squats, last time my HR was high just from 20kg ones but today my HR was much more relaxed, come to think of it, the same is true for that 15 rep set on BS, which would normally become cardioish. In between i also tried to do some walking lunges which i liked as well, so will do those regularly too. BW is unknown, battery died on scales.

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