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imo boxing out is all leg and hip strength so you should be golden. If you get your leg across in front of them and push your hips (bum) back into them they simply can't jump over you. I normally play at 90kgs and I just go super aggressive on the boards. It's surprising how many guys just expect to be able to get rebounds.

Good stuff! Can you go more into the strategy of being super aggressive? I find when the shot goes up im just watching the ball thru space while it makes it way to the rim. It's like my legs find that to be the best time to sneak a bit of rest while the ball is up in the air  :uhhhfacepalm: that's part of being super unfit for basketball so i know i have terrible habits of conserving energy but i know it's a bad one. This is a new realisation too  :uhhhfacepalm:

Post play sucks. First thing is most guards hate giving it to you in the post so that's the biggest battle.
As someone who 'thinks' like a guard but happens to be too tall to play one, i think they're not willing to put that pass to the ground when what they think is a bad situation (in their mind a guy turned away from the basket with a guy right on top of him while both are stationary is a bad decision because they're a guard and to them a good situation is having the offensive player moving while there is some space between the defender and they can see daylight. Guards are just fucking stupid though, it's the ultimate projecting what is good for you but not necessarily good for someone else.). Last week at pickup I was literally posting up on a guy who was too slow and weak to guard me in the post and im all but begging for the ball but the guards are like nah it's better in my hands than his. lol.

You only really need 2/3 moves max though. A turn around jumper, a drop step and then a turn and face move. I like the turn and face then either a straight up bank shot or the pump fake 1 dribble lay-up/dish. A guy I used to play with had the best drop step spin. 9/10 he would go baseline with 1 dribble and finish over the help. I'm making it sound way more simple than it is though haha.
Yeah agree. I want to work on my spin off the defender with a nice amount of contact to make space because that's something i can pull off with my length and speed against someone relatively heavier, bigger and slower. The problem is as you describe even getting the ball in teh frist place

So im finding these longer sets of BS are not that challenging for the legs but they're pretty damn hard on the support structures. My erectors are singing and i feel all kinds of core discomfort during them. Which is exactly the point. Squats need to be heavy to challenge legs. Lighter squats don't do that. But by doing lots of reps you build the base which will eventually be used to use heavier weights later down the line that /do/ challenge the legs. What im trying to say is ive seen not much if any leg size increases or even strength for that matter. I hope im not gambling too much, my intuition says it's ok to master 120kg for 20 first then i'll be in a better position to tackle 15x140kg which would probably be enough to get my daily 170kg. Maybe i'll need to actually progress to a 8 or 10 rep 150kg set though before i can realise it. Im running out of time and patience with the daily squatting .. 11 more days of weight gain before i have to cap my eating. So not sure if i can pull this off. Going to treat each squat session as a valuable opportunity to do something special imho.

Was informed today im expected to play the 4 position. This is not great news .. i was prepping to play as a lean athletic 85kg. Not sure I can even play as a PF without being undersized. Any advice?

What's the general competition like at the 4? When I've played the 4 and 5 are still relatively short (6-6'5) so being a lean 85 would not be so much of an issue. If you're looking at the 6'6-6'9 range then yeah you might need some more cushion for the pushin

Not that much taller than that. But most guys would be 90-110kg range and average around 95kg i'd say. Also im pretty bad at pushing ppl out, i know that's prob a leverage thing .. but it could be my upper body being too weak. Dont have a clue what im doing in the post either lol.

I have this pain on my left glute now, feels like a light strain. It started sometime previous week, went away, now that i run and redid lunges it aggravated. I am having some thoughts/fears that it may the be the spinal disc again, maybe it is herniating to the left side messing with some nerves. But i have no back pain at all, it has to be muscular. What i am saying is that the spine thing, even as a background or a subliminal thought is affecting my current training. Hope it doesn't screw it.

Yeah i've experienced that before. Try stretching hip flexors, when they're tight they'll cause it. If you're running check your cadence, if you're overstriding then it will cause it also, especially if you're reaching fatigue during your running (exacerbated i find if you do running after lifting) . Those two three things if you become cognisant of should help. Also get a TENS unit, it's probably my best friend and i use mine every day. Would not be able to train normally without my nightly back massage. Im actually having one right now as i type this message, ha.

I do the majority of my TM running with a 1 incline as well. I sometimes drop it for the last 5 minutes of an effort when im going to increase the speed a lot. The idea behind the 1% is that it compensates for the mechanical advantage of running in place as opposed to against the conditions. FWIW if you do most of your running with an incline you can always drop it for a PR attempt or something and get some small boost. So for training it's something you can just add and then turn off when you need a PR. Idk. I think mechanically it might be more beneficial as well in terms of form but i have no idea if that's actually the case or just running dogma.

Bodyweight(AM): 85.6kg (17 Jan)
Diet compliance: 2/2 days
Daily Squat: 61/61 days
Daily Run: 61/61 days
Basketball skill work:

  TM Run 5km, 35 mins 

  BS 6x120, 1x155, 20x110(PR)
  QL assistance - 1arm kb carries
  BX 14x80kg(+band, PR)


  • Body feeling a bit beat up.
  • Was informed today im expected to play the 4 position. This is not great news .. i was prepping to play as a lean athletic 85kg. Not sure I can even play as a PF without being undersized. Any advice?

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:22:12 pm »
Ok, 2 upper body workouts in 20 days is kind of bullshit. I'm not going to change anything anytime soon but in about 12 days i'll shift focus away from squats and to lower body. If i've learnt anything about my training is that i tend to get obsessed with one thing to the detriment of overall balance and that for 2019 i'd like to be mr 85% .. good or okay at all things, bad at nothing.  In the past i focused on lifting but nothing on conditioning, i've done something to address that but now to re-address balance upper body training needs some love too. It will give me a nice change of pace too, keep things fresh.

to add a few other neglected things to this list:
  • vertical jump work (depth jumps, jump jumps, etc)
  • sprint work
  • track assistance (bounds etc)
  • basketball skill work (shooting, dribbling, post moves, etc)

Also I think i need a sports massage badly. Might get one every 6 weeks or so. my last one was terrible, just before xmas, wanted to see what my health insurance would cover (hardly anything it turned out, maybe $20 and i paid the remaining $45 or so). I need to make sure i find a good place next time. thought i'd go to a proper professional one in dec and the guy was so bad .. like weak af .. ive had the best massages from little tiny ladies with pointy elbows at random chinese massage parlors in sydney and bangkok, so going to try find one of those instead of a white dude with a certificate. But ive prob been to some decent physios over the years, just can't be bothered with that. The guy pretty much carried out a boring conversation for the entire hour and i just want some peace and quiet and lots of pain, you know? Anyway.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: 2019 Vert Comp
« on: January 16, 2019, 08:54:06 am »
Good job for actually testing. I'm not game to test in case it's too depressing. Ha

Bodyweight(AM): 85.7kg (16 Jan)
Diet compliance: 2/2 days
Daily Squat: 60/60 days
Daily Run: 60/60 days
Basketball skill work:


  BS 6x100, 1x155, 12x127.5(PR)
  Dips 3x8x24kg, 15xBW

  Run - 5km, 34:52, 06:57/km pace

  • Going to start eating more in the morning so i can eat less food at night, especially carbs. Have been having too large meals at night and it affects sleep quality and quantity. Also metabolism is slowest at night so it's not optimal. Better to get the food in while metabolic rate is higher.
  • Went 10 days since last dips workout. Good bye abs .. i feel them pretty torched already .. squat tmr will be brutal.
  • Right first day of pushing calories away from dinner without eating less. Lets see if it leads to better results (recovery, sleep etc).

i dont get the swahili statement. lol. im too lazy to learn another language. :ninja:

Fair enough. I thought you might wanna learn from your insta and love for Kenyan running. I'm the same, i'll prob find the reality of learning gets too tedious once the initial hype has worn off. But daily training has kinda opened my eyes on what you can accomplish by just doing a little bit every day, it just seems to 'work' even if you're not working very hard every time. Last night run i looked at my watch and around 4km i was maintaining a 5 min/km pace .. submax .. which is what my fast runs used to be like .. though it's been forever since i've done one of those outside. That's with a full days worth of eating and drinking and shoes clothes im prob around 87.5kg i'd say. So a lot heavier than when i started off with a gym weight of 82kg. It seems the fitness benefit of just punching the clock regularly and getting those easy miles in without straining seems to be the key. I've even found it affecting the way i do squatting now .. im finding that by building up higher number of reps with lighter weight that as i progress those sets the heavier weights are easier to rep and i guess that's the secret .. to just rep more with more over time. Really regret sticking to lower reps for most of my training .. it just doesn't work as well to be a bit more patient and build up reps instead even though it's not as sexy as pushing limit weights.

This is a round about way of saying im going to try the daily approach to other things including:
  • learning a language (swahili and maybe swedish)
  • writing code daily
  • maths daily

and that's all i got for far but im going to keep looking for things to apply the same approach to that i've always wanted to get good at

Bodyweight(AM): 85.8kg (15 Jan)
Diet compliance: 1/1 days
Daily Squat: 59/59 days
Daily Run: 59/59 days
Basketball skill work:


  BS 6x120, 1x155, 12x125(PR), 17x115(PR)
  Track 5x100m strides
  BX 13x80kg(+band, PR)

  Run - 5.18km, 32:31, 06:15/km pace 

  • Woke up feeling not so beat up. Quietly hopeful of recovery..
  • One of those days where i was not sure which PR attempts to pick but somehow nailed it.
  • Didn't run in the morning .. life kind of got in the way but also I couldn't be bothered. Im going to cheat (daily running count) sometimes by doing track sessions in lieu of actual running (sprinting is just too damn easy compared to running.. not even close)
  • Was windy af - i was going to take a video of the flags waving but who cares. Saw the weather report said it was 35km/hr winds .. not sure if anyone in Perth has ever had a decent track workout with the prevailing conditions of this place .. i bet not unless it's like 100m and you're not running against the wind half the time.! I did a warmup 400m and it was exhausting. Seriously wtf.
  • lol .. was sat at home at 8:30pm and thinking i could probably do that run now .. and i thought about it and the idea that i'll get fat af if i skip cardio just pushed me over the edge. but more than that, i think i felt like i 'had' to run. i guess im a runner now  :welcome:. (btw ive been re-teaching myself swahili and i just missed the chance to use the word karibu which i read today after lunch. this gives me an idea. maybe andrew can become swahili buddies with me if he's that inclined? can i refer to the man in the 3rd person like that or is it rude? guess we'll never know)
  • Good day of training over all. At some point i need to bump my daily single up but 157.5kg last time i tried it felt like a real max grind. i'll wait til next week.

Bodyweight(AM): 85.9kg (14 Jan)
Diet compliance: 0/0 days
Daily Squat: 58/58 days
Daily Run: 58/58 days
Basketball skill work:

  TM Run - 9km, 62:37, 06:58/km pace

  BS 6x120, 1x155, 16x112.5(PR)


  • Still a bit beat up from the weekend's basketball. Hoping i can resume normal training today..
  • It's probably goign against common wisdom but im going to explore higher rep PRs for a while. Just wanna see what it can do for me. So the next few weeks might be about progressing to 15-20 rep PRs even though my stated goal is a heavy single of 170kg .. i think i need to see what reps do towards that goal.

  • Ok basketball needs to chill. I can't keep eating this much food just to recover from bball added to my training load. Need to get food intake and bodyweight in control.

if basketball is your main goal, why would it ever need to chill? basketball should take priority over everything else.

i had my first bad squat workout today. was due for 8x137.5kg .. bailed on the first rep halfway down, just didn't feel right, my legs/back were buckling. I didn't even break parallel just put the bar back and went wtf lol.

Basketball is the main goal but i have to treat it like Charlie Francis treated his athlete's track workouts - when performance/quality starts dropping, stop and leave. Basketball played earnestly is very much just as demanding as any track workout, you're pushing high HRs and every second involves acceleration .. which is probably even more intense than just more or less maintaining some constant velocity like sprinting. It's brutal if you play D hard and then work hard on offense too. I might cap my basketball sessions at 1 hour max .. i can play longer but just turn into a catch and shoot corner 3 guy and pickup the slowest/smallest guy on the other end. Something like that. Prob getting a lot fitter but the cost (recovery) is just too much, joints take a hell of a beating from basketball. I hate that aspect of the sport, it's prob the most unhealthy sport i can think of..

Bodyweight(AM): 85.5kg (13 Jan)
Diet compliance: 0/0 days
Daily Squat: 57/57 days
Daily Run: 57/57 days
Basketball skill work:

  Skipped run 

  BS 6x120, 1x152.5, 0x137.5, 15x110(PR)

 Track - 6x100m wind assisted strides

  • Ok basketball needs to chill. I can't keep eating this much food just to recover from bball added to my training load. Need to get food intake and bodyweight in control.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: January 12, 2019, 09:49:15 pm »
In my case even if weight training did give some apparent 'gains' .. it came without 'fixing' the bad movement. And one without the other means you can't really translate those gains into sports. Fixing the fundamentals might even have been enough alone. Lol. Too late now though, lemme get the daily 170-180kg squat max ability and if in that time i can get my cadence heading in the right direction i'll be able to peak my lifetime athleticism for like a week before i get too old and the wrong side of 35  :headbang:

Here is a program i found online i'm going to try out:

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