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Update and suchlike

Back again!

Kept up climbing a bit, mostly 1xWeek.

Been back running for about a month now, like 15-25km a week all easy. Hip still hurts at times, though. So, back to (new) physio (who has a 2:2x marathon PB!). They're pretty confident I've got femoroacetabular impingement, so I'm waiting to get my hip imaged some time soon. It's just such a weird injury since I have like no tightness/flexibility issues, just this weird internal pain. Was amused when doctor said I should get back to the gym and squat heavy, though.

Popping back to say that my finger healed up and I've been climbing regularly and loving it. Hip has been decent enough to let me run to the gym every now and then, so I might start logging some light running again soon, but no promises on that front. Might try to get some climbing videos up here if I can take some good ones.

Pics, Videos, & Links / Re: beast
« on: September 16, 2018, 11:46:56 am »



Didn't manage to sort out hip so got discourage and didn't do much exercise for a month or so, then took up climbing. Didn't really know how to log it, but I've been bouldering 2-3 times a week for a while. This week I injured something in my left hand so can't climb for a couple weeks. Stupid body hates me. Seems like lifting is the only thing that doesn't wreck me.

you been reading hanif abdurraqib?

nope? i think i have seen them on twitter a fair bit though. any particular reason you mention/particular recommendations?

he refers to friends very often as "pals," which you did in a recent post. it's unusual, most people i know don't use that word. i just read they can't kill us until they kill us, which i liked okay -- at his best he's brilliant and unique, nobody else writes about music like that -- but which got old before i finished. better encountered in bits and pieces i think.

cool cool! sounds like something to pick up a copy of and keep by the bed for dipping in and out of.

idk where the pals thing comes from, tbh. i often just take a liking to a word like that



Run -- 4.24mi in 39:42 [9:22 pace]

7 strides spread through the second half of the run.


It's so hot

you been reading hanif abdurraqib?

nope? i think i have seen them on twitter a fair bit though. any particular reason you mention/particular recommendations?



Run -- 3.46mi in 32:33 [9:23 pace]

Including 6 strides just scattered through the second half of the run.


Felt decent. This pace seems like where I should really be for easy runs at the moment -- feels more like what I'm used too from easy running earlier in the year. Bit disappointing that it is this much slower, but hopefully fitness will come back quicker.

Hip was a bit tight from the last run so I took a couple days off. Hoping that this easier pace will keep things a bit smoother, but we'll see.



Run -- 4.66mi in 41:33 [8:54 pace]

w/ same pal


Took two days off as hip feeling a little bit tight. Not pain, so it's good, just being careful.

The pal my last few runs have been with is staying with me for a couple more days, so I'll be back to solo runs soon. Looking forward to getting back into solo runs again though, haha. I like running with people as a change, but it doesn't suit me as the primary way to train.

Shall also start throwing in strides in the second half of these runs.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« on: July 01, 2018, 10:18:28 am »
My main goal right now is chipping away at that "elite fitness". I haven't been doing any sharpening, specializing, etc. Just keep chipping away at the mileage/frequency + racing alot. I feel like that's the best approach right now. Need to be in "better shape" than any1 I compete against, even if they are faster over X distance.



This is basically the approach of my very fast friend I've spoken to you about. He runs basically every day, at least ~7 miles, and does a park run most weeks. Do that for long enough with enough miles and then hit some sessions when you're prepping for a particular race and you'll be hard to beat, I reckon.

Catch-up post:


Run -- ~2.5mi in ~22 mins [didn't have watch for this one]


Run -- 3.8mi in 32:54 [8:30 pace, probs too fast]


Run -- 4.0mi in 36:18 [8:56 pace]


Run -- 4.5mi in 39:57 [8:47 pace]


Run -- 5.3mi in 48:28 [9:06 pace]

Ran with a friend, stayed totally conversational pace.


Run -- 5.3mi in 46:55 [8:53 pace]

Ran with same friend.


Holy fuck I can run again. So happy  :wowthatwasnutswtf: :highfive: ;D  :headbang:

Going to keep to every other day for a while, I think. Fitness feels like it's coming back. HR readings from watch do not feel accurate for whatever reason, so I'm ignoring them and going by feel. First few runs logged here was probably a bit faster than conversational pace, but running a bit fast feels safer, in a way, because my form is a bit more solid there.

It's been in the 80s for most of these runs, too, which as been killer. Can't wait to see how the heat adaptations pay off when autumn/winter come.

Still on for the Oxford half in the autumn, so hopefully can keep everything together long term here.



Run -- 2.92mi in 24:55 [8:50, 8:51 and 7:48 pace]

+ some ab wheel and rehab hip stuff


No hip issues in time since last run. Maybe a bit conservative with amount of time between them, but we'll see. Pain always recurred after the second run, so let's see. Form felt good on this one, too. Hopefully all good tomorrow and I can head out for another short on in a couple of days.

nice!! good to see you posting runs again!! :ibrunning: :ibrunning: :ibrunning: :highfive:

Here's another one for you!



Run -- 2.15mi in 19:23 [8:59 pace]

+ some rehab exercises and stretching


Felt good. Next run Saturday or Sunday, gonna keep them short for now so that I can maintain solid form the whole time. Want to make this stick, as I miss running a lot.

hip's sore again ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

close to giving up on running tbh, this is too tiresome



Run --

Easy, 2x(3x100m) strides w/ rest in lane 7 on the bend, 300m rest between sets

Total 5.22mi in 45:47 [8:46 average]


Nicenice, let's keep this going.

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