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BW - 71.9kg

BW x 3, 3
+8 x 2
+16 x 1
+24 x 1
+32 x 1
+40 x 1  :personal-record: :personal-record:
+43.75 x F [really fast pull to 90* then stuck, this will go pretty soon too]

OAC negatives
full rom x ~3s, ~4.5s  :personal-record: :personal-record: :personal-record:
bottom half x 2s

HC@24mm x 5s
HC@21mm x 5s
HC@18mm x 5s
HC@15mm x 8s, 8s, 8s
3FD@15mm x 8s

One arm scap pulls
BW x 3, 3

BW x 5
+10.5 x 7, 7, 7

Hollow Body Hold
BW x 33s, 33s


 :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :wowthatwasnutswtf:

Maybe a dumb workout, but I had a feeling I was getting close to being able to do some meaningful one arm negatives. Had sort of internally decided I wouldn't bother with that until I'd hit 40kg on chinups first, though, so had to hit that. It moved really well so I decided to go up a bit more, should maybe have been less amibitious because 41.25/42.5 would almost definitely have gone, I think.

The OAC negatives felt fairly in control except for the very end bit of the ROM, so that's why I included the one arm scap pulls later in the workout. Need to get strong just hanging around on one arm and in the bottom bit of the ROM. My left shoulder impingement makes scap pulls feel a little funky if I do them lazily, though, so that's something I need to be careful of.

Deadhangs solid, didn't think I'd get to 3x8s on 15mm so quickly. When back from holiday I'll start weighted hangs on 18mm.

Likely only one more workout before I head on holiday. I'll do more volume than intensity that day, I think. Might be able to get two workouts in, though. Anyway, hopefully 10ish days of rest during which I do some elbow tendonitis repair focused eccentrics will put me in good stead to tackle the OAC properly.

Think if I stay uninjured and able to train this twice a week I'll have an OAC by the end of the year. Other than injury main impediment to this I foresee is that my chinning setup at home is not very convenient for OAC stuff, since it's one of those dip+chin stations. Means there's a lot of stuff very close to you all around you when chinning, so with having to twist a bit on OACs it's not very convenient.

Need to get out and run!! out all day tomorrow, so maybe monday..

stoked about this workout!


BW - 71.4kg

BW x 3, 3
+8 x 2
+16 x 1
+24 x 3, 3, 3

HC@24mm x 5s
HC@21mm x 5s
HC@18mm x 10s, 10s, 10s
HC@15mm x 5s
3FD@21mm x 13s

BW x 4, 4
+8 (myo) x 10+3+3+3

Hollow Body
BW x 30s, 30s


Still a bit sore from Saturday, quite tired generally, but happy to get a decent session in. The 5s hang on 15mm was nice to hit.

Left elbow a little bit icky feeling, so shall be careful going forward. Am travelling for 10 days from next Thursday, so may just take that as more or less total rest and see if elbow feels good on return.

Ankle still not really 100%, which is annoying, but really should go for a run again soon.


2 hour climbing sesh, was nice. Ankle held up well.


Didn't run today, but did a w/o with GF, teaching her how to do swings, get ups etc. Was fun, she enjoyed it. Also messed around with some front lever rows -- can pull to hips near bar in a full tuck, which is fun feeling.

Going climbing tomorrow, going to have to be careful not to jump off because of the ankle, so should be good way to force self to downclimb.

damn almost a chin + 40kg, sick. that climber strenf building.

Highgate 10k was fun last night, seeing Steph Twell pull it out late against Salpeter was extremely hype.

so you went to it?


almost under 31 min. 31:08 is a no-joke time. Especially when you consider McColgan (mostly a 5k runner tho) was over a minute slower.


(full results:

men's C is still under 30 min. ridiculous.

that's such a sick event.

forgot to reply to this, sorry!

yeah it's a cool event, i wasn't feeling 100% that eve so didn't make the most of it, but it's amazing seeing people so fast like right up close. The crowd was also extremely hyped for McColgan. The track had a green light running around the inside lane to indicate the Olympic A standard, so she was getting cheered on to beat that standard, which she destroyed over the last couple of laps.


BW - 71.5


BW x 3
+ 8 x 2
+16 x 5
+24 x 4
+16 x 5, 5

HC@24mm x 5s, 5s
HC@21mm x 5s
HC@18mm x 8s, 8s, 8s
3FD@18mm x 7s

BW x 5
+ 8 x 8, 8, 8

SS1A Kneeling Ab Wheel
BW x 10, 10, 10

SS1B German Hang
BW x 35s, 35s


Strong again today. Haven't hit +16x3x5 on chins yet, and I did it with a +24x4 in the middle, so that's nice. Deadhangs felt good too.

Bought an 8kg KB b/c (a) my GF wants to try out KB stuff and (b) it's the ideal weight to complete all the loading for chins/dips I'd ever need. Nice win-win.

Felt strong on ab wheel, alternating w/ hollow body stuff seems good.

Ankle still occasionally a bit buggy, but might go out for like a 15 min jog tmrw just to see how it holds up.

is there a reason you're doing chins rather than pull ups? i'd imagine pull ups have a more direct carryover to climbing because there's little to no pronated gripping on the wall.

Good question.

I find pullups a bit more tweaky on my elbows than chinups, and tbh my main goal is OAC moreso than getting better at climbing for the meanwhile (esp while ankle is still preventing me from climbing). Also I can move more weight so this feeds the ego, haha.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« on: July 07, 2019, 01:09:25 pm »
that area I ran today was part of a little experiment. I've always loved running at this park, but wanted to see more of the area. It's impressive, basically 3 parks strung together where you can run on grass for pretty much all of it (~5 mi in one direction) - a runner's paradise for a Floridian. And it's near the everglades, so theoretically you can trek across some path and get to the everglades, and run on the embankment etc.. (which is kinda scary, but people do it - mostly cyclists ride out there).

in addition to that, it has nature areas (boardwalk-ish stuff throughout some forests), tons of lakes/canals, a water park, 3 dog parks, an amphitheater, and they hold state h.s./college XC meets there.

pretty sick.

it's a really beautiful area.. and unfortunately very expensive. but an affordable option pops up occasionally, luckily.

so long story short.. i'm trying to find a place out there. it's all homes near the park, no apartments etc.. so i've actually been looking to rent a house.

tried touring a few but they got rented out. going to tour one tomorrow which I actually like better than the other two. the back yard (beyond the fence and small canal) is basically right on the "everglades" (a huge portion of land which leads directly to the everglades).

i've checked out some apartments near work, "big city" life just isn't for me -> especially with two very active dogs. It's only slightly cheaper too.. the apartments near the beach (near my work) are pretty expensive. I hated having to use an elevator, and hearing the sounds of the city -> music from various restaurants, traffic, etc. Down by the swamp, you hear bugs/birds/nothingness, it's great.

so instead of finding a spot near work, i'm trying to find a spot near the swamp (20 min from work lmao, which is still closer than I am now (40 min)). i want to heal up, and just run/relax out there. lots of peace & quiet, not much traffic at all, safe, dog friendly, etc. If I lived out there & my injuries were healed, I could get my mileage way up very safely (all soft surfaces) with tons of visual stimulation because of how many different grass spots you can run.

i've been obsessing about this for a month or so.. want to find something soon & setup shop.

also, no roomates/living with family members etc. just me, 2 pups, and some long overdo relaxation.

 :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ibrunning:



Sounds so nice. I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed living in a big city, and even though where I am is pretty quiet as far as relatively central London goes, I miss proper quiet. Hope I can move out to the country side one day.


BW - 71.9kg

BW x 3, 3
+5 x 2
+16 x 2
+24 x 1
+29 x 1
+40 x F (pulled to halfway)
+40 eccentrics x 12s, 10s, 10s

WG Pullups
+5 x 6

HC@24mm x 5s, 5s
HC@21mm x 5s
HC@18mm x 6s, 6s, 6s [stopping well short of failure]

BW x 5
+5 (myo) x 12+3+3+3

16 x 8, 8

Hollow Body Hold
BW x 22s, 20s, 20s
hands by side x 30s


Played around a bit with chins. Plan was to try out heavy eccentrics, but on a whim I decided to attempt a single at the planned eccentric weight. Didn't think I'd manage the +40kg chinup, but it was actually super close. Pulled out of the bottom very fast but got stuck halfway (i.e. with upper arms parallel to ground). Just 90s rest between the eccentric sets, they weren't particularly near failure, either, and were super under control.

Really happy with how grip stuff felt! 6s on 18mm was also super under control and not that near failure.

Dips strong, +2 reps from last time.

A more traditional lifting session next time, probably.

Ankle still not 100%, but feeling good about running in a couple days, have managed to do like little jogs to cross a street quickly, or whatever, without issue, but am still taking it slow.

Highgate 10k was fun last night, seeing Steph Twell pull it out late against Salpeter was extremely hype.


BW - 72.3kg


BW = 72.3

BW x 2, 2
+5 x 3
+16 x 1
+24 x 4  :personal-record: +1 rep
+18.5 x 3, 3, 3, 3

w/u w/ p/u singles @ 24mm x 2
HC@24mm x 5s
HC@21mm x 10s, 10s, 10s
3FD@21mm x 10s, 10s

BW x 5
+5 (myo) x 10 + 3 + 3 + 2

Ab Wheel
BW x 8, 8

Hollow Hold
BW x 17s, 17s


Well, week off helped everything here progress, which is nice!

Hitting 4 reps @ 1.33xBW on chins is nice. Might try out deadhangs @18mm next week, that's the gold standard rung. I'll probs try to get down to 10s hang @ 15mm then start doing weighted hangs at 18mm.

i was getting multiday headaches in the late winter and early spring. they went away for the most part when i started doing the kit laughlin jaw-neck mobilization sequence every day. ymmv but it might be worth incorporating into your day. only takes a couple minutes.

Second this. You will feel incredible after doing this.

Just tried this out, love it thanks so much!!!


Ankle nearly fully better, recovery been good. Unfortunately have had this horrible tension headache for like 3 days that's made exertion very hard, so had to bail when I tried to lift. Hopefully back on track tmrw for some upper work.


Ankle is coming along. Can walk around if I move slowly/carefully, which means I'm less of a burden at home, at least. Been icing 20-30 mins every 2-3 hours, otherwise been trying to do regular ankle circles, etc.

If I try the knee to wall stretch on my right leg (the injured one that already had way worse mobility, glute problems, etc.) I can't get knee past my toes, lol. I'm sure this will improve as things heal, though, but that's the state of play at the mo.

sucks about the ankle.  i turned mine pretty bad a few days ago. 
i don't ice anymore though.  i've found constant movement is the best cure....try to move it as often as possible through the fullest ROM you can....toe circles, dorsi and plantar flexion, etc.  mine doesn't sound like it's as bad as yours is, i'm able to walk on it ok, but i still have a lot of bruising and swelling.  if you can work through it now it will heal better without as much ankle stiffness as if you just immobilize it for a few days

yeah i totally agree with you -- gonna try to keep it moving as much as possible as you suggest! tyty


Woke up and still couldn't put any weight on it. Went to A&E and was X-rayed, no bone damage just some ligament fuckitude, though they weren't very specific about that.

Anyway, can't walk and am on crutches. Hopefully better in a week or two. Am feeling pretty morose about this. Doing stuff around the flat is really fucking hard at the moment. Hopefully ankle recovers enough that I'm not a burden on my GF + can at least do some of the upper body workouts, otherwise I'll be feeling even worse.

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