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Used to be a member here ages ago. Migrated from TheVerticalSummit ages ago too. Looking to get some advice on getting back into training.

My goals are to:
- Develop lower body strength
- Develop lower body explosiveness
- Develop lower body mobility/flexibility
- Increase vertical jump

- Mensical tear in my right knee, meaning I can't do ATG squats or high impact plyometrics
- Fibrocartilage issue in right wrist meaning I can't do chinups or bicep curls
- PT in both knees, not sure how bad currently if even exists still. I haven't done shit for 3 years.

Other Info:
- I've been out of the game for years now and want to get back into basketball/volleyball. I miss being able to get up (had a reasonable 35" vert when I was 17 training for volleyball - 344cm spike reach). My knees are pretty ruined from training full time in the past and so this time round I'll need to focus heavily on mobility and stability.
- Willing to dedicate 1-2 hours a day, 7 days a week

Initial thoughts:

Deadlifts, Romanian deadlifts, dumbbell lunges, single leg dumbbell calf raises, GHRs, and leg extensions (to strengthen VMO and help knees). Maybe starting to incorporate some light low bar squats once I've got my mobility back if knees are fine.

At this stage I want to do 2 or 3 of the 7 days just on mobility/recovery stuff. So a heap of stretching and activation exercises. Maybe some core stuff too. These will be my rest days.

Eventually, I want to be squatting or deadlifting (if my knees still suck) 6-7 days a week again and going heavy once or twice a week to knock out some big numbers. I'll then start adding some more plyometrics in. It's very possible my knees are absolutely shot and I will need surgery to fix the meniscal tear but I am not sure just how bad it is anymore after so long.

Anyone have any good workout ideas incorporating the above lifts? And does anyone know of any really good mobility/supplementary work I can do so my knees don't explode?


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