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Old Journals / thortons training journal
« on: June 08, 2010, 11:07:59 am »
Just to start off, heres my stats as of now:

Height: 5'9
Standing Reach: 93 inches
Weight: 160
Standing Vert: 28
Running 2 Foot vert: 34 1/2
Running 1 Leg Vert: 29 ( i suck dick off 1 leg)

So, just to give a  quick background story. The season after my sophomore year playing on the JV team, i couldnt touch rim. I decided i wanted to be able to dunk, so from the end of that season, all the way up until the next season, i gained enough on my vert to dunk, no huge dunks, but i was happy enough. I did all the programs, VJB, jump manual, i even did air alert, for like 2 days.

So then last november when basketball season started, i got moved up to varsity. i had worked my ass off all summer, every single day working on my game. I thought i would start, but the coach had other plans. So i sat the bench all varsity season which sucked, and even worse i lost all of my vert because i wasn't able to train. So fast forward to this past february when the season ended. I started training my vert again and i can dunk again. But lately I haven't been able to train because of AAU basketball, which ends this month. (Quick note: this AAU season has been huge for me. My team played a team whos coach was the head coach at a prep school, and apparently boston college, University of rhode island, syracuse, and providence college where all at this game to watch his players, along with a bunch of other prep school coaches. So in this game i scored 24, i hit 6 threes and they were all from 30ft out, it was a crazy game. So basically this coach of the team we played wants me 2 now play for his prep school,and ive gotten letters in the mail from other schools too. And in a couple weeks im going to  URI camp that the head coach has asked me to go to so he can evaluate me. So not to bad considering i sat the bench this entire past high school season=[)

but anywys, im going to get real serious about my training my vert again. Up to now, i have done no plyometrics at all. So im excited about starting that. heres what my first training "block" is going to look like. Im probably going to change things up every 3 weeks, especially with plyos. But heres what my first 3 or so weeks are going to look like.


Squat: (2 warm up sets. then 3 sets of 5 with my working weight, which right now is 245, im going to try and go up about 10 pounds each week)

Glute Ham Raise: 3x5

Seated Calf Raise: 3x8

Split Squat: 3x5/leg


Deadlift: 3x5 (my working weight right now is 215)

Barbell Jump Squat: 3x8

Step Ups: 3x5/leg

Hang Cleans: 3x8

Im also going to do plyos on sunday and thursday.

If anybody has any thoughts,suggestions, w.e, let me know id love to hear it. thanks!

CALL EM OUT / luke f****n lowery
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:12:59 pm »

 ??? first of all. the guy looks/looked nothing like an athlete. he looks like he should be some australlian chef or something.

Some of the claims he made on his website were complete bull shit. people adding 12 inches to there vert in a month and a half? The claims he made were rediculous. Plus he used to put shit on his website like. "Some people call me god of athletic training, my work is worthy of a nobel prize" Really? And to top it all off, the asshole tried selling his program for like 400$?!? You can get a f****n puppy for $400.

He just struck me as a real asshole, and it pissed me off to no end. If you're going to scam, dont make a total douche of yourself and make claims on your website that are so far fetched.

Next thing you know hes going to come out with a program that can make your penis grow 10 inches in 2 days

Introduce Yourself / just joined!
« on: June 07, 2010, 11:04:44 pm »
whats up? just joined, but ive been looking around here and reading a lot of these articles for a while. Basically, my goal is to get my running vertical up to 40 inches. id like to be able to grab the very top of the back board, but ill focus on getting my vert up to 40 for now : ;)

you can follow my progress on my youtube account:

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