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Introduce Yourself / Hi
« on: August 29, 2011, 11:43:40 pm »
Uh, the what to do thing said to make an intro thread.   I never have any idea what to say in these but feel free to ask questions.

So I'm reading through the articles, and the stuff suggested here all looks very solid for improving my jumps (Parkour purposes).  I don't however have access to a squat cage, or enough weight to do serious squats with my dumbbells.  What's the best way to adapt the workouts with body-weight and a dumbbell set that's really only meant for upper body.  Pistol squats, weighted split squats?

And if I'm doing dumbbell split squats, should I be doing 1 dumbbell in the rear hand, or a dumbbell in each hand, I see instructions for both.

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