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almost 2 years removed from the op. FUCK THAT ORTHO.

in any case, i've started to ball at higher intensities now.
i can squat 100kg no sweat, just tested it last week.

but for the most part ive been doing 60kg squats, with heels elevated to hit the quads more.

dont think im up for jumping maximally yet, i still have trouble climbing up stairs using just the right leg.
ie - beyond a certain angle my right leg cannot handle the load.
really at a loss, no idea what going's on.

not been posting here for awhile now, tho adarq know wats been up on my end thru IG.

it looks like its a partial tear, and honestly, to me it looks scary as fuck, like i was just that tiny bit away from a complete tear.

however, the ortho did a bunch of tests and said that the knee itself is stable, so no surgery is necessary yet.

it still hurts like a fucking bitch tho, and i have no clue what to do. i cant put any weight on that right leg, cant climb stairs properly.
its not making much sense to me, why i can experience so much pain, yet have a not so bad assessment.

any guys experience this?

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« on: May 10, 2016, 04:21:26 am »
Congrats man!!!

Hey man.
Fwiw I've nv tested jumping maximally while backpedalling much. Only the rare occasion to try and  intercept  a full court pass. But I'm sure it is low as fuck.

And I believe it's definitely lower than my SVJ.


From earlier today!

How does arthritis show up on xrays?
Not trolling haha, real qn, zoomed in on mobile and I can't see anything. :pokerface:

300%  :o


congrats man! thats absolutely super!

hey thanks man LBSS!

im gonna print this out lol!

Did the link work?
Posting it on mobile so the preview isn't exactly working.

Raptor I was a 1 footed jumper before I started training... So I guess it can be trained to a certain extent?

How are u man, hv u got ur shit sorted out?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Got a fair bit of my fingers above, so it was alright.
Like someone said, I think I might be taking off abit too far.

Anything else u guys pick up frm that short clip?

had a good outing last night in the rec league.
35 points yay. pity i didnt have enough gas to play a full game, had to sit myself out midway in the 2nd and 3rd Q, otherwise i might have breached 40.


getting hurt always sucks, and it sucks more when its casuals haha!

i've got a guy on my team that Ds like tt too, contesting the J, but also going abit under.
messes me up all the time haha.

the ankle is feeling pretty ok now.
rec league tmr, so i'll have a go or 2 at the jumping.

rolled my ankle landing on some overzealous dude while coming down from a jumper.
In pickups no less!   :uhhhfacepalm:

thankfully its not as severe as the last one which took me out a few months.
this one looks like a week or two at most.

Court floor was slick like hell both fri and today, so no chance of really testing the vert.
Next time I get access to an indoor court will be 12 jan, so I guess I'll just hv to train till then.

Legs still jelly.

- Some sprints, probably 70% or so.
- Repeated SL ankle hops onto a low height. (Not sure wat it's called, but I remember someone recommending it)
- depth jumps. 10x off each leg lead in.
I normally lead off with my left foot, but I thought id try to work on the other leg as well.

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