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Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 15, 2019, 07:26:52 am »
Yes, i will treat the longer runs as easy runs. If i get to running 4xweek i will be able to do to longer runs, one easy and one uptempo, along with the 5K and the tempo/fartlek.

14 June 2019

Bodyweight@session : 83kg. Weird, i look and feel heavier. Hope the scale has error, im also way too unlean for that BW.
Soreness : none
Injuries/aches : none

-Max set was 17.5kg dbs

PULLUPS : 5, fail
-To weak to do pullup sets. Dont remember the loads at rows.


SEATED BICEPS DB CURLS : 3x12 , top set was 15kg dbs

Then played around with kettlebel goblet squat. Couldn't get this shit to feel right. Not sure i'll insist. Maybe give it a couple more tries with oly shoes.

I'm still weak at the weights, plus i gotta get used to the new machines/DBs/bars mechanics. Using ramp-up for now, when i establish working loads ill log more detailed.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 14, 2019, 04:14:25 am »
13 June 2019

-RUN 2.5 km uptempo ( like 90% ) , average pace 5'45''
-Jog 500m
-C1 : Hill sprint 300m @ 90% , around 1'15''
-C1 : Walk back
C1 info : 4 rounds
-Cooldown Jog 600m
TOTAL : 6KM @ 43:28

Been reading a few 5K training plans. They are all very similar. Each week they include a 5K run, a longer slower run and a fartlek/tempo/hill sprint run. That's what i like doing anyway if you look back at my running logs and it make sense too: increase aerobic capacity with longer runs, increase anaerobic with sprints, improve 5K tempo handing with 5K itself.
Ok, for the next 1,5 month im just gonna do whatever sessions if feel like every time i go out. Then it is summer holidays. Then, ill have 8-10 weeks to prepare for the race, im gonna do it more structured then.

Steady state treadmill is a torture. Stationary bike is better, at least you get to let your mind go , in the treadmill you have to stay focused to not fall. Hate treadmill with passion!!!

Basketball / Re: who would win 1 on 1 ? kawah or MJ
« on: June 14, 2019, 03:58:47 am »
And a stats look to this.

This was Kawahi's 7th season in the NBA.
He got 26.6 points / 7.3 rebounds / 3.3 assists / 2.4 steals per game.
In PO those numbers bumped up to 30.5 / 9.1 / 3.9 / 1.7
Points per game and rebounds per game is carrer high for him, both in season and in playoffs.
He was final's MVP , also All defensive second team.

Interestingly, MJ's 7th season was the one he got his 1st championship. His numbers were:
Season : 31.5 / 6 / 5.5 / 2.7 and also 1 block per game
Playoffs : 31.1 / 6.5 / 8.5 / 2.4 / 1.4
He was NBA's MVP , Finals MVP , Scoring leader and All-Defensive team that year.
NONE of those numbers was a career high.

Just sayin'  ;D

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:20:00 am »
Yes it sucks. Its just like LBSS says, Ive been there too many years, was used to the space, the people, the 'rythm' of it, everything.
Anyway, i like this new shift to running. Its been too long with the vert thing. Of course im still after leg strength and whatever it offers athletically. But i can benefit from shifting to running as main focus for a while, improve fitness, body composition etc. Still strength training but not as main element.
So my goal is this October's 5K ( the same event i run last year ). Minimum goal : 23:45 ( 4:45 average ). Will be more than delighted if i can get close to 22:30 ( 4:30 average ) which could bring me at top 10 of age group ( 1200+ people ). Let's see how it goes.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« on: June 12, 2019, 09:06:31 am »
fair. all 3 of you are also 1 million times more reactive than me, i never really gained anything from a longer runup and arm swing. Just 1-2 steps and power it up was what worked for me.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 11, 2019, 05:01:36 am »
10 June 2019

Bodyweight@session : ~84kg
Soreness : idk, none? legs are kinda tired/sore but all over, no specific sore muscle.
Injuries/aches : none

Work up to 10@17.5kg each hand

Work up to 10@145lbs

Work up to 8 each leg @ BW+15kg


So , the story is that my gym closed permanently out of the sudden. The subscription remain is transferable to a few other cooperating gyms but all this happened 1 week after i stopped going, so i learned it 1,5 month later. That means the 'good' gyms that were offering subscription transfer were 'sold out' ( the positions were limited ). I found one that fits my needs but its not very convenient, especially now that i still have tons of work, my free time is limited.
So, i decided that for the time being ( bball season is over , main focus is running ) , i will use my work's gym. It is a small gym with just the basics, what you'd find in a hotel. No squat rack, no bench , no olympic bars. But its still good for just doing some stuff and of course it is ultra convenient. So imma go with this for a while and see how it works.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« on: June 11, 2019, 04:49:11 am »
I think that you have much better chances at this if you palm the ball. Yes, a perfect lob allows you to have the full armswing power and you only need to slap the ball in , 6'' above rim are enough with the absolutely perfect thrown lob and perfect timing. But that will probably never happen, the average lob-dunk is almost equal to cuffed, 10'' above are needed.
On the other hand, if you can palm the ball good, you may lose 1 or 2 inches from the limited arm swing, but you can dunk it without the wrist being above the rim. It all depends on how well you palm it but i'd say the average palmed dunk minimum is 7'' above rim. Adarq you are the lob master so correct me if im wrong.
Now i know you have small hands, but ive had many co-players that had too and they palmed it better than me. Also there are new balls out, built to stick in your hands. e.g. i recently saw this one at a store, i could palm it firmly with 2 fingertips:
Not saying that is the course you should take, but give it some thought.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 10, 2019, 04:47:08 am »
8 June 2019

7km @ 49:53
Wanted 'comfortable' but it was too hot and humid so i ended up going between comfortable and slow. Still rusty.

9 June 2019

1KM warmup ( strides, stretches, jog )
5KM TIME TRIAL @ 30:02
0.5KM cooldown walk
TOTAL : 6.5km @ 44:17
-Meh, im an idiot, I started tracking from the beginning, so when i went into the time trial i had no idea of my pacing. Went too fast ( first 2 kms 5:39 and 5:55 ) so gassed out around 3.5. Had to walk a bit to catch my breath. Then finished strong ( 5'31'' last km ) to break the 30 mins 'barrier', lost it by 2 seconds, dammit!.
I gotta improve but i gotta be patient too, it is 6 days that i got back into this after 50 days of absolutely zero workouts.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 07, 2019, 06:48:36 am »
hah nice. just jump right back in it.  :ninja: :ibrunning:

Lol yes but that comes with a prize: got extremely sore legs ( mostly VMOs ) and abs (!). Talking about real DOMS , as if i've lifted heavy.

6 June 2019

Bodyweight@session : ???
Soreness : quads, glutes, calves, abs
Injuries/aches : none

RUN  6km @ 43:50

Went slow, wanted even slower but couldn't do it, kept picking up the pace whenever i lost focus in pacing ( which is often when going slow ).
Average pace was just over 7' for the first 5km ( i was aiming for 7'20'' to 7'30'' ) , then just walked fast the last km so ended up with a total average km pace of 7'17''.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Scooby 2011 Journal
« on: June 07, 2019, 06:40:44 am »
The ( rusty ) official forum vertec eye says 36''-37'' ( 89'' reach , 8''-9'' above rim , 117'' rim ).

800m+ Running and/or Conditioning / Re: 2019 London Marathon
« on: June 04, 2019, 07:34:33 am »
So many gems to find in those stats:
So after having run 20K at ~14:45 per 5K  , Kiphoge goes 'meh, i feel fresh, let's pick it up' and he does 20->25 in 14:14 , a time which until 1939 was WR.
Kipsang's slowest km pace was 3'18'' , i dont think i'll ever in my life be be able to do 3'18'' in an all out 1km sprint lol.
Kiphoge never went above 3m/km.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: June 04, 2019, 06:46:19 am »
3 June 2019

Bodyweight@session : ???
Soreness : none
Injuries/aches : none

RUN 5km @ 33:30

Went 'comfortable'. Average km pace landed at 6'41'' , happy with that, was afraid id be slower.
Was ultra rusty as expected. Lungs and legs were fine for it but the whole system was not ready, like 'dude, WTF are you doing, why are we running 5K after 50 days of zero exercise?'

What???  ;D

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: April 18, 2019, 11:29:19 am »
Well it is a very good time anyway, but keep in mind that it was a very fast, mostly downhill course.
After the first uphill ~500m that had about ~20m of vertical raise, the rest 4km had a vertical drop of ~90m. About ~70m net drop for the whole race.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« on: April 17, 2019, 02:47:59 am »
Some bad news:
1) I somehow must have sprained my left ankle. Haven't run yet but i feel it when walking etc. Weird, i don't remember twisting it. It's very mild but its there.
2) Im down with the flu or some other virus, FML, again nothing too much but still can't train/run etc, dosing up drugs and multivitamins and food and rest lol.

daaamn! heal up/recover quick.

Thanks man! Both are going very good but it looks like ill need a couple more days off. It would be fine but next week is Easter week here, more imposed offs. FML.

Now some good ones:
Got the electronic results from my last race, gun time was 23:04 , net time was 22:57. Sub 23 biatch!!! oh wait, it was 4,5km  :uhhhfacepalm: Average pace was 5:01 ,  :personal-record:
Ranking : 63/430 overall , 33/154 age group ( M 18+ , there were no other classes, duh ) , only 5 people above me were older.
Not bad!  :lololol: :ibrunning:

63/430 is solid. moving up the ladder! :ibrunning: :ibrunning: :ibrunning:

Yup, not bad at all. Wasn't prepared at all for that race, plus it was morning and i was coming from a poor sleep night, 4 hours or so.
Here's the distribution of times:
Winner did 14:15 , #28 20' , #98 25' , #180 30' , #255 35' , #304 40'
A time around 20' is very doable if fresh and well prepared for that race ( plus knowing the course ). Cheers to next year!

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