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Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 05:01:11 pm »
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 05:01:01 pm »
rebounding is killing MIA :(

PHI getting tips, multiple offensive rebounds etc. 98-92 PHI.
- run 14.53 km, 60s @3:30 x 9 sprinkled throughout
was supposed to do 10 intervals, ran out of space.

- stretch

distance PR, total time 1:12:36

that's a solid session, nice!! :ibrunning:
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:39:31 pm »
great D by J-Rich, horrible D by the heat.

Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:33:22 pm »
83-79 MIA

PHI came back hard at the end of the 3rd. fuq.
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:29:43 pm »
Embid pulls Winslow off his guy (who he fall on top of in the crowd) onto the floor, in such a weird way.

What a douchebag.
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:26:40 pm »
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:13:16 pm »
man this PHI/MIA game is brutal. this is some old school basketball.

this series is legit.

heat up 12 now tho.


also, when it gets heated, James Johnson shines. He's ruthless (but not dirty) when the game gets extra physical.

Also thank "god", Saric missing shots. lmfao.
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 04:12:51 pm »
cle really doesnt deserve to advance to the 2nd round..... when other team is making huge comebacks, its a sign of weakness.

id be SHOCKED if cle can beat toronto, no chance CLE can gsw or hou, or even okc.....

CLE isnt getting out of the first round. they are broken.

800m+ Running and/or Conditioning / Re: sfl local running scene
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 03:57:35 pm »
The Cobra (guy who gave me size 12 endorphin's, help me PR my 1k, and who I beat recently in 10k :D :D ) got 3rd today at the Disney 10k!

Also, Miguel Tellez (local running/triathlon legend) had a heck of an experience.. dude is tough as nails. And when he says in this, that he was hit by a car, he was: he got smashed by an SUV during a triathlon when he was full speed sprinting on bike. Cracked his helmet, tore ligaments, broke bones, people thought he was dead.

Miguel Angel Tellez
37 mins · Melilla, Spain ·
There are races that define you as an athlete, and others that define you as a person. Today was definitely the latter.
LA CARRERA AFRICANA DE LA LEGION, a race held in my hometown in Spain, but physically located in Africa (Google Melilla and you will understand). After several editions, I was finally able to find a way to do it. This race is certainly outside of my comfort zone: 50k with 70% off-road trails and a lot of hills. So, pretty much the opposite I use to train for, and something impossible to replicate in Miami.
Anyway, the race is AWESOME. Perfectly organized and very special thanks to the Legionaries.
I have all my family watching the race (something almost never happens in Miami) and many friends from many years racing or watching it.
Then, AT MILE 5, in an asphalt area with no danger at all, I don’t see a curb while saying hi to my family and I severely twist my left ankle to the point I was very close to falling down. I immediately realize that was a bad one and I loudly profess some profanities. My race was over. And in the most stupid way possible. I had ahead of me 26 miles of hills and off-road terrain. No way I can finish this one...
Or can I...?
In any other race, I would have retired. Period. I have never abandoned a race except once for a mechanical problem on the bike and another one when a car run over me. Still, I always say and believe, that you should abandon a race if it is jeopardizing your health. We are not professionals and we are not kids anymore! Most important thing is to stay healthy for many more years.
BUT this wasn’t a normal race. It was the Legionaries race. In my hometown. With all my family watching. So... what do I do? Just keep going. I am determined to finish that race even if I have to do it crawling!!!
The rest of the race was, as expected, a grueling, painful experience, with my ankle hurting pretty bad, particularly going downhill, and in off-road areas. I was literally limping most of the way down and couldn’t help but cringe and moan almost constantly.
I stopped at mile 15 and got an improvised bandage fix. It helped a little, but not too much. Also had to stop several times to put back the bandages that were falling apart from time to time.
The last 5 miles, though, were flat and on asphalt and, since I was limited by my twisted ankle for a good portion of he race, at least I had some energy left in the tank, so I pushed hard and was able to pass 4 runners.
Ended up sprinting and screaming of pure joy & rage at the same time.
Just after I crossed the finish line, I sat down... and from that moment on, I simply couldn’t walk. They had to take me to the medical tent, where they confirmed I had a “pretty decent” sprained ankle. ”So, when did you twist your ankle? at mile 5” 😵 (exact doctor’s face).
From there, my family took me home and we celebrated my odyssey. They couldn’t believe I had been able to finish.
This is a race I will never forget.
It is a race that forged me as a person. Problems at work or in daily life? Piece of cake: If I had the guts to finish that race, anything else is a walk in the park! 🙂
A lot of people wonder why we do what we do. Why suffer over training, racing. Why so much sacrifice. Well, this is why. This makes you stronger, it makes you feel alive. Only athletes will understand this though.
By the way: finished 7th overall.

^^ he said that's the curb he tripped over. sucks.

Still got 7th OA. beast af.


he definitely was top 3 level for this race. i think he did 2:49 (marathon) a few months ago, in like 80F + humidity.
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