Author Topic: potomac valley track club wins 2015 national masters championships!  (Read 2249 times)

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The club whose events I raced at a couple of times last year just one the 2015 national masters T&F championships, beating out SoCal (suck it T0ddday) for the gold!

Look at the list of PVTC's individual and relay winners and do two things: (1) bow before the superior dedication of your elders and (2) take inspiration from the fact that you never, ever have to stop training hard and trying to get better. even when you're 90.

PVTC's team won the 2015 USATF Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships, held March 20-22 at JDL Fast Track in Winston-Salem NC.
Our team scored 682 total points, ahead of Southern California (SoCal) Track Club's 648. Our gold medal winners:

W50-54 60 Meter: Sandy Triolo, 8.64 seconds
W75-79 60 Meter: Rose Green, 10.82 American Record
M50-54 60 Meter: Lonnie Hooker, 7.32
M90-94 60 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 17.72
M95-99 60 Meter: Orville Rogers, 16.92
W75-79 200 Meter: Rose Green, 36.83
M50-54 200 Meter: Lonnie Hooker, 24.08  :o
M60-64 200 Meter: Oscar Peyton, 25.25
M90-94 200 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 1:05.86
M95-99 200 Meter: Orville Rogers, 1:16.77
M95-99 400 Meter: Orville Rogers, 3:25.88
M70-74 800 Meter: John Brittain, 2:52.98
M90-94 800 Meter: Dixon Hemphill, 7:03.86
W65-69 1 Mile: Joanie McMullan, 8:22.79
M90-94 1 Mile: Roy Englert, 11:52.34
W75-79 3000 Meter: Tami Graf, 20:36.95
M80-84 3000 Meter: Robert Gurtler, 21:52.62
W65-69 4x200 Meter: Joanie McMullan, Lynnea Salvo, Tami Graf, Rose Green, 2:54.84
M80-84 4x200 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 4:03.05
M90-99 4x200 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Roy Englert, Charles Boyle, 5:40.82
W50-59 4x400 Meter: Mary Lowe Mayhugh, Ida Draim, Betty Blank, Hannah Phillips, 6:04.24
M80-89 4x400 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 8:52.60
M90-99 4x200 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Dixon Hemphill, Roy Englert, 12:54.81
W50-59 4x800 Meter: Mary Lowe Mayhugh, Ida Draim, Liza Recto, Elizabeth Row, 14:20.54
M30-39 4x800 Meter: Muraji Nakazawa, Mike Cannon, Terence McLaughlin, Miles Aitken, 11:49.52
M50-59 4x800 Meter: Mario Zuniga, Duane WIlliamson, Ted Poulos, Steven Anderson, 10:38.21
M80-89 4x800 Meter: Darrell Dempster, Robert Gurtler, Lawrence Dickerson, Ino Cantu, 20:36.33
M90-99 4x800 Meter: Orville Rogers, Charles Ross, Roy Englert, Dixon Hemphill, 29:47.68  :o :o :o
W75-79 High Jump: Tami Graf, 0.85 meters
M55-59 High Jump: Bruce McBarnette, 1.80m
W45-49 Long Jump: Tracey Battle, 4.48m
W75-79 Long Jump: Tami Graf, 1.99m
W45-49 Triple Jump: Tracey Battle, 9.44m
W40-44 Shot Put: Jennifer Stephens, 9.03m
M35-39 Shot Put: Ibrahim Babiker (international athlete), 13.57m
W40-44 Weight Throw: Jennifer Stephens, 10.08m
W40-44 Super Weight Throw: Jennifer Stephens, 5.81m
M85-89 Super Weight Throw: Darrell Dempster, 5.41m
M60-64 3000 Meter Race Walk: Peter Blank, 19:52.61

The 90-99 4x800 is the first one ever fielded, as far as they know. That is insane. People older than my living grandparents. Who cares that it was at a pace that for me would be a fast walk?!? That is insane! They're in their NINETIES!

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