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Article & Video Discussion / SVJ of Turkish basketball players
« on: May 22, 2013, 05:59:00 am »
If you hate your SVJ, don't feel too bad. I just read this study where they ran a bunch of fitness/power tests on twelve Turkish 'First Division' bball players. Here are the average stats:

Age: 25.1 years

Weight: 93kgs

Height: 195cm

Body fat %: 10.0

And the test results:

They had to keep their hands on their hips but still, wtf is up with S&C studies reporting these insanely low VJ numbers? I remember there was another article posted awhile ago showing sprinters and O-lifters jumping less than 50cm.

Cool article by Joel Smith on different types of vert trainees (Adarq gets a mention):

Article & Video Discussion / Nice article on common vert mistakes
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:43:52 pm »
Here's a good article I read today on simple vert training mistakes - all very basic stuff but I think a lot of people new to training for vert would benefit from reading stuff like this (I know I would have).

ADARQ & LanceSTS - Q&A / Lifts when recovering from stress fracture
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:43:51 pm »
Hey Adarq/Lance,

I've been resting the last couple of weeks due to a minor stress fracture in the fibula/tibia head on my left (jumping) leg. It basically feels good to go now, so I want to start phasing in lifts and eventually plyometrics/sprints/jumps when it's had a few more weeks to rest.

My question is, in terms of lifting, are there any lifts I should avoid during this time (i.e. excessive weight-bearing like heavy squats)? I was doing squats 3x/week before I stopped a few weeks ago (work up to 1x3, work up to 1x6, and a 4x10). I'm thinking the fracture came about from playing basketball and doing max sprints not fully recovered from squatting. Other lifts I was doing include RDL, TKEs on leg extension, power cleans, calf raises (seated and standing with DBs/BB). I also foam roll and stretch the lower body 1-2x a day.

Thanks for any help, appreciate the time.

ADARQ & LanceSTS - Q&A / Endurance training effect
« on: March 19, 2011, 09:52:00 pm »
This is something I've been wondering: what would be the effect of mixing in low-intensity endurance training once/twice a week on explosiveness and reactivity? For example, if you had a pair of identical twins with the same RVJ, with identical training programs for vertical (involving plyos, lowerbody weights etc) but one twin ran 2 miles twice a week in addition to this and the other did not, how would their vertical differ after 3 months?

I'm asking because I've never really had to train for endurance and so don't really know anything about its effects. I know that the general opinion is that you can't adapt your body for high level endurance and high level power at the same time (e.g. skinny marathon runners who probably can't jump over a phonebook), but can you train for vertical and still keep up a decent level of aerobic fitness as well? Or is any level of endurance training (running, swimming, cycling) counteractive to power development?

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / AGC's journal
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:44:08 pm »
Body stats
Age: 22
Height: 181cm/5'11''(w/o shoes) 183cm/6'0'' (w/shoes)
Weight: 80kgs/~175lbs
Standing reach: 230cm/7'6.5'' (w/bball shoes)

Current Jump stats
No-step: 29''
Running two-foot: 31''
Running one-foot: 32''

Long-term goals

No-step: 33''
Running two-foot: 36-38''
Running one-foot: 38''

Did a lot of athletics in my youth, mainly focus on basketball now but am going to incorporate more track work into my training. My previous 1-foot RVJ pr was about 85-7cm (~35'') and SVJ about 31'' at age 18, but back then I didn't focus on vert primarily. Over the last month I've been preparing to get back into it, basically doing a lot of jumping at the courts getting technique back and building up to 1.5x bodyweight max squat at the gym, only decided to start a journal the other day to keep me motivated (as I've read motivation can dip after the first 6 weeks of a goal-focused program, don't want that happening!)

27/2/2011 - Lower body weights

Glute ham raises - 4x10-12 @ 88lbs
Full Squat - 1x8@143lbs (warmup) 3x8 @ 231lbs --> got hips below knees, probably too deep on some, but it hurt good
Single calf raises with 55lb dumbell - 2x8 for each leg
45 degree squat machine - 3x10@a pretty low weight, i forgot exactly what but it was around 120lbs

This hurt like hell the next day, especially hamstrings strangely, I think I need to work on my P-chain muscles as compared to my quads they're probably not equally strong. Also I would love advice on whether it's wise to hit all parts of the leg in one workout - I'm really not sure if this gives the best results.

Plyo workout next in a couple of days.
 :ibjumping: oh yeah

Introduce Yourself / Hello from Aus
« on: February 23, 2011, 11:03:25 pm »
Hey all,

I'm a 21yo bball player from Melbourne, Australia, (6'0'' in shoes, 81kg (178lbs) standing reach 7'7''). A couple of months ago I watched a vid that was on about those APS shoes that help you jump higher, and it showed the reporter who was about 6'1'' or so dunking in regular shoes and then in the APS shoes. Of course the shoes are total BS but for some reason it really inspired me to start training seriously for vert. Back when I was younger , around 18 I prob had around 35'' 1foot RVJ thanks to years of sprint/long jump training but over the last few years other things took priority, study mainly. Around 3 mths ago I'd prob gone back to around 29-30'' RVJ and could barely touch ring! Needless to say it was embarrassing to me so I started researching online and found this blog. Been reading for a few months now and also watching adarqui's sweet youtube vid's and thought it was time I joined in. Lately I've been doing a schedule of plyo's and trying to increase squat/deadlift (atm I'm at 275lbx3 and 210lbx6 respectively) in pursuit of my ultimate goal: 38'' RVJ and be able to dunk consistently. Lookin forward to getting advice and contributing to the site along the way!


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