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Nutrition & Supplementation / whey protein and milk causes acnes?
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:27:55 pm »
Hey guys, well i always have had acne and pimple problems ever since i was 14. I will eb turning 19this year. Last year january, I went to see a dermatologist and took Roaccutane which apparently reduces oil secretion .after three months the acnes and pimples on my face subsided and really got much better. Though during that time, Ithere were stilll acne popping up on my chest are every once in a while. Recently, my acne problem relapse and I'm taking the same medicine again.
the thing is the doctor says that it's alright to take milk, but cut out whey protein as it apparently has steroids in it, something I know isn't true as if whey protein, or at least the once i've been taking had steroids in them, I would definitely be much more muscular and my chinups wouldve gone up much faster. I've pretty much been progressing very slowly, slow enough that it feels like my progress is stagnant. Well but my workout and rehab program for my back isn't the topic here.

Now , I've looked up milk and whey proteins, and apparently both may have side effects of acnes and pimples.
My current diet consist of only one scoop of whey protein(24g protein)every morning or two scoops (the second serving after workout), and 3-4glasses of milk(anbout 200-250ml each class).
so 4glasses of milk is about 24g of protein and 480calories, whereas one scoop of protein is only 120 calories.

I don't mind eating a lil more of other stuff to compensate for the absence of one, but I was wondering if you guys think I should cut both, or if i were to cut one which should I cut?

I'm looking into getting calcium pills + vitamin D as agian, I read some research on how taking calcium pills alone increases risk of cancer or something like that, whereas when accompanied with vitamin d, consumers get better result. I mean after all, vitamin Ds helps in calcium absorption


You dont log anymore?

hey i do jsut that i've been busy the past few days. The routine's been awesome so far haha. with that, i just remembered i have a problem with doing dumbbell work . my workout begins with warmups and stuff, stretching, and then i'll drive to the gym nearby and have like a30minutes boxing and kicking practice sing a punchingbag.

while i may feel both my thumbs sometimes in punches when i throw a hook punch too hard for my knuckles to handle. that's still alright. just that I have injured my right thumb a couple of times when i was playing basketball 10months ago or so. As far as i can remember, i normally injure it when trying to steal or catch a bad pass, with my thumb poking the basketball.
 That has really made my right thumb a tonne weaker compared to my left. about 2 weeks ago before you gave me the new routine. i was doing back squats, shoulder presses, and tried supersetting back rows + dumbbell chest presses, which started about 15-30minutes after i trained in a 1hour personal training session for mma which consisted of lots of punches that wore my right thumb down.
When it came to dumbbell chest press, after getting the dumbbel up in the air and going down for my first rep,  bam, my right thumb couldnt take the load and i had to drop the weight. could've broken my thumb if i pushed longer.
I only notice this right thumb problem after starting mma training, particularly boxing. Of course, that day ti was 1hour of personal training, but i was training with lots of pad work.
Now, i train with a punching bag, heavier , but it also restricts the amount of force i can put into a punch since my knuckles arent that strong yet unlike training with pads, where i can go all out since the pads are light as shit.
Now that my knuckles and my punching techniques are getting better, i'm afraid that 30minutes could do the job of wearing down my right thumb enough for me to not be able to db chest press. Would some sort of push ups variation be alright?


You can do bb work no problem?

Sure, pushup variables are great.depending how strong you are this is how I would go about it.

Pushups 2max sets. If you can get 2x20 chest to tennisball stricts, do next exercise.
Diamond pushups 2 max sets. If you can do 2x20 stricts chest to tennisball/back of hands, do next.
Uneven pushups 2 max sets each side. Off hand on basketball. If you get 2x20 each side shoulder to basketball, do next.
1/2 one arm pushups 2 max sets each side. Basketball under chest. If you get 2x20 each side chest to ball, go next.
Lever pushups 2 max sets each side. Off hand on ball, roll ball out while keeping off hand arm straight. If you get 2x20 chest to tennisball each side, go next.
One arm pushups 2 max sets each side. Chest to tennisball.

On unilateral pushups, keep feet as close together as possible, to really challenge stability and core.

edit/ on all exercises keep feet close together.

something weird. i find lever pushups easeir than 1/2one arm pushups. cant even do one 1/2one arm pushups.

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: July 05, 2013, 03:30:04 pm »

Squats 2x5x 95.8kg

shoulder press 45kgx5-4-4

deadlifts 94.8kgx5

uneven pushups

decline twisting situps 316x10kg

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: July 05, 2013, 05:33:18 am »
Squats 3x5x 90kg

barbll bench 3x6-6-5x56.8kg

pullups 3x7-7-7x64kg

uneven pushups

decline twisting situps 3x20x10kg

hey guys, well i've been practicing kick boxing with a punchingbag followed by weight lifting. Due to falling sick I've got a 2 weeks break till monday. Anyways, I've noticed that even before i fell sick, the arch of my foot would bug after i'm done with my kicking sessions.

It makes walking alittle uncomfortable. insert some pressure and i can feel that tension. I think i probably provoked the injury while doing a roundhouse kick.

It's nothing to oserious though. But I've tried using those mini rubber balls to kinda like "foam roll" it. It doesnt really hurt. feels good. But within a minute or two that tension comes back.
It sorta feels like that stage right before the cramp, but it's no cramp.

I train barefoot when kicking the punchingbag btw.

Was wondering what's the injury and what should i  do


EIT: I notice the tension when i point my foot downwards as much as i can. upwards doesnt

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:16:48 pm »
Squats 3x5x 80kg

barbll bench 3x6x55kg

pullups 3x7-7-6x64kg

uneven pushups

decline twisting situps 3x20x5lbs


Squats 3x5x 85kg

shoulder press 45kgx4

deadlifts 90kgx5

uneven pushups

decline twisting situps 3x20x10lbs

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: June 10, 2013, 10:56:27 am »
not today-Back squats 74.8kgx6
deadlifts 1x5x102kg
bench press 1x7x56.8kg


lat pulldowns 3x64kgz7-7-6+1

not today-rom deadlifts 2x12x50kg
uneven pushups 2x16-16+1-1

twisting situps 10lbsx3x20-18-20

left loer back huted afte r deadlifts. changes side from time to time lol.


Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: June 07, 2013, 11:54:08 am »
Not today-Back squats 72.5kgx6+1 after resting liek 15-30seconds due to intteruption
50kg x10x2

Deadlift 100kg

shoulder press barbell
45kg 3x5

uneven push usp 2x16-16

twisting decline situps 3x10lbsx18-18-16

 bicep curls 

not today-stif legged deadlift 2x11x50kg

I htink i know the problem. My muscles pull easily after deadlifts. not much of my lower back but mroe on my flutes and rectos remuris and the sides

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: June 03, 2013, 11:54:51 am »
not today-Back squats 74.8kgx6
deadlifts 1x3x102kg
bench press 3x8-8-6.5+1assisted x54.8kg

lat pulldowns 3x64kgz7-7-6+(1x59kg)

not today-rom deadlifts 2x12x50kg
diamond pushups 2x20-14-2-2-1-1

twisting situps 5lbsx3x20

right ened still bruised. cant squat.

deadlifting heavy without driving through the heels. gotta reduce the weight probably and squat the weight up without moving my hips up first

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Re: deadlift form
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:47:05 pm »
What do you mean "excluding the bar"?

Why would you exclude the bar?

cause teh bars all weigh different. some are 22kg, some 20, some ppl say it's only 15 .

stay back on your heels, drive through your heels. you're losing your balance on the way down.

Ah i see, thinking of "leaning back" as i squat the bar up would help me in driving through my heels too yeah?
Alright will work on that thanks :)

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / deadlift form
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:52:22 am »
Hey guys from the video i definitely have to keep my back more upright at the bottom by not pushing with my hips first. Is there anything else I should take note of? It's 80kg excluding the bar.


If the vid is 2min long skip straight to 1.00 as i took a minute before i was ready to lift ll

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: May 31, 2013, 10:14:05 am »
Not today-Back squats 72.5kgx6+1 after resting liek 15-30seconds due to intteruption
50kg x10x2

Deadlift 80kg raw
shoulder press barbell
60lbs raw 1x3 struggled used legs

50lbs raw 4x6=-6-6-3

30lbs x6/7

diamond pushups 2x19-

sharks forgot bicep curls 25lbsx9

twisting decline situps 3x5lbsx18-18-20

not today-stif legged deadlift 2x11x50kg

lower right back pain again

Nutrition & Supplementation / Re: Sick of food
« on: May 28, 2013, 03:14:44 am »
hey guys, ive been trying to get 3000calories consistently and at least 2400calories on workout days. I'm 60kg and 5ft6.\
As title says, i get sick o food easily. i take at least 30minutes to drink a scoop of protein shake, a glass of milk with 4-5table spoon of oats, 2-3 pieces of whole grain bread with about less than a tablespoon of peanut butter spread. Eat too fast and that feeling of puking comes. Had that moment where i almost puked what i ate out only to hold it back and feel a temporary pain in my stomach which goes away.

Was wondering how do ya guys eat in tonnes of calories withotu getting sick of food? I'm frankly sick of eating, but i aint eating i aint gonna grow.

Also, i tend to end my oworkouts late at night but whatever it is i find it harder to eat 600calories 45minutes after workout and a protein shake of 300calories. Maybe it's teh time of the day, or maybe it's just the aftereffect of workout?

Interested to know your thoughts on diet


drink lots of water to get your stomach used to the volumes. i have a 32oz cup and drink a full serving each time.

eating doesn't have to be fun all the time. if my appetite is bad (even after a 12-15hr fast - caffeine effect), i just chew that sucker and get it over with.

wow thats alot of water. so drinking as you eat gradually eh? I'm taking about 3litres of water which should be 96oz i think..
man godo to know i'm not alone. Always thought drinking lots of qwater while eating makes it harder to eat. Guess i'll try that thanks. And i think its a reall ygood idea to invest into amos cookies. Takes the boring taste away.


haha whats in it looks good

Old Journals / Re: the road to mma
« on: May 27, 2013, 11:36:33 am »
not today-Back squats 74.8kgx6
deadlifts 3x4-4-5x105kg
bench press 3x8-7-6-4x54.8kg

lat pulldowns 3x8-8-7-5+1chinupx59kg

not today-rom deadlifts 2x12x50kg
diamond pushups 2x20-15+2+2

twisting situps 5lbsx3x16

right ened still bruised. cant squat.

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