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Nutrition & Supplementation / whey protein and milk causes acnes?
« on: February 28, 2014, 09:27:55 pm »
Hey guys, well i always have had acne and pimple problems ever since i was 14. I will eb turning 19this year. Last year january, I went to see a dermatologist and took Roaccutane which apparently reduces oil secretion .after three months the acnes and pimples on my face subsided and really got much better. Though during that time, Ithere were stilll acne popping up on my chest are every once in a while. Recently, my acne problem relapse and I'm taking the same medicine again.
the thing is the doctor says that it's alright to take milk, but cut out whey protein as it apparently has steroids in it, something I know isn't true as if whey protein, or at least the once i've been taking had steroids in them, I would definitely be much more muscular and my chinups wouldve gone up much faster. I've pretty much been progressing very slowly, slow enough that it feels like my progress is stagnant. Well but my workout and rehab program for my back isn't the topic here.

Now , I've looked up milk and whey proteins, and apparently both may have side effects of acnes and pimples.
My current diet consist of only one scoop of whey protein(24g protein)every morning or two scoops (the second serving after workout), and 3-4glasses of milk(anbout 200-250ml each class).
so 4glasses of milk is about 24g of protein and 480calories, whereas one scoop of protein is only 120 calories.

I don't mind eating a lil more of other stuff to compensate for the absence of one, but I was wondering if you guys think I should cut both, or if i were to cut one which should I cut?

I'm looking into getting calcium pills + vitamin D as agian, I read some research on how taking calcium pills alone increases risk of cancer or something like that, whereas when accompanied with vitamin d, consumers get better result. I mean after all, vitamin Ds helps in calcium absorption


hey guys, well i've been practicing kick boxing with a punchingbag followed by weight lifting. Due to falling sick I've got a 2 weeks break till monday. Anyways, I've noticed that even before i fell sick, the arch of my foot would bug after i'm done with my kicking sessions.

It makes walking alittle uncomfortable. insert some pressure and i can feel that tension. I think i probably provoked the injury while doing a roundhouse kick.

It's nothing to oserious though. But I've tried using those mini rubber balls to kinda like "foam roll" it. It doesnt really hurt. feels good. But within a minute or two that tension comes back.
It sorta feels like that stage right before the cramp, but it's no cramp.

I train barefoot when kicking the punchingbag btw.

Was wondering what's the injury and what should i  do


EIT: I notice the tension when i point my foot downwards as much as i can. upwards doesnt

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / deadlift form
« on: May 31, 2013, 11:52:22 am »
Hey guys from the video i definitely have to keep my back more upright at the bottom by not pushing with my hips first. Is there anything else I should take note of? It's 80kg excluding the bar.


If the vid is 2min long skip straight to 1.00 as i took a minute before i was ready to lift ll

Nutrition & Supplementation / Sick of food
« on: May 27, 2013, 11:13:03 am »
hey guys, ive been trying to get 3000calories consistently and at least 2400calories on workout days. I'm 60kg and 5ft6.\
As title says, i get sick o food easily. i take at least 30minutes to drink a scoop of protein shake, a glass of milk with 4-5table spoon of oats, 2-3 pieces of whole grain bread with about less than a tablespoon of peanut butter spread. Eat too fast and that feeling of puking comes. Had that moment where i almost puked what i ate out only to hold it back and feel a temporary pain in my stomach which goes away.

Was wondering how do ya guys eat in tonnes of calories withotu getting sick of food? I'm frankly sick of eating, but i aint eating i aint gonna grow.

Also, i tend to end my oworkouts late at night but whatever it is i find it harder to eat 600calories 45minutes after workout and a protein shake of 300calories. Maybe it's teh time of the day, or maybe it's just the aftereffect of workout?

Interested to know your thoughts on diet


hey guys as im a sucker for when it comes to heavy squatting, I decided to ramp up to my max 8reps pf squats and add on weigt every time I hit the gym which is twice a week . I'm doing 90kg squat with a bw of 60kg. after the eigt reps I got the weight down to 60kg and do 15reps for volume. a friend actually told me that I could do that at least since I really hate squats.  I know there are those who ramps it up for a set of five and lower the weight down and do a set or two of eight. but in im doing eight. amd so far I have beem progressing well  with 8resps.
before I stopped leg training about 8-10months ago after quiting basketball, I had a pr of 90kg for 5 repa which by the way, form wasnt solid. was more of a back workout than a leg workout. nthe 8reps of 90 im doing now feels rather solid and hits parallel.
what do you guys think of ramping up to a set of eight followed by maybe 12-15 rep squats? , or would I have to ranp up to ffive and do light seta of eight for it to actually workout okay?

Old Journals / the road to mma
« on: April 23, 2013, 12:10:42 am »
Everyworkout begins with boxing and kicks training on punchingbag:
boxing combos
2sets of  10-12reps rotating  with each exercise
angle front kicks that uses the shin side of the leg and not the ball of teh feet.

Last thursday:
Back squats 72.5kgx3x8

shoulder press 40kgx6
40kgx5+ 1 assisted from legs

back rows, 60lbs x 3x8

abbs superset:
cable twists 3x30lbsx17
ab crunches 3x20x10lbs

Back squats 67.5kgx8

bench press 3x8-8-7x54.8kg

pullups 3x8-7-7+1 assisteed

abbs superset:
cable twists 3x30lbsx20
ab crunches 3x20x15lbs

last one or two reps on squats gotta keep back straight. arched my back somehow when i thought i rounded according to a spotter.

Hey guys, i've just started bench pressing after two months of doing only dumbbell bench press once a week .
before i stopped i was stagnant around 60kg for a month or two. Now that i started back, i feel like i'm stagnant again. 2nd workout and nothing improved. Same goes to my barbell shoulder press. go up to 37-40kg, and boom, i find it hard to progress.

The routine i'm doing is about 4sets of 5-6.
Both width for barbell bench press and shoulder press are sligthly wider than shoulder width. I go all the way down for both.
So my question is, is it normal for your weights to drop along the sets when doing heavy for bench press and shoulder press?
2nd question, what kinda width do you all prefer for bench and shoulder presses?
I find that since you have you have to bring the barbell lower down your chest when doing a narrow grip, it takes away your chest work. Maybe use a wider grip and bring it down to the middle chest?


Hey guys, well i've noticed recently that when i sneeze, my back, particularly the middle back, would hurt and have this sharp pain in the spine like as though it's gonna snap. Normally sneeze in the morning, so not sure if it's just my body still stiff and not awaken up properly or i do have some back issues. My history of injuries associated with my back would be a hairline fracture at my lower spine, which in this case, doesn't seem like that's the problem as the pain is felt above my lower back. But another problem would be  my body being stiff, back being stiff too
if not mistaken the pain is somewhere lower down the lower traps. the middle of your back.

Ever done an abs crunch machine with too much weight that you start feeling that middle part of your back? or probably usign too much weights on lateral raises:

or even weighted planks, and pushing yourself when your abs have given up and you start feeling it in your back?
Well not that i do weighted planks or ab crunches anymore, i still do some core work which really works my abs on keeping the spine straight and preventing it from hyperextending

well then if any details needed let me know


EDIT: just checked out some pull ups adn chin ups form video. Realised i have not pulle myself until my chin is at the bar. will reevaluate tmrw . Pull ups also some form problem will update this

Hey just wondering, i've been doign weighted pull ups for a while now, and was wondering if i should do weighted chin ups instead or something. I'm doing it 2x a week currently. will be changing my routine from 3x a week to 2x a week, probably getting bench press and pullups on one workout and then shoulder press and chinups/pullups on another.



Well i have been doign this for close to 2months.
My workouts are on Sunday,Wed and Fri.
Workout A is done on sun and wed.
workout b is done on fri.

Workout A::
Bench press 3to4sets of 5-7reps.
at least 2minutes rest
weighted pullups 3sets of 6-6-7

incline dumbbell press 3sets of 8-10reps

Superset: dumbbell bicep curls and weighted close grip dips .
Both 3setx of 10-12reps with about a minute30second rest.

Then, lateral raises 3setx of 10-12

lastly weighted planks
dumbbel shoulder press 3x8-10reps

back rows 3x8-9reps

rear delts 3x 8-10reps

ab work, weighted planks or weighted hanging leg raises.

My bench has gone up only recently when I lowered don the weight and did proper form, arching my back which really helped.
Looking to gain size overall , especially my shoulders, and get my arms up too as it's lacking behind the rest big time.
looking to improve my bench to

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / bench press
« on: October 07, 2012, 09:37:46 am »
Hey was wondering about the proper form for a bench press.
About slightly wider than shoulder width grip yes? and do you bring the bar to your lower chest(like below your nipple line at the line intersecting between the chest and ribs) or middle chest?


Hey people. Well after monday's workout, which consisted of squat, rdl and leg press, i was wondering what is the relation between squats and deadlifts. I remember how a 1.5xsquat can be replaced with 3x leg press. So the depth i did on the leg press, was lesser than my not consistent parallel squat, but even so i could only do 120kg twice , could've probably done 130kg for once but failed on 140kg anyways. Now since the leg press weight used standard is twice of squats,  with my squats being 90kg  for 6plus reps, my leg press is only at most 130kg. Seeing how  my quads dont as much work as my back and glute,and my leg press, which is a leg dominant(probably quad), is much lower refering to my legpress to squat ratio, and feeling the quads while doing legpress, was thinking maybe my weaknesses or strength can be evaluated.  Looking at my legs itself, it's neither big or sticklike thin, and not that muscular, i was thinking my legs are weak enough that it's holding my squats back? Thoughts on this.

Hey peeps. well I see how people like frank yang, and even those strength standard charts that you can lift more in deadlifts than squat. Was wondering whats the norm .
For me, i'm squatting slightly above parallel to parallel , 92.5kg x5, and RDL about 82.5kgx9 .

I find deadlift much harder than RDL, and deadlift much harder than squats? I really feel my lower back during deadlifts, probably my pchain is weak?


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