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Just use a 3 pt stance to start.

You have a good point.

Allan Wells running in the second semi-final heat (Lane 5) & final (Lane 3).

Starting blocks overrated?.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

wow that was impressive

Ha, I guess I assume that blocks do help I was just saying that if he wasn't competing in t&f there is no need to get blocks

I have spikes, in the second and third vid i have them on. Also blocks i think i can borough them.
Thanks for the recommendations and vids.

ok yea obviously if you have them, use them but I was just saying there is no need to go out and get them if you don't...


Good advice

except for the blocks and sprint spikes advice.  Unless he is sprinting competitively there is absolutely no need to do that.

Just use a 3 pt stance to start.

Also the hill sprints/sled sprints to "learn" the correct body position for acceleration are also good


imo you stepped way over the line with your response...

yes they can be idiots, but there is no reason to verbally assault west58 like that.

Furthermore, it is true a lot of your videos do look the same.  You are getting higher on your jumps but it is hard to tell...its like a sprinter posting his videos of his races, race after race, without the times...they look pretty much the same because the improvement is so gradual. 

That brings me to a question: for someone who values the importance of detailed progress trackers, why don't you include how high you jumped?  That is the most important aspect of your training (jumping higher is your goal), so it would make the most sense for you to log that too.

If you then included the height of your jumps on video, it would perhaps make them less "boring".

ok so, try to sleep at 4am, been trying to fix my sleep schedule for a few weeks now.. got it down from 6am to 4-4:30 am.. but sleep sucks now, i wakeup way too much.. so i've gone back to using melatonin to try and help me get a better night's sleep, but that shuts me down mentally when i'm dunking.. i've noticed that when i use melatonin, the next day i just can't get into that 4th or 5th gear.. i consider myself to have 5 gears while dunking.. when i get lack of sleep, sometimes i'm fine, i can still tap into that ability.. but when i use melatonin, even if i get alot of sleep, much of the time i end up just being unable to psyche up at all, i can literally feel this "haze" in my brain.. i just can't get into 4th or 5th gear, usually can't even get into 4th, like today... whenever i have this "burning feeling in my eyes", i'm just fucked, nothing i can do to have a primed workout, and with my goals, i need to be primed every god damn day.. im fucking up..

ok so, i also need to eat more fiber.. the best i ever felt in life was when i was boxing.. tons of cardio/heavy bag/jump rope/whatever, but my diet was crazy high in fiber, at least 60g daily, from cans of red kidney beans (2-3 per day) and bananas.. body felt great..

maybe i'm just older now but honestly, i feel "like shit" alot.. sleep schedule has alot to do with it i imagine, but when i was boxing i was going to bed around 3-4 am every night, so not sure if that's it.. i was 22-25 when i boxed, i'm turning 29 soon, so age definitely could be a factor.

another thing, contributing to that shitty feeling, is my calves just feel HORRIBLE.. today i finally decided to ice them, wrapped them incredibly tight in a good ice pack, 10 minutes each calve, they felt so much better after that and still do.. definitely need to get back on that.

i feel best when i do my high rep lifting sessions, regardless of how i do them.. but i have to stretch before and/or after to really get that light feeling in my body to the max.. when i stretch + high rep (LTMP-VOLUME), i feel amazing.. when i stretch + singles (LTMP-SINGLES) it's mixed, sometimes i feel great, sometimes i feel shitty, but i seem to feel shittier and shittier as the days go on without LTMP-VOLUME sessions.. the cardio-lift sessions i've been doing, are definitely doing me good lately with my body composition goals, and i do feel "Better', but they have intensified my calve achyness issues, but that might be ok now with multi-day icing treatments.

ok just getting that out, because today sucked, i feel horrible, landed my best reverse though and some ok dunks, but given how i feel and how i just couldn't get into 4th gear, it pisses me off so damn bad because things could have been alot more productive had i resolved these issues already.


lazy fuckface.

bad days happen dude.  you gotta just instantly forget about it...a cheetah doesn't always catch the impala

Introduce Yourself / Re: for 45" running vert
« on: April 27, 2011, 09:40:47 am »
Good stuff man.

Really impressive


this is stealing

Stolen, copied/pasted from another source.

Cover your eyes LAMP.

it's not stealing, you unbelievable idiot. it's freely available at the link you provided and you gave a citation, rather than trying to pass it off as your own work. good job.

torrenting something that someone else has produced and copyrighted is stealing.

ha ha exactly

it's a good article too

Pics, Videos, & Links / Re: beast
« on: April 26, 2011, 01:56:30 am »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

relative strength ftw


Thats just ridiculous.

Plus, this poster has a history of such posts-- he did the same thing on the CharlieFrancis forum for which he was (rightly) widely criticised


this is stealing

SLRVJ  :personal-record: - hit just above wrist on 9'11'' rim ---->33.5-34'' or so by my calculations

Also I made myself a vertec today  :headbang: check it out's/new/#new

p.s. ^ sick SVJ lamp!!

Thanks man.

how tall are you?  You looked like you were really getting up on that vid.

Standing Vert:  35.5  today   :ibjumping:

hah sick! what's your RVJ now, must be around 40? i remember last time you were around 33" SVJ, 38" RVJ.. ??



I have the all time record for the soccer team    :headbang:

and I'm second all-time for non-football athletes at the school :)

Runnings def above 40, don't know what exactly.

I can touch the 11ft ceiling now

Standing Vert:  35.5  today   :ibjumping:

Nutrition & Supplementation / Re: Timing of Caffeine
« on: April 21, 2011, 06:42:37 pm »

appreciate it man

Nutrition & Supplementation / Timing of Caffeine
« on: April 20, 2011, 01:18:10 pm »

I have testing (vert, 40, bench etc...) at 745 tomorrow morning.

When would you suggest waking up?

taking caffeine?

How much and in what form?

I hate coffee so thats not an option.

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