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Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Reply #165 on: December 06, 2019, 08:22:13 pm »
Friday 6th December 2019

band dislocates x20
band thoracic mobility drill on floor (skipped today)
soft tissue work and release session at home
Banded ankle work at home

bodyweight without shoes -  85.5 kg


BBall practice session - 49 mins
dribble, shooting practice, high intensity moves and layups
A few jumps at the end

ehh vertical back down 2-3 inches, while running jump remains the same - I think it's due to the calorie deficit... I think reactivity is not as a influenced by hormonal changes
Also upper body achey so shooting was kinda bad

Resistance at the outdoor courts

band pull aparts and dislocates to warmup

+ = 30secs rest
Dips - forward leaning - on corner of fence - BW  x8 @RPE 8 +2+2+2

alternating sets - 1.5 mins rest
pushups - feet elevated 20 inches - 6 inch hand width - explosive - BW x8 @RPE 7, x7
inverted row on stair railing - undergrip - explosive - BW 2x6, x8 @RPE 8

back at home

started feeling dizzy so broke fast with some nuts

supported ATG split squat BW x10

facing down garage slope, in oly shoes

rotating sets between the squats
front squat first rep paused - 40kg x5

High bar squat all paused - 40kg x5+1 hold at bottom for 10 deep breaths, 60kg x5, 80kg x2 ( second rep regular)
normal reps - 100kg x 1, 115kg x1

80% of e1RM - 3 mins rests - explosive - 105kg 3x3
5 mins rest - AMRAP 105kg x 7 @ RPE 9.5

Squats were hard once again at 80% of e1RM - seems more of an issue at these loads after BBall than with the lighter % sessions.

Didn't think I'd get over 5 reps on the AMRAP set, and the last 2 reps were brutally hard.
I seem to get way more fatigued by the worksets at 80% than at 70-75%, so I will drop the AMRAP next time around, and just do 3x2, as the third set of the 3x3 feels quite a lot harder, despite having reps in reserve.

Also noticed last week the bar sits uneven on my back, it is inclined to the left side... I tried to fix it today, but still no difference.
I think it might be due to the tightness on my left shoulder compared to the right....

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Kettbell swing onto toes 24kg x12
clean grip deadlift + RDL combo - deadlift, lowered to knee, RDL back up, then lowered under control RDL style back to floor 100kg x 6 combos -  3 reps normal, 3 reps hooked grip
Good morning onto toes 55kg x10
front squat support 80kg x10 secs, 100kg x10 secs, 105kg x 40 secs

Rotating between each exercise - 1+ mins rest
+ = 30secs rest
Peterson step ups - leaning forward a bit to activate glutes - barbell -  5 inch +40kg 2x15
high angle single arm row, elbow out 24kg kettlebell - x16@RPE 8 +4+4+4
barbell split leg leg calf raise - rear leg elevated and non working - 40kg  x25 @RPE 9
Wall tib raise - body at 45 degree angle - BW x19 @RPE 9 +5+5+5
Standing single leg raise - lightest band I have - straight legs x12 +4+4
face pull into external rotated overhead press -  lightest band I have - 2x12

One arm loaded carries 24kg kettlebell x 60 secs walk around front yards, each side

released upper traps on loaded bar



3400+ calorie burn for today, not including weights

ate 2700+ calories
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Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Reply #166 on: Today at 03:54:19 am »
Saturday 7th December 2019

Legs fairly sore compared to normal. The usual level of aches everywhere else.

dry fasted

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

band pull apart star drill - low tension 2x10 reps each of the 3 axis directions   (dang, pulling my left arm above horizontal like this no longer hurts! can also feel the pec minor stretch)
band dislocates 1x20
dislocate broom stick stretch x 1+min
various thoracic mobility work

64 min walk/hike

mid way through walk
backward walking up a 20-30 degree sloped path x 2+ mins

14 hour dry fast, 3 hours with water
2700 calorie burn

plan to eat 1500-1600 calories

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