Author Topic: T0oodays Method Revisited.  (Read 1508 times)

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T0oodays Method Revisited.
« on: November 16, 2015, 02:17:11 am »
Cross linked from my journal:
I am re doing T0ooday method, which is my 2nd time doing it.
Which go like this,  (with out Stand still jump), I start with hop into a (2 legs) jump, 1 step into a (2 legs) Jump, 2 steps into a (2 legs) Jump.

Some time, I am getting higher in the 1 steps, and on a good days i might get even higher i the 2 steps.
but often, all the jump result is very similar.
In today jump training, I did 7 no steps jump and one of these jump is very Fast, powerful and explosive which feel like a 1 steps or may be even a 2 steps.
However, the rest of the  1 step/ 2 steps jump did not get any higher... and i am stuck with similar height thru out.

now that single no step Powerful jump is stuck in my head.
and I did not do any Stand Still jump; but i am doing no step, 1 step, 2 steps jump all with in 40 min. 

I know this is the 2nd time I am doing T0oodays method.  But Should I be doing all these different jump on the same day?
in theory, each steps added should make me higher which is not happening now. T0oodays Method...suggested not to add any steps untill each jump is mastered meaning i am not able to get any higher in a consistent manner

  Now that i got 1 good jump in my no step version.
May be i should just keep myself doing 20 x no steps jump for a few days or weeks, until i can MASTER it, until I add one more step?

or should I continue what i am doing...
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Re: T0oodays Method Revisited.
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2015, 09:33:34 am »
daily variation is fine. some days your CNS is firing and added steps enable added speed and therefore added height. other days not. days when you're off, stick to fewer steps or do other jumping assistance exercises.
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sunday: long very easy run 80+ mins @ 5:40+ (14+ km)
monday: strength/cross training
tuesday: extensive tempo (7 km) OR fartlek (mostly easy pace with mix of strides, hills, long tempo) 45 mins (8+ km)
wednesday: easy run 60+ mins @ 5:20-5:30 (11+ km)
thursday: easy run 60+ mins @ 5:20-5:30 (11+ km), strength/cross-training
friday: rest
saturday: short tempo 6-8x500 @ sub-4:00 (7 km)

strength would be:
- hops 2x10
- box jumps or ME SVJ 2x5
- squats 3x6-8 or weighted BSS/lunges 3x10/leg
- RDL/hypers 2x10-12 or SLRDL 2x10-12/leg
- upper push myo-reps or sets to technical failure
- upper pull myo-reps or sets to technical failure
- leg raises, holds, pallof presses