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it's great, like straight out of geocities.

yup. geocities ftw.
did some foot/ankle/calf mobility work and foam rolling tonight and started to work out, but gf is having a really terrible week and needed tlc much more than i needed to exercise.


my guy bernie. i donated twice. lmfao.

people constantly trying to make him irrelevant, not going to happen. he's the truth.

Bernie Sanders' 2020 campaign raises more than $1 million in less than 4 hours

Bernie's big bucks: Sanders raises staggering $4 million in first 12 hours after launch

i think it said he's up to 6 million in 24 hours.

bernie supporters don't fu*k around.

19 February 2019

Bodyweight@session : ?
Soreness : legs still some sore, hamstring, abductors, calves. chest and biceps.
Injuries/aches : none

RUN 5KM @ 30'28''  :wowthatwasnutswtf: :ibrunning: :headbang:

So weather got a little mild so i finaly  went out to run. Note that this was the first time running out after my race ( late October 2018 ). First run after back injury too of course. Only cardio activity in 2019 have been 4 ( four!) treadmill sessions, best effort of which was 5km in 37 minutes.
So with that data i was expecting an average km pace just below 7' and secretly hopping it will be closer to 6'30''. Boom , 6' out of nowhere, not even going max, i was going just a bit above comfy. I could even break 30' easily, had big lungs reserves but didnt want to stress my system too much.
Ultra excited, that's a damn good starting point!!! ( Comparison data: last year i started running while playing basketball every week, my first 5km was 35' and it took me 1,5 month to break 30' )

Bleh, graph shows cadence instead of speed by mistake. Given the chance though, is that normal? It is average 160spm for an average speed of 10kmh, both steady throughout the run.

damn nice.

normal to run that good without much running? not really but it probably points to experience. you have more experience now so, regardless of any detraining/lost cardiovascular gains, you have a better idea of what to do out there. you were probably very relaxed - which is very important, and legs "fresh" (in the context of running).

either way, good stuff!


btw has anyone ever used this effect before? has it always been on here?

yea hah. people have used it before. seifullaah has used it a few times i think.

you PR nearly every workout. also, training is about overreaching and then supercompensating while you back off. i bet if you gave yourself a bit of time off you could hit a huge PR. it's why i've been secretly hoping for KF to sign up for a PL comp and actually take a few days off for once. i bet he could hit 600.

i dont think we (ppl who train daily) see it the same way as people who train less frequently. the idea of 'taking a few days off' just becomes unthinkable, it becomes habit in a way you can't really understand until you've done it, compulsive even.

it's called discipline. if you want to peak, you have to rest.

if you can't take a few days off then you're not training for performance, you're just training to keep a streak going etc. the cool kids can't take days off. people who are obsessed with actually getting results can.

ive been compelled to go and squat (heavy) even on days ive felt rough, sick, days ive checked myself out of hospital (lol) and logically it would have been beneficial to skip. And what good is that kind of peaking .. to jump higher, what if you don't even get much benefit .. you lost valuable training time for something you worked hard to build/maintain.

if you think taking a few days off to "recover for some peak jumps" will have a detrimental effect on your performance, then you're sadly losing the psychological battle.

you're saying things a noob would say, no offense.

But in it and itself ive definitely lost the belief for squatting i previously held .. if you practice it you get good at it and that's about the extent of it, have not seem benefits outside the squat platform.

it reminds me of a conversation we had in this log where todday told me something i didn't agree with. That the only valuable gains that come out of squatting are the ones which involve putting on muscle. And that's it, if there is no hypertrophy .. there is no benefit outside squatting. He ...... was right.

i doubt he'd agree with that. i'm sure he'd agree that neural-gain lifting has it's place.

In my experience daily squatting doesn't work because i think it actually limits hypertrophy (and even possibly more than that it reduces muscle mass?!) but you get good at squatting so logically you believe if im getting good at squatting more weights for more reps then i must be on the right track. Not srue about that now. It's just neural conditioning, over-specialising in the worst possible way to give the least possible benefit from a GPP perspective.

you're out of your mind.

daily squatting limits hypertrophy? reduces muscle mass? what the fuck?

cutting calories prevents hypertrophy.

you cut calories more than you squat.

seems like when he's jumping more, jumps are decent. remember lots of vids of him really getting up, and that was during the daily squatting experiment.

really can't remember how that felt. it was a year ago i was still getting up .. i would step on the gym scales at 95kg and i coudl still hit 36" jumps .. that's basically rec league zion level compared to what im at now .. strugglign to get 27" (below palm touch on the rim). not even close to 27" .. 25" if im being generous. at that time i wasn't doing daily squatting, dabbling with eod squatting BUT with the caveat i had build my strength up with HIGH volume .. once a week high volume workouts of 10-20 sets of heavy 5s .. that worked better i think because it put more muscle on my body .. daily squatting has not done that at all, in fact i'd suggest the opposite .. the body gets so efficient that it can do more with less. I think even back then i wasn't in danger of putting on slabs of muscle .. there is a natural limit to that and ive probably far surpassed it already.

lol @ natural limit. you aren't even close to any natural limits.. and that's a compliment.

if that works better than maybe get back on it.

just stop doing all this recomp shit. stop cutting. that approach is so toxic to athletic performance.

heavy lifting & obsession with skinny-fatness / calorie cutting don't usually work well together.

eat to grow but train so hard that you can't become a blob, it's a simple formula.

i'm pointing out nutrition because it's important not to sabotage lifting by calorie cutting. it seems to be a theme.

would do anything to get another tomahawk dunk. another 36"+ jump. but just don't see it now ..

you'd do anything other than jumping frequently, apparently. lol. :ninja:

just my 2cents/trying to help.


Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« on: February 19, 2019, 01:36:05 pm »
you PR nearly every workout.

tons of PR's. his use of "marginal" seems inaccurate, afaik.

also, training is about overreaching and then supercompensating while you back off. i bet if you gave yourself a bit of time off you could hit a huge PR.

jump pr, dno - unless he jumps more.

seems like when he's jumping more, jumps are decent. remember lots of vids of him really getting up, and that was during the daily squatting experiment.

as for big squat PR, ya I imagine so. but, maxent's diet fluctuates so much that it risks keeping him in "limbo", IMHO. i still don't really get it. I mean if I were maxent i'd be trying to achieve the lower body of an NFL defensive back/sprinter -> huge glutes/quads/hamstrings. The diet fluctuations are constantly in conflict with that, in my opinion. Put slabs of mass on the lower body, it'll make you ripped all over & improve relative strength/power.

i mean that's what i'd be obsessed with if i was into dunking/jumping/basketball performance. my legs were huge back when I was doing daily squatting/heavy high rep squatting etc. i was more ripped back then than from running. just so much more lean mass to feed.. even though I was still only ~145-150 lb.

it's why i've been secretly hoping for KF to sign up for a PL comp and actually take a few days off for once. i bet he could hit 600.

he def can get the cali squat record lol.

  • Am sick of squats. I have yet to see any benefit whatsover from daily squatting apart from being better at squatting (marginally) and plenty of downsides. This has been a huge disappointment so far.

seems like you're putting too much hope into the squat itself. it's just a daily anabolic stimulus, which also heavily targets the anti-gravity muscles.

i mean i always personally thought of it as "taking my vitamins". I used it to increase aggressiveness, leg strength, leg mass, etc. But then I got my jumps/sprints/reactive work in etc, to tie it all together.


- run 4 km in 19:16, walk 0.5 km
the phrase "shot out of a cannon" came to mind. i was trying to relax, 1 km split was 4:45, tried to relax more, 2 km split was 4:43. lol. body was ready. no shin pain (yay) but lower lateral right ankle started to feel tight around 3.5 km so shut it down at the end of that lap.


- stretch

i am, perversely, tempted to see if my body has really supercompensated after its week off by going for a PR tomorrow. the wiser choice would be to rest and do some other exercise. might just adapt acole's routine. AERS AERS AERS.

 :derp: :ninja:

nah don't do it lol. plenty of time for that. if shin wasn't so bad prior, i'd say go for it.. but shin sounded like it was getting pretty bad. don't want chronic shin issues.

AERS. :ibrunning:

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« on: February 19, 2019, 12:56:15 pm »
Local celebrity mate.

hah ikr. :highfive:

kinda cool :D

Also, that VMO though  :o

lmao. my prized genetic possession. that muscle has saved my knee cap many times. hopefully it keeps working properly and stays stronger & possibly bigger than my VL lol.  :ninja:


Basketball / Re: 2019 NBA Dunk Contest / All Star Weekend
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:06:18 am »
lebron doesnt look so good, doesn't have that bounce nor the touch.... missed a few dunks, and some of his freight train dunks he didnt get off the ground much and was close to missing the dunk

dno he was probably holding back alot. he's smart when it comes to that stuff. he's gearing up to try and get LA into the playoffs (need a big run) so I imagine he had that in his mind, ie don't get hurt/reinjure the groin etc.

Basketball / Re: 2019 NBA Dunk Contest / All Star Weekend
« on: February 19, 2019, 11:04:47 am »
All star game was an absolute farce. Why not just throw 10 guys out there and let them do dunks. It's ridiculous.

all star game was great hah. i loved it. defense wasn't as bad as i expected.

that game was all 3's. not easy to run up the score that high with so many 3's. they were lighting it up!!

also curry's pass to giannis.. and giannis's finish.. insanity. :ibjumping: :wowthatwasnutswtf:

Nah it was shooting practice. Lillard got me mildly interested with his 3's and yeah Giannis's finish was ridiculous.

I just miss the days when it was an actual competitive game. I mean just look at how Kobe plays T-Mac after he gets blocked early. It's not as "pretty" but there's actual pride here.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

yea that was a good game, intense. i don't recall most of them being like that tho. i also remember jordan getting annoyed and them playing hard that year. but i seem to remember tons of weak allstar games.

Basketball / Re: 2018-2019 NCAA Season
« on: February 19, 2019, 08:09:14 am »
i stand by my claim. come on now u guys train u guys know #1 in the world vs #500 player..... barely has much of a disparity.... its just how elite players are....

it's 12 x elite vs (maybe 10 non-elite, 2 elite) though.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« on: February 18, 2019, 10:02:55 pm »
two cool things.

52 year old got 3rd OA in the half: 1:15 .. flying. I remember this guy from "Run from the rays 5k". He looked like he was in insane shape, and he was. Dropped like 16:20 or something - 1st OA (i got 3rd in that race).

i actually cracked up bad when i read this.. how awesome is this comment? lmfao!!!!!


 :ibrunning: :trollface: :wowthatwasnutswtf: :ninja:

on a related note. when i was getting close to finishing the marathon, a couple yelled out support, i gave them the peace sign. and as i was going, i heard the guy say "that's the guy who won vista view" (the ultra) .. was kinda cool. i was trotting real slow so, that sucked.

fun stuff. hah.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« on: February 18, 2019, 09:58:49 pm »
got a shoutout from runner's depot, cool:

Congratulations Andrew on a great marathon! @andrewdarqui

^^ when I saw that in black & white, I thought it was late in the race.. that might be around ~6:40 AM, hyper focused, on pace for sub 2:50.

quads/hamstrings sore - DOMS style. left hip improving more than right achilles. hoping right achilles is alot better tomorrow. just has this tender/tight feeling to it.


- ate great/light



footer stats:

top3 finishes:
2019: 6/9
2018: 30/45
2017: 6/12
2016: 4/10
2015: 0/2
2006: 0/1

sub5 mi's, sub3 1k's:
2019: 0, 0
2018: 12, 15
2017: 1, 1
2016: 0, 0
2015: 0, 0

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Chris' training journal
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:04:25 pm »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

A few box/depth jumps from warmups last week (few separate days).


Played at UT last night. Shins we're sore from playing Wed, Thurs, then lifting Thurs night but I played well. Had a handful of decent in game jumps including one where I went after a missed 3 (I back ironed it) and was looking at the rim. I landed quite in shock as was most everyone else there lol! Even the two guys I play with regularly said I was up there. Definitely my highest jump in a while.


Was supposed to lift shoulders/core this AM but woke up with sore hams/lower back/shins. Decided extra rest was necessary and slept another 3 hours before work. I feel much better now. Will hit shoulders tonight after work.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Triathlon sprint prep
« on: February 18, 2019, 04:03:14 pm »
So I did stuff on Friday

I wrote down wods in a notebook that I want to specifically track and I will do them tomorrow then every 4 wks

Just watched the movie Free Solo and wow.  I knew he survived but I was still anxious and yelling at my tv when he was climbing. 

Basically it's at documentary of a free solo climber who was the first person to free solo El capitan.  It goes into his personality and how he basically compartmentalized everything and puts climbing first and how his gf has effected his rock climbing and just a bunch of shit. Just seeing how nervous the film crew was and them listing the free soloers that have died

I suck at reviewing movies but this one I think is worth a rent.

ya that dude is incredible. nice i need to see that movie.

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