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ADARQ & LanceSTS - Q&A / Follow Program as Prescribed???
« on: October 02, 2011, 06:42:24 am »
I purchased Jack Woodrups Vertical Mastery recently. I ran the self tests as prescribed and it spat out the attached program. Basically all plyos and not one weight in sight. I have a couple of questions about it and hoping to get some solid advice.

* I do this for beach volleyball. Sand kills the stretch reflex. Is there enough benefit for me in the suggested plyo only 8 week block? Will it train movement coordination and rate of force development enough to help me?

* Because I play on sand I don't want to lose raw strength in the legs by not lifting heavy for 8 weeks. Should I worry about that? Can I add pin squats or something or am I just stuffing my progress by altering things?

Basically I think the software is great and would address my shortcomings on a hard surface for sure. But I don't want to bust my arse getting better on hard stand if it does nothing for my sport. If its ok I wouldn't mind Jack replying here too :)

ADARQ & LanceSTS - Q&A / Program for a cricket player
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:22:47 am »
My little brother asked me today about training for cricket and asked me to draw him up a program. He's an indoor player so reaction times, explosiveness and power will be the main goals. He's only an amateur player and has really limited lifting experience. All inna-net bb program stuff really. I have to get him out of the mindset of lateral raises for athletic development  ::)

He's also a big dude. 6'3" and 130kg. Bf% must be over 30. Despite that he's freakishly flexible (atg squat in bare feet with no flexibility work ever, his warm up for a lower body day appears to be arm swings!) and has good leg strength (suppose you get that lugging 130kg around and playing wicket keeper). Based on the limited lifting I've seen him do his pc is pathetic.

I drew up the attached in 10 mins for him. I'll observe him over 6 weeks and test his running vs standing leap to see what needs more focus. Since he can't do any oly lift variations I can't think how else to test his ability to apply force. Any program tips? I've never done this before and just trying to help out my bro. I'd love him to dominate his amateur comp after a year or so  ;D


Last night I was reaching over my weight tree and dragged a 5kg plate off by accident. It landed right on my left big toe where the nail joins on (I had only slip on shoes on). God damn it hurt! Not broken because I could still bend it ok, before the swelling anyway.

Bled like a mofo all night and I slept on the couch with my leg elevated. Its only a small opening but I think because its on the nail bed and the swelling is so bad the blood couldn't clot up. This morning its swollen as hell. And it fuckin hurts to even lower my leg due to the rush of blood to the toe. I can walk on it kind of but its painful and I worry about starting the bleeding again if I put too much pressure on it.

What can I do for it? I'm keeping it elevated, resting (duh) and took a few anti-inflammatories. Apart from ice, which I've avoided due to pain so far, what else could I do? I have a high threshold for pain generally but this sucks bad. And I have competition on Sunday!

Pic is about 2 minutes after it happened. Toe is about twice the size now

Volleyball / Beach Volleyball Stuff
« on: August 13, 2011, 02:48:59 am »
Beach is my game  :D

I'm the kind of guy who reads widely about things I enjoy so I'll post up interesting stuff here as I find it. Most training discussions etc center on hard court games (b'ball, v;ball, athletics). Playing on sand is very different.

1st addition is this. How to jump in sand! Very important!

Talking anderson squats, pin squats, pause squats, floor presses, oh press off pins etc. Lifts where the weight is moved from dead stop. Would it be beneficial to use these as main strength lifts? Pro/ con?

The way I see it is that floor pulls are already like this and nobody questions their benefit as primary strength movements. Why would a pin squat not be the same? Sure you'd move less plates than a full squat but only because its mechanically less favourable. Does that mean you're recruiting less muscle or shortchanging your development...... dunno?

I appreciate you wouldn't be training the stretch shorten reflex under load. Whether this matters when you train same through plyos I don't know.

If nothing else a dead stop lift off pins would seem an honest test of strength to me. You can't cheat or bounce. What does everyone else think?

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Hill Sprints
« on: May 30, 2011, 02:04:43 am »
What athletic aspects do hill sprints train. I'm talking short distance (15m), really steep hills (45 degrees). I seem to feel really strong for a few days after doing them. Just more powerful.

I can't imagine they're about quickness so much as you don't move fast like a flat sprint. Are they more about power/ rate of force?

Off Topic / Brain dead bogan mofos make me angry
« on: May 21, 2011, 02:34:38 am »
These deadbeat local pricks keep taunting my dogs  >:( They're about 18 and I'm not sure where they live, but its close. They look like they're parents were brother and sister... you know, like down syndrome didn't miss them by much.

I caught them throwing rocks and lumps of wood at my dogs over the fence this afternoon. Confronted them and they started ranting bout how the dogs bark. No sh!t man, they stand in front of the dogs and yell at them and throw stuff  >:( I called the cops to register it, but they can't do much.

These morons have been doing this for about a year. Today I just happened to catch them. And the less evolved looking one threatened to poision my dogs. Arrrgh.

Lucky I live on about an acre. I'll put up a cheap fence tomorrow morning to keep the dogs off the road frontage by 30m for their own safety. But this makes me sad. You work hard to buy land and live right. All my sh!t I've slaved for. But there's always some no hope brain dead little f&ck out there trying to tear you down  >:( >:( >:( And if these little faggots were struck by lightning there'd be 2 more dumb hoodrats ready to take their place.

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Hip Belt Squats
« on: May 06, 2011, 08:16:15 am »
Anyone used hip belt squats before? Real squats rule of course but I'm always looking for functional (not leg press) ways to overload the legs.

I have long mofo legs which make back squats pc dominant no matter how high the bar is. My quads are pretty weak compared to my hams and glutes. Its particularly annoying cause my VMOs need more work to minimise my tendonitis issues.

I front squat and BSS regularly but these don't allow the same balls out linear progression as a big back squat due to the difficulty of stabilising the weight. Wondering if BSS and front squat as primaries with hip belt squats as a secondary might be a good approach?

Any thoughts? I lift at home and building a couple of platforms ain't a thing.... I'm handy like bob the builder mang  8)

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / I heart my trap bar
« on: April 12, 2011, 06:44:34 pm »
I bought a trap bar about 3 months ago. I spent a month before that agonising about whether it was a good idea, reading every forum post about trap bars I could etc. There's no gyms anywhere near me that have one so I couldn't try before buying.

At first I didn't like it much. Used it once and put it in the corner to collect dust. More recently though I've grown to really like it...... because;

* I can do a heap of concentric only lifting with it after squats or front squats. I use it every session now to beef out volume without trashing my nervous system
* I can do concentric only lifts without learning oly lifts or having a platform and bumpers (I'm learning them... just slow)
* I can get into a pretty upright position by pushing knees out, ass down and get decent leg volume after my back is stuffed from squats
* I can flip the bar over and get more ROM, just above paralell squat depth
* I can just drop the thing on grass
* I can also use it for more hip dominant pulls by standing back in the diamond a bit
* Its good for shrugs etc as well
* I have a few complete novices who come to use my home gym and even they can do compounds on it

I won't ever use it as my primary lift.... but its the best secondary out there for me  8)

That is all

CALL EM OUT / Charles Poliquin - 'Biosignature'
« on: March 19, 2011, 11:03:36 pm »
I read the rules son..............

PRO ***

a) Poliquin is a renowned strength coach and has produced some killer athletes
b) He's a pioneer in a lot of ways
c) He challenges the norm/s

I actually like most of his stuff. But not the biosignature thing.

The premise is that your hormonal balance is expressed through your relative body fat measurements. So if your triceps are lean you have good t-levels. And if your back is fat you have a poor carb tolerance etc. Sounding fishy yet  :D Poliquin claims he has consistent results with all this and lots of foundation data. But I can't find any and he gets mad defensive when questioned (anecdoatal evidence online only for that).

I decided to try it. 90 clams and I wanted to get my bf tested anyway. The bf measurement was worth the visit. I was also way deficient on zinc and magnesium. So that was good to know. But read the report outcomes..................... scamming fail  :wowthatwasnutswtf:

I reckon I can get under 16.5% bf without buying a pharmacy man. F*ck. That's straight up scam to me. If I was looking to go from 10% to 7% sure. But seriously?  :o I won't even post the prices of those supps... but rape central  :o

Hi Michael,
Thanks for coming in and discussing your goals with me last week.
Below is your results from your Bio-signature testing
Total Bodyfat 16.5%
Total Lean Mass 78.8kgs
Total Body Weight 94.3kgs
Total Sum of Skinfolds (10 sites - 110.5mm &12 sites - 137mm)
Priority Sites
1) Umbillical - cortisol site
2) Supra illiac - insulin site
I had to give your profile much careful thought concluding that I think a continued low carb, high protein and moderate fat approach long term, (while increasingly adding carbohydrate sources as you lean down) intially incorporating them post workout ie Timed Carb Diet style with your first meal after you train in low G.I form only. Limiting selections to long grain brown rice or sweet potato. No high G.I carbs post workout until you are <13% or even less. Because of your elevated insulin sites with the bio-signature this is treated as insulin resistance and consequently how your body treats ingested carbs. Considering your lean mass, bodyweight and current bodyfat percent I think that you ought roughly should still shoot for 2500 or so calories a day without being too concerned about counting calories. With something of a 50/30/20 Protein/Fats/Carbs split on training days and a lower carb intake on non-training days to keep insulin levels low and fat burning optimal. Charles does not count calories, nor do I - and weight watchers recently announced this method does nto work either!
BREAKFAST  - Important to not skip!

    * 3 whole eggs + 3 egg whites - however you like to eat them (ie scrambled, poached, hard boiled)
    * OR
    * 200 grams of kangaroo meat or 250-300 grams of fresh grilled fish - try make your main animal/protein intake either of these two options MOST OF THE TIME + 30 grams of mixed fresh nuts
    * 2 x Insulinomics
    * 2 x Fenuplex
    * 2 x HCL 4.0
    * 3 x Fish Oil Caps
    * Zinc


    * Same as you are having, however minus the fruit (for now) however add the splash of olive oil (15-20ml) to the serving of vegetabls as you have been doing. If you did not have the eggs for breakfast feel free to have this meal at another point in the day - interchangable
    * 2 x HCL 4.0
    * 3 x Fish Oil Caps


    * Same as you are having - except rotate meats widely between kangaroo, fresh fish or grilled chicken breast or AT LEAST grass fed organic beef
    * 2 x Fenuplex
    * 2 x Insulinomics
    * 2 x HCL 4.0
    * 3 x Fish Oil Caps
    * Zinc

POST WORKOUT - No Shake until you are <13%
DINNER (you will want to have dinner soon after your workout as you are not having your muscle sparing protein shake - your meal is to do this job, aim for within 45minutes)

    * Same as you are having (observing the same meat rule as lunch etc) and on hard weight training days add 100-150 grams of long grain brown rice or 150-200 grams of sweet potato.
    * Drink water with lemon or lime juice squeezed with this meal as the enzymes lessen the glycemic effects of the carbs eaten.
    * 2 x HCL 4.0
    * 3 x Fish Oil Caps
    * Magnesium


    * Up to 2-3 cups of berries such as blueberries, raspberries etc a day spread throughout (keep to this fruit choice only until you become even leaner again)
    * 3-4 palm fulls (spread evenly on your palm) of fresh mixed nuts a day, preferably macadamias, almonds, walnuts - Defintely no peanuts


    * Have a cheat meal every 4th to 5th day at the end of the day last thing you eat as a reward for your "good eating" throughout
    * Try boiling 4-5 cinnamon sticks in about 1.5-2 litres of water for 10-15 minutes, removing sticks, refridgerating and then making that your days drinking water more days during the week than not then when thats finished continue drinking regular pure water. Cinnamon bark helps improve your body's insulin sensitivity levels
    * If you still have BCAA's to use up, take them in higher dosages throughout your more arduous workouts - ie 20 grams minimum at 5 grams does very little for you, but 20 grams will do a LOT
    * Keep changing your sources of vegetables up as you appear to be doing. Shoot for 50 grams of fiber a day at least from these sources.


    * Fenuplex (works in tandem with Insulinomics for people with your Bio-Signature profile)
    * Insulinomics
    * UberZinc
    * UberMagnesium
    * HCL 4.0 - if you are wary of ordering this from poliquin yourself do to the customs warning, you can get it off me as I can get it in. Its simply a higher dose per cap of what you took on the test so you only take 2 instead of the 5 with each meal to make sure you are getting what you should out of your supps and meals.
    * Choose a Multivitamin (I really like Multi-Intense)
    * Fish Oil - (can be pricey of poliquin but it comes from a very pure source, otherwise get Nordic naturals if you can locally)

To make the order you can just click on the link below or through my website on the right of the main page, this associates the order with myself and would be greatly appreciated :)
Any questions or concerns, please let me know!
Thanks Michael, I look forward to seeing what results this action plan brings for you and dont hesitate to book in for a deadlift/squat session with me when you're able.

Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Safety Squat Bar
« on: March 18, 2011, 09:39:46 pm »
Hope this is the right place for this. What does everyone reckon about the safety squat bar (SSB)? I don't do machines or gimmicks but this thing gets awesome wraps pretty much everywhere.

Reason I'm interested is that I have really long legs and back squatting with a really upright torso is farkin impossible (at any kind of decent depth and weight). My best torso position is in the front squat. Actually I love front squatting. But I can't bear enough weight in front position to overload my legs proper.

SSB puts the weight out in front squat kinda territory and high on the back. Seems ideal for my goofy mechanics.

I've read that it can be easier on the back than a high bar back squat cause you can stay bolt upright, specially if you free the hands and hold an upright on the power rack. I've also heard it can be a mofo on the back. Not sure what to believe.

Old Journals / Mj's Training Log for Volleyball
« on: March 14, 2011, 07:42:36 pm »
I train to get better at volleyball (beach). Been playing for a few years and I currently play for state in a hybrid version of the game (6 a side indoor type rules on sand). Time to start logging sh!t  8)

Stats :

Ht 5'9"
Weight 93kg
Bf 16.5% (tested professionally last week with calipers)
Current Vert unknown. I get my forehead level with a full height mens volleyball net on medium sand though
Max squat 160kg (past paralell low bar)
Max deadlift 200kg (snatch grip, I just like snatch grip)

Goals :

Body fat down. Don't care what number... just need to lean out a bit. Dude testing my bf asked if I'd ever been really obese. I have lots of loose skin from tipping (breaking) the scales at 130kg as a 5'9" 18 yr old  :o

Maintain lifts while body fat drops.

Get quicker

Strategy :

Diet is basically according to this kb article. I've done the extremes (high carb, low fat retarded middle distance running days to the anabolic diet as a straight strength lifter). Come back to this as a flexible and effective method.

Not trying to build muscle really, just maintain. So the calorie surplus post training might be a bit smaller or non existent. One day a week though I'll overfeed with moderate carbs to reset good hormones. Usually Saturday with training in the morning so some small strength gains will come I guess.

Training is the intermediate plyo program out of vjb. 2 x per week. I'll also do strength work in these sessions. Last night was 3 x 20m reverse sled drag 120kg, ramping snatch deadlifts x 3 to 180kg then 2 x 200kg singles  :personal-record: But I freestyle this shit. As long as its heavy compounds that hit all the muscle groups its fair game.

Also play beach 2 x per week.


Nutrition & Supplementation / Cutting on a reactive training program???
« on: February 12, 2011, 07:42:27 am »
Hey, please tell me if I'm being reasonably clever and economical with my training strategy or setting myself up for poor results.

I'm just winding up a bulking phase. I've added 20kg to my squat and 30kg to my deadlift but got up to a hefty 92kg in the process (though I was biggish to start with). I accepted the weight gain and kept it under some control using the Anabolic Diet.

The next 3 - 4 months I intend to cut fat. I do not believe I can make material strength gains on a calorie defecit. More power to those who say they can... I've tried before. But what I intend to do is pick a reactive focused program from the Vertical Jump Bible, which will be 2 days per week focused on plyos and speed work for 16 weeks. There's enough heavy lifting in there to maintain the strength I've built too, but not progress it very far.

I'm also going to join a new oly gym in my neighbourhood to learn the oly lifts (1 night a week). This will not only compliment the speed development but its a good time to be learning new lifts with an empty bar. I'll be ready to bulk again just as I get the lifts nailed.

So is it ok to be doing speed and plyo work on a calorie defecit? Seemed to me this work was all about training myself to recruit things fast and jump coordination. If its largely neuro-muscular in nature I should make vert gains while on a defecit, both from improvements in reactive and explosive ability and the drop in body weight.... yeah?

Hope that makes sense!

Introduce Yourself / G'day from Australia
« on: February 12, 2011, 03:31:19 am »
Hey all. Cool site.

I'm from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. I'm a beach volleyball player and train to improve my vertical out of sand primarily. I play outside left hitter. Big wind up, try to kill some dudes  ;D

I used to go to a commercial gym but got sick of bro's tying up the power rack for curling. So I went to night school, learnt to weld and built myself a rack at home. Now I have enough gear to do all my workouts at home. No waiting. I'll post some pics shortly.

I'm 5'9" and 92kg. No idea what my vert is but its heaps better than a year ago. I've squatted 160kg x 1, 145kg x 3 (low bar athletic stance, past paralell) and deadlifted 180kg x 3 (never done a 1rm). Just finished a vertical jump bible intermediate program and freestyling for a week while I decide whether to bulk or cut next. I'm carrying a bit of extra fat from bulking since November. Not serious fat, but I was always a chubby kid.

I have a few specific questions about jump training that I'll put up in the relevant sections. Look forward to sharing the love with you all  :)

EDIT - link to my home made power rack build


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