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I was reading through some articles on Mind control using subliminal messages after watching MythBusters busting a myth on mind control and i came across an interesting blog.

It shows that were are being psychologically manipulated through our TV's. This is what causes the obsessive desire for s*x and other fantasies, the cause for psychological states of Rapists and Peadophiles.

here is the link.  :ninja:

A long article but well worth the read, even includes a video of a guying phoning Disney complaining about his movie he rented for his kids containing filthy images.

Definitely an eye opener.  :o

These are the techniques that are being used and even it is illegal to use subliminal messages in image, sound or video form the companies come up with excuses of it being a technical error or just your sad imagination.

What do you guys do when you are about to test your RVJ and SVJ do you guys do any warm ups any light weight training i.e. weighted squat jumps on to a box, etc.


Stats of August 2014:
Height: 5'9
Weight: 9 stones probably

Thigh measurement tensed straight: 23"
Bicep Measurement flexed: 11"
Abdomen: 31"
Hip: 33"
Upperbody/Chest (tensed) (all the way round, lats affect measurement): 36"
Forearm tensed: 10"
Calf plantarflexed: 13 1/2"
Kneck tensed: 15"

5 Step size measurement = 148cm
I will keep a log of all my training that i do here.

But i had to post a journal to get started.

A good tip from Kelly B, which i can include in my journal.
'What�s the easiest way to identify over-reaching? Pay attention to your motivation. I tell people to rank themselves on a scale of 1-10 for energy, motivation, and sleep every day and write it in their training log. It�s not perfect but if you can't give yourself at least a 7 in all 3 categories it�s pretty wise to take the day off.

Thanks, Hope to get started as soon as possible.

News, Announcements, & Suggestions / new post button
« on: August 08, 2011, 11:01:11 am »
i don't know if this forum has a new post section to show the posts that have been made since you last logged on. but it is a very good feature to have to keep you updated on several topics you want to keep an eye instead of trying to remember what it is and where it is.

this is the major feature which i think all forums should have


I myself like to find out the different number tests that are available out there to determine a persons athletic capability.
if anyone knows any good tests then please post them below.
i.e. Squats how much of the bodyweight they can lift.
broad jumps what does this determine.
what numbers/stats are important to know about someone to know how their body is.

there was a test post by linkenauger if you can swing and raise your legs straight out in line with your chest you have strong core if you can do 20+ pull ups you have good upper body strength, etc.

These are the types of tests i am looking for so i can do it and see how my body is.
i.e. someone says post your numbers i can post these as well.


Does any one know any good pre-testing exercises to do; exercises you do before you test your vertical jump or sprint times or broad jump measurements.

testing vertical or broad jump
i was thinking maybe doing something like stretching hip flexors, light dynamic warmup like skips and then do low set and low reps i.e. Wighted Squat Jumps 2x6-8/3'

for sprint testing something like
doing sprint drills after warmup and stretches
walking lunges

a good pre testing workout to maximise the results you get.


Nutrition & Supplementation / cyclical or zig-zag diets, any opinions
« on: August 08, 2011, 10:15:34 am »
I was reading kelly baggetts article about the skinny-fat ectomorph article and he was discussing about the cyclical or zig-zag diets.
below is the quote.

How can you improve partitioning beyond that? You can do that by making use of a storage tank for excess nutrients known as glycogen. It accounts for 1200-2000 calories of immediate storage in the average man and you simply learn to use it to your advantage. In other words, use cyclical or zig-zag diets. You take a couple of days and briefly deplete your glycogen storage tank and burn some fat (eat lower calories and do cardio, HIT, light weightlifting etc). Then you take several days and slam your muscles with excess nutrients and direct the excess into muscle rather then fat. Then you keep repeating that process over and over. The 2 phases complement each other. The low calories increase sensitivity to he high calories. Most people can get good results with a weekly or bi-weekly cyclical plan. A 7- day cycle might consist of 5 days high calories with calories at 20 pounds per bodyweight followed by 2 days of low calories at 10-12 calories per pound of bodyweight. A 14-day cycle might consist of 10 days high calories and 4 days low.

Any opinions?

To LanceSTS or other strength training experts.

here are the tips i have been given.

I would like help in setting up my hypertrophy routine.

The hard part for me is the experimenting part as i don't have a clear picture of what suits me best and understanding loading and deloading times.

I'm going to try first with 2 weeks loaded followed by low sets and high reps 1 week deloaded.

Thanks to Sim Johal who helped me get this far.

Here is what i have so far.

Start at 70% RM

500 calorie shake with each meal

That's a shake before during and after every workout. Start off with just one shake after the workout, then once your appetite increases, add in the other 2. Follow the guidelines I set, about 0.8grams whey powder per kilo of bodywieght in each shake, along with dextrose, 0.4 grams of dextrose per kilo of bodywieght.

Turkish get ups - 3x10 increase by 2 reps every week.

shake AFTER THE WORKOUT. Withing an hour after make sure you've drank it all

1. atg squats on mondays, deadlifts on wednesdays and overhead squats on friday


2. atg squats and over head squats on monday, overhead squats and deadlifts on wednesday and back atg squats and overhead squats on friday.

Lead up to squatting 2x my bodyweight
Develop More Raw Materials (Muscle Fibers)
Add 'Slabs' of Muscle

Duration: not decided how long it should be i want it to be enough to gain muscle but not too long that i get too bulky as i am also training for track.

ATG Squats
Over head squats

Overhead Squats
Deadlifts on a Low Platform

ATG squats
Overhead squats

Starting Load will be 70% of my Max Rep.

I would be greatful if you could help me in creating hypertrophy program.


ADARQ & LanceSTS - Q&A / Sinus Problems
« on: August 03, 2011, 03:20:57 pm »
Hi There

Didn't know where this should go so i thought of asking the experts

I have had a sinuses for a long time since i was young. My nose is most of the time blocked. with one side being most of the time fully blocked and the other side half blocked and this changes sides. So i get tired quick and for some reason my ears become block and its as if i am breathing through my ears because i can hear noises through my ears when breathing. During exercise when i get tired my nose completely blocks as well as my ears.

Will this hinder my progress in my training.


Introduce Yourself / Whats Up
« on: August 01, 2011, 11:54:19 am »

FInally glad to be back onto a vertical jump forum. Just Finished UNI also finished my Posterior Activation Training and will test how much i have gained.

My Goal is to Run 100m in 10s i.e. 10.1-10.6 mark before next year and to have a standing jump of 32 and running jump of 36+.

I can Squat 1.15 x BW as the final 8 week workout i did was the first time i did any heavy lifting.

I hope to contribute as well as get some helpful tips for my training.


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