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Date: 19/02/2019
BW: 148.6lbs
Soreness: back only a little but posterior chain is fatigued.

Condition: It was a nice sunny day, got to the gym early that I managed to have a lower body and upper body session.

Warm Up
   Ankle mobility
   Calf Stretch
   Hamstring stretch leaning over
   Hamstring stretch lying down
   Quad stretch on edge of bench
   Single leg hip thrusts on edge of bench
   High knee hip holds single leg @50kg 2 x 10 sec each leg
   Back stretch - front and back

Pre workout treadmill run - missed as both treadmills occupied, that's all they have as it is a small gym.

   Box Squats
      - 1 x 5 @20kg
      - 1 x 7 @70kg
      - 4 x 8 @110kg

   Leg Press Calf Raises
      - 3 x 20 @210kg
      - 1 x 7 leg press @210kg

   Walking with weight plate hanging between legs 1 x 20m

   Stiff Leg deadlifts
      - 1 x 7 @60kg
      - 3 x 7 @110kg

   Prayer Break

   Shoulder press 2 x 7 front and side @15kg dumbbells in each hand

   Back extension - used the usual shorter bench and the upper thigh was on the edge - no pain but still scared of pain coming - 2 x 10 /w 30 seconds hold on last rep

   Cable rotations - 2 x 10 each side @15kg

   Plank - barbell spins variation - didn't really work that well

Cool down
   walk back
   tennis ball roll back muscle
   hot water bottle treatment

It was a good session, the box squats was quite easy the only challenging part was   really contracting my core as hard as I could and back pain was only on the muscle 5/10, so I decided to not up the weight until the pain is little. The deadlifts felt really good for my back and the back extension. calf raises were comfortably easy and did a leg press straight after the last set, comfortably easy to do 210kg. Cable twists getting easier. Good session. Only once a week. Half squats is the second session on thursday.

Date: 17/02/2019
Soreness: legs a little fatigued, back a little
BW: 148.6lbs

Condition: It was a great sunny day, with a wind blowing quite a bit. But it was warm and comfortable.

Warm up
   Ankle mobility
   Dynamic calf stretches
   Front and back leg kicks for hamstring stretch
   Lying down hamstring stretch
   Quad stretch on bench
   Quad stretch walks
   Single leg glute bridges on small box
   Hip thrusts on bench
   High knee hip holds on tip toes single leg
   Back stretch
   Explosive reverse lunges

Track Warm up
   A walk x 2 x 20m
   A skip x 2 x 20m
   A run x 2 x 20m
   Alternating high knee drills x 1 x 20m
   10m Sprint Starts x 3
   Push Up sprints starts 10m
      - lead leg forward x 2

   30m Acceleration sprints x 3

   50m sprints x 3

   single step sprint starts x 3

Cool down
   walk back

A nice day for a speed session, minimal effect from the wind. The back felt better from the runs just felt tight only at 30m, did the pain show up a little but after a few more runs the pain disappeared so the 50m sprints were comfortable.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Party's Over!
« on: February 15, 2019, 11:44:46 am »
Great Job Man!!!

nice session.

Date: 14/02/2019

   back extensions - painful for the lower back holding 15kg but managed to do 10 reps and hold last rep for 30 seconds. the pain is from the back going to an extended position. Don't know if I should just remove this or replace it with reverse back extension.

remove everything that causes pain.

A lot of things that has been causing me pain has been because not doing it correctly, like with the back extension since i use a bench I place my hips on the edge and that makes my lower back the pivot point, but most of the time you don't realize it because it's a small adjustment that can make big difference. but yeah stop if it causes pain. #AELS

Date: 14/02/2019
Soreness: glutes, back a little
BW: 147.6lbs

Condition: It was a nice sunny day, but unfortunately  I didn't get enough time in the gym, but then again I wasn't expecting a big session after a cold, last few days.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   seated single leg hamstring stretch
   bench quad stretch
   high knee single leg hip holds x 10 seconds x 2 @50kg
   back stretch front and back

   2/3 Squats
      - 1 x 5 @20kg empty bar
      - 4 x 6-8 @70kg
      - 1 x 5 @20kg

   Calf raises on leg press machine
      - 2 x 20 @210kg
      - 1 x 7 @210kg leg press

   Single leg Deadlifts
      - 1 x 7 @20kg dumbbell left hand left leg
      - 1 x 7 @20kg dumbbell right hand left leg
      - 1 x 7 @20kg dumbbell left hand right leg
      - 1 x 7 @20kg dumbbell right hand right leg

      - 1 x 7 @70kg - stiff leg version barbell
      - 1 x 7 @70kg - RDL - I seem to over hyperextend but once I lift the bar from the floor I feel like I am rounding but I'm not as looking in the mirror but it's also pain free.

   Cable rotations 1 x 10 @15kg each side

   Side cable bends 1 x 10 @25kg
   back extensions - painful for the lower back holding 15kg but managed to do 10 reps and hold last rep for 30 seconds. the pain is from the back going to an extended position. Don't know if I should just remove this or replace it with reverse back extension.

Cool down
   walk back

It was a good session, the squats were ok, I only went down as far as I could, unless I got lighter than obv I could go lower but impossible to go below thigh parallel as after the back will still curve and just mess up. You can tell this when you feel the tension leave the posterior chain and tightness in the back. RDL felt good just need to get used to the posture.

I've had shin splints before too. One good thing you can do is reverse calf raises to strengthen muscles that run down the front of your shins as well as the heel walks before and after your runs.

Heal up well man.

Get back on to box squats, but do them for 1 day a week so I can allow recovery from knots. Second gym day would be the new workout I did on Thursday. This would feel better for my body.

Date: 10/02/2019
Soreness: upper back a little
BW: 149.4lbs

Condition: It was raining outside and it was quite windy. Came in to the gym at 11:50am, so had 1hr 10 mins, which is not enough.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   calf stretch dynamic
   dynamic hamstring stretch lying
   walking quad stretch
   single leg and double leg glute bridges on a box
   hip thrusts on bench
   hip holds single leg /w foot strap at 50kg
   back stretch - front and back
   kettlebell swings 12kg x 5 - felt ok
Track warm up
   A walk x 20m x 1
   A skip x 20m x 1
   A run x 20m x 1

Track workout
   10m acceleration sprints x 2 - the start caused some pain in the back 3/10 and then I can't really run at full effort with the pain staying there.

   30m sprints x 2 - same as above but pain always seems stay during the run

Gym workout
   Plank x 2 - 3 minutes
   SVJ x 3 - 22 inches comfortably

Cool down
   walk back

It was raining outside so it was a little hard to stay motivated but after the warm up the rain slowed down, but the wind picked up a bit. The sprints didn't feel explosive but good strong run and especially when running against the wind, it's in slow motion and the pain just sticks his head in during the sprint starts, so did some foam rolling to release some knots. I think it was the same with the box squats back pain, the knots.     

Football / Re: 40 yard dash videos on youtube
« on: February 08, 2019, 04:35:18 pm »
apparently Bolt ran a 40 at some 2019 Superbowl Event..

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Yes I remember that and he matched the record of 4.22.
There is also videos of him running track still. Don't know what he is thinking.

Date: 07/02/2019
Soreness: no serious soreness
BW: 67.6kg

Condition: Got to the gym with about 2 hours to spare, weather was OK, it was an experimental session more than anything else.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   seated hamstring stretch
   bench lunge quad stretch
   bench hip thrusts x 5 /w 3 sec pause on top
   hip holds w/o/ weight on to the balls of my foot x 20 sec each leg
   back stretch - front and back

Pre workout treadmill run
   23km/h @ 15% incline for 30 seconds with a few seconds of without holding - getting more confident of running without holding at that speed

   Partial Squats
      - 1 x 3 @empty bar
      - 1 x 3 @40kg
      - 3 x 5 @60kg /w plate under heel
      - 3 x 5 @60kg /w/o plate under heel

   Leg Press Calf raises
      - 3 x 20 @200kg total

   Single leg deadlifts
      - 1 x 5 each leg @20kg dumbbell
      - 2 x 5 each leg @20kg dumbbell in both hands

   shoulder press front and side
      - 1 x 5 each side @17.5kg dumbbells in each hand
      - 1 x 5 each side @15kg dumbbells in each hand

   Cable straight arm core twists
      - 2 x 10 each side @15kg

   Cable core overhead press @15kg
      - lunge with cable pulled and held near chest and then keeping body posture neutral bring the cable handle above head and bring back down x 10 each side

   Cable isometric anti rotation - hold cable out in front perpendicular to cable and hold it in front.
      - 2 x 10 seconds

   Leg Press
      - 1 x 10 @210kg - knees at 100-90 degrees.

   Box Squats
      - 1 x 3 @60kg

Cool down
   walk back

Read previous post 

Thanks for all the advice. I tried some squats today and ofc I can only get up to half way or a little more and any more I can feel my back getting tight and I feel that I can squat more comfortably without plates under my heel as that would cause me to tilt forward. But Squats are hard AF. so many cues and I end up with a sore core.

Cues include:
besides the obvious
open hips and squeeze glutes
knee outwards and toes outward
weight on balls and heels of foot
breath in and contract core
look forward and a little up
squat down while maintaining glute and core contraction
squat up with glute squeeze and hip drive

But the squat half way was with minimal to none pain. I also did some box squats light weight and it is hard to squeeze glutes while having a wide stance and descending. I think I was doing the box squats correctly already before, it was just the weight being placed on the lower back because of weak core or something.

single leg deadlifts was difficult with dumbbell in one hand as I can really feel it in my erector spinae, more than my glutes, on the side that I am holding the dumbbell. But I really also felt it in my glutes after. So might do 2 sets of these and 2 sets of stiff leg deadlifts or RDLs.


what made my back/knees/body feel great while squatting, was:

1) half squat
2) plates under heels or olympic lifting shoes
3) getting in tons of air each rep
4) knowing when to back off & when to push, or when to stop doing a movement/variation

that's it for me.

back shouldn't be hurting during or after squats. if there is back pain (or any pain) for a few days following squatting, and/or that back pain is preventing you from performing other movements (like broad jumps etc), then squatting sounds like it's hurting, not helping.

pain "cycles" are a problem. training shouldn't hurt.

hurting ones self in training is a big problem. theoretically, we should never get hurt in training. in competition yes (it's a possibility), but not training. training injuries are often related to our stubbornness.

IMHO, one should *always* work "below" pain threshold or simply avoid movements that cause pain.

acole has brought up tons of good points.

Great points. I have a disadvantage structure wise and it is my stubbornness that I want to do things that a person should be able to do and then I look for alternatives. I feel like this pain won't go away so I just work with it trying to minimize it the best I can. It's not painful pain but that niggling pain, which just stays in the background when your body is at a certain posture i.e. sitting, getting up and so forth.

You have mentioned half squats before and I did do them and then I went on to BSS and then I saw box squats were good for hips, so I wanted to do them, but not good for my back.

I will try out a few things you and acole suggested and try and work my way towards a pain free workout.

I was researching about why back hyper-extends during the squat and most of them say that you need to contract the glutes with the hips open i.e. knees and thighs facing outwards same as toes and then squeeze glutes from standing before descending and that should fix that issue. But the deeper you go, the harder it is to maintain that contraction till you reach the bottom you won't feel any contraction.

But I think this may help with the back issues.

Thanks for that. Makes sense.

So as for lift to replace box squats as you mentioned, will try squats but it can't be full depth as I have long legs so depth will not be at parallel. If back squats hurt my back. What's another alternative?

EDIT: Couldn't go to gym, car problems.

But I was trying to practice the back squats at home and there is a certain depth I can reach pain free and the hips are tight because I didn't stretch the hips but beyond this point my pelvis from the point of the lower back rotates inwards and then I go to full depth and this cause slight pain in the lower back and especially when coming up also pains my back as my butt has rotate outwards before driving the hip forward.

But when I do squats at a depth I am comfortable before the butt rotates inwards (i think this is butt winking) I can't seem to keep my back straight from my upper back, to my thoracic spine to my lower back to the tail, there is always some amounts of inward curving at the lower back and my butt coming out a bit, that's me trying to keep my chest out and shoulders over my feet and minimizing the amount my hip travels back. When I reach the bottom then it becomes straight as the butt is starting rotate inwards and do the butt winking thing.

Image below was me practicing squat with stick on my upper back. the image on the right is my full depth I can go and you can see how my back is hyper extended and the pain comes if I go lower and then my butt rotates inwards and goes to a butt wink position.

But this is as low as I can go. This is not a problem with the box squats that I am aware of, maybe my back hyper-extend but I am not aware of it like the above images.

   Kettlebell swings 2 x 10 - painful for lower back so would stop midway
   ME Ankle hops w/ minimal ground contact 3 x 10
   Tuck Jumps /w minimal ground contact 3 x 10
      - painful for lower back

   Broad Jumps 2 x 5 jumps
      - jumped as far but not max effort to avoid triggering by back pain
      - average of 2.23m

   Seated box jumps
      - 3 x 7 @35 inches

   Planks x 1 min

Cool down
   walk back
   standing vertical jump - couldn't do it as my lower back pain prevented me

It was a bad session because I couldn't run but an alright plyometric session. Back pain is feeling better from Thursday.

Mate, it doesn't sound like your back pain is progressing very well at all if you're having trouble with those exercises. How's your hamstring strength/flexibility? I'm banging on about it, but bad back pain will end you if you let it get really bad.

Also, my experience with box squats is that they are very heavy on your lower back. You are doing a ton of weight, and I remember too that you could really ramp them up compared to full squats, but that might not be the best thing for you right know. I'm probably too conservative, but I'd be dropping them for a few weeks. I don't know about whether just doing the exercise with a light weight and building up, as you've done, is the always the best way to physically prepare yourself for heavier reps. Your leg strength at lower levels might be fine to mask any weakness in other parts, and those weak parts might not get strengthened sufficiently. Something KB goblet squatting might be better to keep your torso fully straight and engaged. Progress on that and build in box squats from scratch. And I recommend SL DB deadlifts alternating the side you hold the weight, as well as all the rotational core stuff as always.

One other thing you could be doing (and you should be anyway) is some easy tempo sprinting. I always found that low back pain/discomfort would be ameliorated when doing a good volume of actual sprinting - maybe because it's recruiting your hamstrings and glutes in a different way. YMMV.

On a quick note, when I hurt my back usually in a couple days when I do some ball rolling on the muscle and stretches the pain subsides i.e. today the pain has reduced dramatically. So I decided to those same exercises, which I did on sunday which caused leg low back pain after stretching back and hips, the result was that the kettlebell swings and the standing vertical jump did not cause much pain if not any at all and same with tuck jumps with very minimal pain. The broad jump didn't really cause any pain on sunday but I was hesitant to put full effort. So the pain will be almost completely gone tomorrow ready to do the box squats, which will make the pain come back up again after the workout and last for a few days again and repeat, but I don't know what that means about the state of my back.

In regards to my hamstring flexibility, I can lay on my back and lift both legs individually 90 degrees and I stretch it grabbing my trouser sleeves and pull it close to me. So I think my hamstring flexibility is good.

I used to do single leg Romanian dead lifts using dumbbells in both hands, but I stopped because it was hurting my back. But then again I was doing it while balancing on one leg, I didn't know I could put the non working leg on the floor at the back.

In regards to tempo sprints, can you give me an example. Do you want me to do them every time I go to the gym.

I may also incorporate long walks when I get the opportunity.


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