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Looking at christian coleman 3 point start, the 40 yard dash, I can see that he is quite upright, so I'm not that upset but will still do a lean but not with the hope of the same lean as sprinters coming out of the blocks. only thing I need to work on is driving the legs back quicker and having a low heel recovery and watching coleman it feels he is forcing a low heel recovery and has his toes plantar flexed, as that's what you think when you try and forcefully drag feet low. so will do some slow drills to get heels toes low.

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« on: March 07, 2020, 03:46:04 pm »
Whats going to happen with the olympics in Tokyo July to August.

Got a good session today and used the coach's eye app to check and try and get right. Record, run and check to see angle and move through frame by frame and try again.

The technique I got is correct and still need to work on the lean slightly as well as the low heel recovery. But the drive back is there. To drive back I need to quickly drive the arm down as well as the arm down as soon as I come off the ground the back leg.

Next thing is to get the second and third steps as good as the angle of knee starts increasing each step even though I am driving back.

There was one point where I leaned to far forward and stumbled. But I guess the blocks sets the lean even more as compared to from the floor, so I can say that my technique is right there. Now I will start incorporating speed bands to help with powering the knee drive and the drive down.

Then sled, then vest.

Date: 05/03/2020
Soreness: upper back slightly sore from bed, glutes a little sore

Condition: It was pouring down, cold and windy and track was nearly flooded with flood patches here and there. Wasn't feeling fully well, energy was down, slight signs of cold/fever.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   calf walk hops holding 8kg kettlebells in each hand
   quad stretch
   hamstring stretch
   single leg hip thrusts 1 x 5 each leg /w 5 sec pauses in both positions
   high knee holds with 12kg kettlebell on end of foot
   back stretch double leg side to side swings
   arm swings

Track Warm up
   A walk x 20m
   A skip x 20m
   B switch skip x 20m
   A run on balls of foot x 20m
   ankle dribble x 20m
   high knee dribble x 20m
   Prayer break

   acceleration bounds - difficult to do as I thought I had to strike back and down but now I find out that I was wrong lol

Track workout
   sprint start bounds x 3

   hurdle pushes x 2 x 10m both ways

   sprint start jump outs x 3

   sprint start to 1 step x 3
   sprint starts to 3-4 steps 2 x 3

   Note: I channeled my inner justin gatlin. arm not only plays a role in speed but also assists in powering/driving the legs down the quicker I power it down the more backwards I can strike and reduce knee angle. will change profile.

   Single leg box jumps with snap on top
      - 1 x 3 each leg @20 " box
      - 2 x 3 each leg @25 " box

   Hanging leg raises
      - 1 x 10

Cool down
   walk back

It was a good session, have a slight understanding of realizing when both my feet are off the ground just like in jumps and thats the que to drive legs down. some runs were stumbles as I probably leaned to far forward. Runs were good until I see the footage, which I didn't record due to rain. we'll see on saturday.

probably trained myself too much tuesday that I was sick the next day. DOM's as not been gym in a while.
rear left hip was a lot more sore near the glutes. But pain has gone down, still feeling a little sick. will get some meds.

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« on: March 05, 2020, 04:17:32 am »
After reading about the corona virus, I don't see much threat except an epidemic cold like symptoms, which can go off on it's own depending on the body's immune system, same one that fights off the common cold and it is only deadly for people with respiratory problems where it can give breathing problems and then death.

So, it is probably dangerous for asthma sufferers. But the common person shouldn't be worried. should they?

EDIT: there was a news somewhere that the corona virus has turned into something a little more deadly then it originally was. don't know.

Change of cue:

The rear leg knee drives forward until fully extended and the foot has left the blocks and then drive that leg back down, which is where I am finding problems as my knees open up, and the back leg comes forward till other foot has planted the ground, then effort in the push and drive then you drive the front leg back and the back leg less effort to bring forward.

No more quick rapid switching.

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« on: March 03, 2020, 04:30:25 pm »
As of today, 51 cases in the UK.

Did around 10 - 20 sprint starts trying to get it right, but for some reason it just doesn't feel right, after every run I think I didn't do this or I forgot to do this.

Lot of time was spent trying think about how I can drive my knees forward when sprinting feels awkward.

Recorded the last few 10 runs and some were ok and some just stumbled, I can not keep it consistent.

I would run, walk back then do it again.

Elbows a little sore from the constant set position and tear drop quad muscle and muscle outside knees became sore

so I just had to force myself to stop, would love if my phone had a slow motion player, so I can check it every time and get constant update. but have to wait till i get home to check.

went to gym and did some step down step ups, step ups but you drive the leg while above the step down and continuous force to push myself up and jump.

then did some cable single step pulls. 75kg.

Was too stressed to look through all videos, but majority of them were bad, I think I might have to come out faster and drive back faster so I can strike back as most of the time my knee angle extends too much.

also my nose is blocked so with stress I can't breath the stress away, it just adds to it. FML

Politics, News, & SHeeT! / Re: coronavirus
« on: March 03, 2020, 03:57:30 am »
39 cases in the uk

Plan on doing practice runs on other days Monday Wednesday and Friday.

Got some 10 runs because I only have 30 mins sessions for these days so only doing practice runs.

Focussed driving knee forward and shin as parallel as possible next is only drive down once feet leaves ground

Boxing / Re: Misc Boxing News
« on: March 01, 2020, 04:56:08 pm »
Jessie vargas vs mikey garcia

Jessie vargas - (unsure of spelling) - always brings it, his fast combos and he throws a lot of shots and is very hard stylistically to fight. Mikey garcia managed to pull it off somehow. It was close. Vargas is very good but I don't know what he is doing wrong except for maybe defence needs a little work.

Another failure of sprint starts. I'm not fully extending before hitting the ground back, even though it feels like I am, so I should concentrate on my knees fully up and then try and fix the heel recovery to low. Lean was a problem, but I think I can fix that by forcing even more lean.

Date: 27/02/2020
Soreness: none

Condition: It was really snowing hard in the morning but stopped in the afternoon and was sunny till evening where it was cold and windy again and the track was even more slippery. Got to the gym at 6:00 pm and finished at 7:30pm. Brought jumper and gloves, which really helped.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   hamstring stretch
   quad stretch
   single leg glute bridges
   high knee hip holds on balls of supporting foot with 12kg kettlebell
   back stretch
   arm swings explosive 3 swings 4 kg dumbbells in each hand
   box jumps without then with 4 kg dumbbells

Track warm upt
   a walk x 20m x 2
   a skip x 20m x 1
   b skip x 20m x 2 - forgot quick switch on first set so did second correctly
   a run x 30m x 1 - high knee, landing on balls of foot almost tip toes for ankle stiffness
   ankle dribbles to high knee dribbles x 30m
   leaning bounds x 20m

Track workout
   hurdle pushes - kept getting stuck at front and tipping over got some runs but after putting it away I realized, even though late, the weights of the hurdle were shifted to the front, that being the reason for the tipping of the hurdles

   steep hill sprints/strides - focus on powerful switch of driving and pushing, because it was steep some slipping. but overall got some good sessions. needs mental concentration.

   Sprint starts - 3
   Sprint starts to 1 step - 3
   Sprint outs to 3 steps progressing 1 step at a time
   sprint outs with aim of powerful switching and driving and pushing x 5 - got some good starts - requires a lot of mental energy - but just need to stick to thinking drive knees forward and then quick switch and push back and the other steps will follow same pattern.

Cool down
   walk back

Good session, during the last sprints it was not that cold and it was calm as I had my jumper and gloves. but took it off for the last runs. the gloves only.

Boxing / Re: Misc Boxing News
« on: February 27, 2020, 04:25:55 am »
Also says

   - he had an injury coming into the fight.
   - tyson fury was fighting dirty
   - his trainer who threw towel was influenced by a fighter trained by sugar hill steward


Also ben davison says that tyson played a mind trick where probably consumed a large amounts of water to appear heavy on the scale at the weigh in then his normal weight before draining it all out during constant bathroom breaks and being ready for the fight.

too much excuses.

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