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- run 9.12 km in 43:46
4:48 average pace. kept it a little short today so as not to go too far over my weekly target yet. will be around 53-54 km for the week after saturday's hard workout.

- stretch

i think i need to start adding distance on these weekday runs, to get back up closer to an hour on my feet. <50 minutes is too easy now, gotta progress. might not be a bad idea to add time to the long runs as well, as long as i can keep my pace down. getting to three 60-min runs, one 90-min run, and a speed workout every week would push me up a bit, i think.
Someone who trains to a 2.5*BW ATG squat, for whatever reasons, using whatever methods, with whatever other variants, either he knows it or not, he also trained himself for(to) a top-class vertical jump too.
 ;D :lololol:

Clarence was more an olympic lifter back then and did a bit of tricking, but I doubt he practised running jumps as much as BBall players/aspiring dunkers do :)
Article & Video Discussion / Re: Vertical jump hang time calculator web app
« Last post by vag on Today at 11:10:48 am »
Someone who trains to a 2.5*BW ATG squat, for whatever reasons, using whatever methods, with whatever other variants, either he knows it or not, he also trained himself for(to) a top-class vertical jump too.
 ;D :lololol:
Article & Video Discussion / Vertical jump hang time calculator web app
« Last post by CoolColJ on Today at 11:01:09 am »
So I have been loading videos into this web app that allows you precisely tag takeoff and landing points of a video and calc hang time and vertical etc.!

And a lot of jump mat videos are so inflated it's crazy.
That 47.1 vertical vid from a football combine is only 41 or so inches based on hang time...

I wanted to measure a lot of popular vids, on Youtube and instagram but they tend to slow mo the jump after takeoff... blah...

Clarence's jump back when he was 80kg, with that 200kg squat is a legit 40 inches or so on the app. Not bad for a non vert training person.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

another vid I tried was Rugter's Dunker's vertical on a vertec, which was supposedly 40 inches, I only got 30 inches....
Thursday 28th May 2020

The usual upper body aches - biceps and upper back, posterior shoulder
But my lower back, glutes and upper hammies are unusually sore.... I think from the rows and barbell curls - your posterior chain is basically doing an ISO back extension on these.
And maybe when deadlifting up the bar as well.

back of left heel achey, but improving.

mobility work upon waking
Mobility work pre walk

BBall control drills - 15 mins

57 min walk/hike
middle of the walk - backward walking up a 20-30 degree sloped path x 2.5+ mins


18 hour fast
2800 calorie burn according to Fitbit Charge 3 - with heart rate monitor off
plan to eat 2400-2700
that's interesting, that it'd be stress-related for both of you. that could be it. like with my headaches last fall, i don't feel consciously stressed but this situation is undoubtedly stressful so it's possible that my body is manifesting the stress that way. i've been sleeping okay: it's been a little bit hard to get to sleep the last couple of nights, i think mostly because it's getting warmer, but i've been getting at least 7 and usually more like 8 hours, which is normal. and no more or less caffeine than usual.

@gukl, it's a ringing or more accurately a steady high-pitched buzz, like the sound an old tv makes when it's on but muted.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« Last post by vag on Today at 03:31:27 am »
27 May 2020

Easy run 7.5K @ 48:36

Workout goals were:
Speed up to 6:30 while still feeling 'easy' : (V) got 6:29 and was ultra fresh at finish, could go for at least 25-30% more distance.
Average heart rate 155 : (V) got 153, last week that i did 7K at that pace it was 159.
Was feeling very light on my feet too. Very nice.
- run 10.43 km in 55:08
first 3 km w/ex-gf (weird to type that) in ~6:15 pace, then pretty steady ~4:54 average the rest of the way.

- stretch

i have tinnitus like crazy in my left ear all of a sudden. started yesterday. no idea what might have brought it on. no loud noises i can think of, and i don't feel unwell. strange.

Tinnitus as in a ringing or a different sound? Stress related perhaps with all that has been going on?

I've had a pulsatile tinnitus in my right ear for a while, think I need to get it checked out.

I can second this. Get tinnitus every now and then. Used to get it as a kid when the tv got turned on and I was in a different room. Now it's related to stress/lack of sleep/caffeine.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Chris' training journal
« Last post by ChrisM on May 27, 2020, 11:05:30 pm »
Double yesterday so I moved Tuesday to Wednesday lol!

Warmups felt great. Added some height to my box jump progressions and that was exciting. Not where I was by any means but....slowly

ATG lunges and good mornings followed with calves/core/triceps.

Ended with some hang cleans and worked up to a 185x3 set. I think I can get 205 so we may try that for a single next week!
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: New year new me
« Last post by gukl on May 27, 2020, 03:15:49 pm »
yoga 30m meditation 30m - meditation getting extremely blissful at the moment to the point where it's hard to get on and do anything else!

no cycle commute. seat post is entirely stuck and has to go to 'seat post man' for a last ditch attempt to remove it and save the bike  :ffffffuuuuuu: so probably looking at at least 2 weeks with no cycling now :(

push ups 60, 50, 55
pull ups 6x6, 3x5 60s rest (meant to be 9x6 but just wasn't there)

~2 hrs shooting some hoops for the first time in like a year. Crazy how the muscle memory is still there.... I'm thinking of moving in august and if I do I may join the local basketball team... (bring on the injuries YAY)

Did a little leg strength session for the first time in a while too...nothing crazy as I don't want debilitating doms for the next week

Goblet squat 12kg KB 3 x 20
SL RDL 12kg KB 2 x 10
Bulgarian SS 2 x 10 BW (had to bail on last set left leg as adductors felt like they were heading to SNAP CITY)

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