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~75 mins

Short session, felt shit at start but after about 50 mins managed some decent efforts.

Hoping to be feeling nicely recovered for Sunday.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« Last post by vag on Today at 09:43:14 am »
23 January 2020

Bodyweight@session : ???
Soreness : some legs and shoulders
Injuries/aches : none

1½ hours full court basketball.
Not much to report. Very good endurance. Strength/speed/explosiveness felt a bit off. Vert feels upgraded. Should try some jumps soon.

Garmin guys, do you also have that "Body battery" measurement thing? Is it any trustworthy? I only have my watch for 1 week, in the beginning that body battery worked as expected, going down in the day and going up at nights, but the last days it is stuck to 10% and it wont go up. Also, what about sleep quality? Watch says i sleep shit, although i do get almost 8 hours daily. Deep sleep is too low and im also "under pressure" the whole time so im not resting well. Arte those any trustworthy or should i ignore them ( or at least take them with a -good- pinch of salt? ).
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: New year new me
« Last post by gukl on Today at 08:45:38 am »
Run 6.5k 33m 5.11min/km pace steady shins a little sore - removed K tape yesterday... Now pain the stuff is magic

Straight after 1hr hot yoga almost passed out lol
Date: 14/01/2020
Soreness: shins a little, quads

Condition: Track was a little wet, got to the gym at 5:15 pm and finished at 7:15 pm, that's a win in terms of time. Good workout technically.

Warm up - 5-10min
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   hamstring stretch
   quad stretch
   hip thrusts single leg
   adductor stretch
   back stretch

Track warm up
   light 200m jog (2 x 100m)
   A walk x 20m - tried to keep butt close
   A skip x 20m
   alternating high knee drills
   A run x 30m

Track workout
   2 x 3 reps of acceleration bounding 20m

Gym workout
   hex bar jumps -without weight 30kg

   ankle hops single leg - could feel it in my shins due to bounding, so did some reverse calf raises and did light weight with aim for fast hops and heavy weight high and slow not to bother my shin low effort

   cable standing hip thrusts - like kettlebell swings -but i kept being pulled back so had to walk forward and do again
      - 1 x 5 @30kg
      - 1 x 5 @60kg
      - 3 x 7 @75kg

   single leg calf raise leg press
      - 3 x 10 each leg followed by 20,20,50 reps of double leg on same weight

   front squats
      - 1 x 3 @40kg
      - 3 x 3 @70kg

   sprint arm swings
     - 1 x 10 @5kg dumbbell in each hand
     - 2 x 10 @10kg dumbbell in each hand

   shoulder press front
      - 1 x 7 @10kg dumbbells in each hand

   straight leg raises (well slight knee bend and raised in front)
       - 1 x 10 @ bw

   cable kneeling crunches
      - 1 x 10 @75kg

   side to side weight touch on iso crunch
      - 1 x 10 @10kg

Cool down
   walk back

Ok session. bounding was good besides the carry over to single leg hops. cable kettlebell swings felt good, hold cable handle between legs walk forward and then leaning forward letting handle travel back between the legs till i feel stretch in hamstrings then thrust hips forward pushing the handle forward and up. good session.
Friday 24th January 2020

Pretty sore calves, upper hammies, glutes, and VMO.
General quad, ab and erector soreness

various thoracic mobility work



71 min walk/hike
mid way through walk
backward walking up a 20-30 degree sloped path x 2+ mins

16 hour fast
2500 calorie burn

ate 2200 calories
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: chasing athleticism
« Last post by maxent on January 23, 2020, 10:01:16 am »
Thurs (23/1/2020)
BS 6x6x100
SL Rehab - BX 3x10xBW, LX 3x10x20kg

Squats ugly .. which is ok since dirty reps seem to build erector strength which later converts to cleaner form with a stronger back. Will try to do rehab on my R leg more consistently starting today.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: New year new me
« Last post by gukl on January 23, 2020, 08:34:56 am »
Decided to push the pace today altho started feeling less than spectacular and on fairly weary legs

1k jog in

10k laps around the park for a @ 44 min PB!!  :personal-record: :ibrunning:

Then jogged home for a total of 14.45k in 1 hr 09

Tonight 1hr hot yoga
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« Last post by vag on January 23, 2020, 08:21:52 am »
22 January 2020

Bodyweight@session : ~85,5kg
Soreness : none?
Injuries/aches : none

10@17,5kg each hand ( +2,5 kg )
10@17,5kg each hand
10@17,5kg each hand
10@17,5kg each hand
10@17,5kg each hand

12@25kg ( +2,5 kg )
12@27,5kg ( +2,5 kg )

12@23kg ( +6 kg )

15@20kg each hand
15@20kg each hand
15@20kg each hand
-Kinda paused now.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: a fast and explosive donkey!
« Last post by LBSS on January 23, 2020, 06:39:24 am »
fever broke but i woke this morning with a brutal headache. giving one more day (i hope) over to rest. i hate missing class. god, if my school-aged self could hear me say that...
800m+ Running and/or Conditioning / Re: The Misc Running News Thread
« Last post by LBSS on January 23, 2020, 06:12:41 am »
Kipchoge (2:01:39) vs Bekele (2:01:41) in London.

April 26 2020.

I roll with Kipchoge but would love to see Bekele make him battle. Don't see how Bekele will beat him tho, Kipchoge is the master at 26.2

that article is cool, didn't know they had quite so much history. bekele owned him on the track 10-15 years ago, then as they got older and switched to road kipchoge took over. but shit, 2:01:41 means bekele can absolutely go head-to-head with kipchoge now. let us pray for a photo finish.
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