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life got too busy

been slowly rehabbing SI joint

still been training somewhat semi consistently but no progress made in a long time


Squat 50kg 4 x 5 + 10 (first back squats in ages v easy though - been gobletting)
BB Lung 40kg 3 x 10
DB SLDL 24kgs 3 x 10

quick session as gym was closing.

goals for now - short and simple

Squat 100kg 5 x 5 by christmas
Power clean 100kg easily again
Run 5ks in 25m
Chins 20kg x 5
Dips 30kg x 10


Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Triathlon sprint prep
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 01:17:13 pm »
So I got a call from a manager at work..idk what one because where I work simply has too many managers and it seems like they just throw random letters in front of manager in their title.

Anyway, they called because I wanted to know why I didn't get the apprenticeship.  He told me that looking at reviews from managers he said there is no doubt that I am the hardest worker there but 1 manager put down that I didn't fix any issues and let PI's go into red zones all of the time.  umm absolutely false, I can fix issues with the machines in my area better than most apprentices and full timers.  He said I had an issue with their whole business model or whatever, its all stupid shit.  So I told him, well i thought I was the only one in my group that had a 5s area, i did my shift notes, i tracked my PI's, I helped everyone out, I was the only one to max out my hours. He basically went into a stutter and it went into awkward silence.

I know the manager that probably wrote that about me and hes new, a douche bag, an idiot and favored the kid that got hired over me who basically had a bed in the breakroom.

that really sucks man :/

So to sum it up, I will leave as soon as I can and I have a few options at my disposal.

good. i'd do the same. i'd be out of there real quick. fu*k those environments.

Job 1: I would live out of a suitcase, never be home, wont get to workout really, maybe a few days a week if i can get near a gym at a job site.  But, I will make an assload and within 5 years I could start a business without taking out a loan since I wont have to pay for housing, gas, etc etc

Job 2: I am looking into the International operator engineer union where I will be an apprentice and learn how to run heavy equipment such as excavators, dozers, cranes, aspestos removal etc etc where I will travel for work but probably wont be as bad as job 1 and still make really good money

Job 3: I will basically have a normal shift and work hours, no travel, decent pay but if they crack down on ethanol  id be fucked.

job 4: federal job, be able to go to school to become a PTA and I could be a PTA and do this job in any state that my license would allow.

Not gonna lie, i like job 4 the most since if I could, Id definitely move to like tenesee or something.

#1 is probably a bad idea.. no loan is cool, but, probably more worth it to have a more normal work/life environment. you won't have as much time to plot I imagine, you'll just be in a non-stop grind from the sound of it. also: no gym/working out? come on bruh, not a viable option for you IMHO.

the rest of the options all sound decent. #2 sounds kind of cool tbh, for someone who is into that. dno.

Anyway, just needed to vent and type this out, moral of the story is, you can bust your ass and be the hardest worker in a business but a group of people who never set foot out onto the production floor decides your fate.

yup.. really sucks when other people (if they suck) control your fate.

that's why I like that you've got this idea of starting a gym/business in your head. eventually if you become your own boss, you will probably be extremely happy. most of these job posts/rants you do always involve these external factors potentially keeping you down.

Also, next week I might suck it up and go for a half marathon on a treadmill or just set my time to 2.5 hours on the track and just wear my watch even though its not totally accurate and stop when it hits 13.1 miles or 2.5 hours.

find an actual half marathon maybe. you'll complete it.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 11:07:37 am »
There's a battle between sub5 mile & sub3 1km brewing. It's kind of fun. I think in 2019, i'll add some other militaries to the battle (sub26 200m, sub60 400m, sub2:10 800m), then let them hash it out. :smiley: I'll also have to adjust the mile/1k standards as well (sub4:45 mile, sub2:50 1k).

current 2018 battle:

6 x sub5 (mile) vs 5 x sub3 (1km)

2019 battle sounds epic:

{<4:45-mile} vs {<2:50-1k} vs {<2:10-800m} vs {<60-400m} vs {<26-200m}


Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Loopie's Log
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 10:17:25 am »
squat and deadlift are starting to feel good again. That is some progress!

nice! :ibsquatting: :ibsquatting: :ibsquatting:
800m+ Running and/or Conditioning / Re: Runners to learn from
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 09:51:41 am »
was just reading an article on someone trying to beat Barton's M45-49 record of 4:16.x:

Trautmann says the training he did 20 years ago is very similar to the training he does today, partially because Gagliano’s coaching philosophy has not changed. He does, however, run his recovery days slower.

“I run very slow, but I also run hard three days a week. I can’t recover unless I run 8- to 9-minute pace,” Trautmann says.

He does most of his recovery runs in Central Park or, during the winter, on the treadmill, due to his dislike of the cold.
Basketball / Re: NBA 2018 - 2019 Season
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 09:07:41 am »
LEBRON took a real *risk* going to LA.. man the West is stacked, and his team is so noob.

i'm sure they'll make some big moves.. but when you think about this, he's in a really tough spot with this team.

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« Last post by vag on Today at 04:54:31 am »
18 October 2018

Bodyweight@session : ???
Soreness : none
Injuries/aches : shoulders hurting from being hit from the bar at HPCs. lol funny

1½ hours full court basketball.
All good. Endurance, speed, strength, vert, all good. Still gassing out though. I think that from a basketball perspective, my aerobic base is solid, i need to improve my anaerobic abilities. I have to ( and i wanted to, regardless of bball ) bring back tempo work in my running sessions.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Two Hands Two Feet
« Last post by Coges on Today at 02:53:27 am »

Intervals- 4x600m with 60s rest
-10 min warm up and 10 min walk to cool down

sounds brutal lol.

Haven’t had a drink now for nearly 2 weeks and have only drank a handful of times in the last 8 weeks. Feeling pretty solid about that now. Not that I had a drinking problem (doesn’t everyone say that) but when I do drink I don’t do the stuff that allows me to get fitter, better, stronger, etc like eat properly, stretch or go to bed on time. Anyway, that’s now out of the way but I have let the bodyweight creep up a bit out of compensation. I.e. worry about one thing at a time. I’m hovering around 94-95 and really want to get back to the 90ish range with the potential to go under. Not going on a huge cut but will be more mindful of my eating over the next 4-6 weeks and see if I can’t get some good progress. I don’t feel that heavy but I do notice it in my suit pants and also when running and jumping. Also because #summer.

great work man!!

keep that up.

i personally feel like people "age faster" and "get slower" if they drink frequently, just my possible inaccurate observation. drinking doesn't seem to affect packing on muscle, but it seems alot harder to "pack on fitness", or not get sluggish. people who drink ALOT seem to always have "slow nervous systems". heh.


I tend to agree with you. The more you drink the more you do have to compromise in other areas. I was never a big daily drinker though. Was usually 2-3 glasses of wine but I definitely feel better off it. I also don't crave it if I have a day back on it every now and then.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 12:22:58 am »
this week i've been eating so many veggies (stir fry). really doing me good. feel great.


6 x sub5 + 5 x sub3 = 10 of 50, 39 to go.

08:30 PM: workout: "safe" speed (grass, spikes): {~1175m @ 3:27 / 4:47 min/mi, 1km split = 2:57 / 4:44 min/mi}
was going to go for a mile PR but, played it safe. felt really good.


- {~1175m @ 3:27 / 4:47 min/mi, 1km split = 2:57 / 4:44 min/mi}

played it safe. left ankle/achilles a little achy, so stopped it at 0.73 mi (basically 1200m).

def in 4:4X mile shape that's for sure.. 4:3X not seeming so far anymore .. or as difficult. it's kinda nuts.

my cadence is getting lower too.. for the speed.. great sign. ~200 for 4:4X today.. 19X for 4:5X last night.

once I can get 4:3X @ 185ish, i'll be a monster. ;d that would mean elite-ish power per stride, at sustainable effort.

so tired right now.. should be asleep. :(

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Loopie's Log
« Last post by LoopieMclooperson on Today at 12:17:20 am »
10/3/18 Wednesday BW =?
B-ball 1.0 hour

10/5/18 Friday BW = 170.8
Deadlift 5x185, 6x235, 6x235, 6x235, 6x235.

10/6/18 Saturday BW = 171.8
Bike 1 hour 1 min 15.0 miles level 29

10/7/18 Sunday BW = 170.4
Bench 3x185, 5x205, 5x205, 5x205, 5x205, 5x205.
Pull 8, 8,  8
Dip 20, 20, 20

10/10/18 Thursday BW = 171.8       
Bench 3x185, 2x205, 2x225, 4x205, 3x205, 5x185, 5x185.
Pull up 8, 10,  8
Dip 20, 20,  20.

10/12/18 Friday BW = 171.4
Squat 5x135, 5x185, 5x205, 5x205, 5x205.

10/13/18 Saturday BW = 172.2     
Squat 3x185, 3x205, 3x225, 1x245, 2x225, 3x205.
Deadlift 5x185, 5x235, 5x235     
Decline abs +15. 25, 25

10/17/18 Wednesday BW=173.2
B-ball 1.0 hour

10/18/18 Thursday BW =?
Squat 3x185, 3x225, 3x225, 7x205, 7x205

squat and deadlift are starting to feel good again. That is some progress!
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