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Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Dreyth's New Journal
« Last post by Rix on Today at 07:23:17 pm »
I just started the KOTG program. How are you liking it?
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by seifullaah73 on Today at 05:34:28 pm »

Damn that's nice.
Almost hit that 20.
Oh yeah and forgot to mention that I bought a belt when I start box squatting 200kg+ and deadlifts. I ordered a notch one but they sent me a lever version lol more for my money.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 02:10:56 pm »
Friday 15th October 2021

No major DOMs, but I do feel deep down overall achey , especially in my upper back and glute/adductor area if that make sense
All my injured tendons feel toasty, especially my right Achilles insertion - so too much loading yesterday....

Planned rest day today in any case.
Went to the movies, and did a fair bit of walking around, so ended up burning a decent amount of calories.


All my oly shoes I got on big price drops arrived today - Reebok legacy Lifter 2 and Nike Romaleos 4 SE
I did have both recently but returned them to rebuy at much lower prices :)
Will eventually return all but one

I will test them fully next training session, but so far the Reebok Legacy Lifter 2 feels flat and planted but still flexible in the forefoot.
I normally wear size 10 in sports shoes and 10.5 in casual walking shoes. And even a size 9 in these still fit.

The Nike Romaleos 4 SE needed a size 9.5 at least. Tighter up front, but still feels a little loose at the back, so a bit more heel slip.
But man these things are like tanks, very stiff and amazing lateral stability due to the angled heel "wings".
You feel bolted to the ground, and boot like.
Hard to do a calf raise in them as a result, which is kinda at odds for oly lifting....
And the front of the shoe curves up a bit and is so stiff you can't make the toes contact the ground unless you tip forward
The bright colourway actually looks pretty nice in person... considering I'm more an introverted person... ;)

These are the Legacy Lifter 2 I have

This is the ones I want though...

Date: 14/10/2021
Soreness: knees slightly and quads

Condition: dry track for some warm up sprint starts before gym workout and had 1 hour for workout

Warm up
   Activation and mobility stretches
   Sprints 10m and 20m

   Reverse lunge with explosive forward movement
      - 1 x 5 each leg @15kg dumbbells in each hand
      - 3 x 5 each leg @25kg dumbbells in each hand

   Single leg calf raise on leg smith
      - 1 x 5 each leg 70kg
      - 3 x 10 each leg @110kg

   Single leg hip thrust with dumbellon each side of hips
      - 1 x 3 each leg @15kg dumbbell
      - 3 x 5 each leg @25kg dumbbell

   Leaning dumbbell flys
      - 1 x 5 @4kg dumbbells in each hand
      - 2 x 5 @8kg dumbbells in each hand

   Leaning on bench bent over rows each hand
      - 1 x 7 @25kg dumbbell

   Russian twist
      - 1 x 10 each side holding 10kg kettlebell

Cool down

Good session, reverse lunges not as taxing so not dreading it.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 10:31:27 am »
ooo progress. toned it down a bit lately koz my forearms/elbows are wrecked.


single arm db bench: 60 lb. @ 16 (R), 12 (L), 20 (R), 14 (L), 16 (R), 12 (L)

chinups on tree: 18 !
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Triathlon sprint prep
« Last post by John Stamos on October 14, 2021, 04:41:14 pm »
So did the push day and run


Deadlift to 295 by idk a few sets of 5
Squat to 255x3x5
Legs started to cramp up, haven't done legs in awhile
Lat pull down 3x10
Leg curls and extensions 3x10
Db squats and dB swings

Tomorrow all depends on my legs
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Reboot - get lean, get hops
« Last post by CoolColJ on October 14, 2021, 12:45:11 pm »
Thursday 14th October 2021

Glutes/adductors deep down bruised feeling from the good mornings, plus right side of my lower back feeling a bit iffy, so I will drop them from my off days.
Hammering my lower back 5 days in a row probably isn't the smartest idea...
Upper body is pretty sore as well.

left quad tendon didn't seem to suffer too much from all the stuff I added yesterday, that would cause discomfort

Morning mobility work and upper body stretches

Pre workout -  Soft tissue work on whole body
Lying TFL and hip flexor stretch

Tendon health+rehab -  fasted - day 5

general mobility drills
side leg raises x 20 each leg
Walking on sides of ankle, side to side ankle rocking drill and lateral ankle stretches
40% ROM sissy squats x 30

prone cuban press into behind the neck press combo broom x 10
Band pull aparts - horizontal x20 + Diagonals, palms facing down-  Rogue light band x10 each axis
broom handle behind the neck press, pushing backwards into shoulder dislocate stretch position x20 + stretch and then each lat by leaning to each side for 10-20 secs each till 1min
Shoulder dislocates x20

split squat ISO, rear leg straight, at 90 degrees - x 1 min - 30 secs actively pulling legs inwards, 30 secs pushing legs outwards
Spanish squat ISO - at 60 degree knee angle - 2x30secs

rotating sets - 1 mins rest

A) SSB single leg calf raise - arm supported - 1 cm elevated, in oly shoes -  BW x20,
2 legs - 30 sec ISO at top + 30 sec ISO at neutral x 50kg, x 70kg, x 90kg
Single leg - 30 sec ISO at top + 30 sec ISO at neutral x 70kg x 2 sets

controlled up, hold at top, 3 sec down - 16kg dip belt x15  (+2.5kg)

So the 2 legged ISO was just too much holding the heavier loads for 1 min, so I switched back to single leg
90kg on 2 legs just doesn't seem to be enough load for the Achilles/calves.
Although 70kg on single leg is quite a big load jump... no pain though, but it was fairly hard

B)Wall Tibialis raise -  BW x20
in oly shoes - 3 sec eccentric - BW 2x9, x6 @ RPE 9

B)single leg, bent knee soleus calf raise - arm supported - 1cm elevated, in oly shoes -  BW x20,
controlled up, hold at top, 3 sec down - 16kg dip belt x15  (+2.5kg)

D) Squats - 5 sec down, 2 sec up - BW x 5

Overhead squat - slow tempo 20kg x5
Front Squat - oly shoes - 5 secs down, 3 sec up  - 20kg x5, 30kg x5, 37.5kg x5 (+2.5kg on top set)
5 high hang power cleans before each set - with no foot movement

High bar squat - oly shoes - 5 sec down, 2 sec up  - 40kg x5, 60kg x5, 72.5kg x5
3 sec down, controlled up - 72.5kg x22 @ RPE 7  (+2.5kg)
5 sec down, 3 secs up - 100kg x1
3 sec down, controlled up - 100kg x11 @ RPE 9.5

2/10 left quad tendon pain on the 100kg single
Thought I had the 11th rep of 100kg OK, but my quads just ran out of gas suddenly on the way up
No leaning forward though. These slow tempos have cleaned up my form so much.
next session I'll just do 2 sets with 75kg instead of the heavier stuff

Safety Squat bar - oly shoes - 6 sec down, 3 sec up  - 40kg x5


SSB reverse lunge - oly shoes, single arm supported - 2 min rest between sides - 2 sec down and controlled up
BW x6, 37.5kg x16 @ RPE 6  (+2.5kg)

decided not to go to 20 reps today...
2/10 left quad tendon pain


A) Stiff legged deadlift -  20kg x10, hook-gripped 60kg x10, 80kg x12,
straps 90kg x12 @ RPE 8

B) Dumbbell palms facing overheard press, arms in line with ears - 17.5lbs x10, 27.5lbs x6, 35lbs 2x12 @ RPE 9  (+2 reps )

C) Single arm dumbbell row - supported - 3 sec down - 45lbs x10, 65lbs x12 @ RPE 8  (+1 rep)
6 sec down, 3 sec up - 65lbs x 7 @ RPE 9


Dumbbell curl - 17.5lbs x8, 27.5lbs x14 @ RPE 10 (+1 rep)
6 sec down, 3 sec up - 25lbs x 6 @ RPE 10

solid improvement considering the fatigue from all the exercises, like rows before this.

Ivanko super gripper - 92lbs x8, 101lbs x2
left hand - 101lbs x9, 8, 7 @ RPE 10
right hand- 101lbs x9, 8, 7 @ RPE 7

Numbers well down, I think just due to fatigue from all the slow reps of the previous exercises

Monster band lateral lunge/walk - 2 reps each side alternating - IronEdge XXHeavy band x 16, XXheavy + heavy band 2x16 @ RPE 8
forgot to do these.... :/
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs VO2max
« Last post by vag on October 14, 2021, 06:41:57 am »
13 October

Low aerobic zone run 10K @ 1:18:11 ( 7:49 pace )

2km less than last time and also 34''/km slower. Makes sense, i was not recovered from yesterday's run and conditions were bad (90% humidity for the first 5K , rain for the last 5K ).
However, it is gonna be raining heavy for the next 3 days and i missed the low-aerobic zone run last week, i had to force-fit that run in my schedule.
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