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Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: FP's log
« Last post by Final Phenom on Today at 11:28:56 am »

thinking about a few weeks of building work capacity+ trying to get big. gonna take some of the pressure off and temporarily abandon this idea of a perfect athletic program for me. its gonna be summer. i should put on some aesthetic weight and enjoy my young adult life while its still easily possible

+my upper body has always been comparitively weak so this is a good thing to try out


pullups *6,5+1,4+1
tricep pulldown (partial rom): 52.5*8,8,7

core circuit *3:
bicycles *16
med ball russian twists 16lbs *16
deadbugs *16
+8 v-ups last set

db ohp (no lockout): 40's *8,7, 35's *7
curls 30's *8,8,7

db rows: 60 *8,7+1,7+1 ea arm
bent over reverse flys: 10's 3*8

flys: 25's *8,7,7

wide grip lat pulldown:
70 2*8, 90*7

so i had to drop weights or reps for almost everything. i see this as establishing baseline strength. i would rather start too heavy and know im getting a productive workout than too light and waste a few days "getting back into it". as far as im concerned the risk with bodybuilding for injury is minimal. next upper day i will know exactly what weights to use.
Date: 24/04/2018
Soreness: legs
Injury: right hip feeling sore again as only staff was available who was occupied outside so I didn't get the bands

Condition: alright session. majority upper body work.

Warm up
   ankle mobility
   calf stretch
   hamstring seated stretch
   quad stretch
   high hip holds
   single leg glute bridge
   others as well i don't remember

   dumbbell lateral raises for medial delts
      - too many sets of 10

   lean over dumbbell pull backs for rear delts
      - too many, too tired and can't recall properly

   shoulder press with empty bar (my shoulders were gone at this stage so used a 5k aluminium bar)
      - some sets of 10-15

   super set of 5kg plate front raise to above head, then changed to over head press with same plates then using 4kg dumbbells in each hand for front raises
     - some sets of 10

    trap bar shrugs
       - worked up to 110kg x 10

    seated arnie presses
      - 4kg dumbbells x 10, 2kg x 10 about 5 sets

    incline tricep extensions
      - 3 x 5

    Cable tricep extensions
       - 3 x 10

    Cable bicep curls x 15kg
      - 2 x 10

I wanted to do atleast one lower body workout, as the person I was working out with said I should leave it he then suggested I do the following, which was a leg killer. never again.

    Squats super set (wide stance, medium stance then feet together stance) empty bar no rest between stances and no locking at top just constant up down
       - wide x 10, medium x 10 and close together x 10 rest 30 seconds
       - wide x 15, medium x 15 and close together x 15 rest 30 seconds
       - wide x 20, medium x 20 and close together x 20 rest 30 seconds
       - wide x 25, medium x 25 and close together x 25 rest 30 seconds (10 reps with bar, 15 reps without bar)
      - wide x 30, medium x 30 and close together x 30  rest 30 seconds (10 reps with bar, 20 reps without bar)

Cool down
   wobble my way back

I will have to get back to my routine and then add the upper body work at the end. The lower body work was a killer, quads dead like jelly. So much upperbody work for majority the shoulders and a few for biceps and triceps.


Went to physio, was moderately useful I suppose. He is convinced there is no joint issue as such, which is a relief. His diagnosis of the cause of the soft tissue issues is basically what I said above -- right glute still in the process of firing properly, but is no working enough that form is changing and this can cause issues. So basically probably worth limiting harder running while this glute work is still going, but at the same time feel free to amp up glute strengthening/activation work. Gonna get a massage later this week as it helped this pain issue last week.
Boxing / Re: Misc Boxing News
« Last post by seifullaah73 on Today at 10:16:03 am »
def true. The people who are around him try to encourage his persona rather then making him realize how stupid he sounds.
Then you got the people who allow him for the reason of marketing purposes in order his people pulling power out of hatred for him and make money off him the so called money mayweather method.
His entourage (don't know if i spelled it right) puff him up with pride and all other bs.

Also on a side note, the dad brushing his hair, being treated inferior to broner and yet taking it is stupidity.

bw - 227 horrible, im goign to go on an unhealthy cut from now until September, to get down to about 165 lb, good lucky 65 lb cut in 5 months.....

seems like a recipe for failure, man.

Why? is it because it is unhealthy or unattainable? I can do it, i have good muscle and metabolism.

bw - 227 horrible, im goign to go on an unhealthy cut from now until September, to get down to about 165 lb, good lucky 65 lb cut in 5 months.....

seems like a recipe for failure, man.
Shoes / Re: Shoeporn
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 08:40:38 am »
Those are sick. This reminds me that i need to pickup a new pair of sprint spikes for summer plans.

ooooh??? :ibrunning:
Shoes / Re: Misc Running Shoes
« Last post by adarqui on Today at 08:40:01 am »
Yeah, i love boost with passion! Feels like the good old zoom but better, softer and firmer at the same time, that foam is magical!
As for minimal shoes and surfaces to run... there is an actual track and field stadium right next to where i live. But i am not sure i'll use it for now, this running around the neighborhood seems much more interesting, less boring. Its a seaside neighborhood, not many buildings, it is at the edge of the domestic block, just park and trees and sea all around for the most part, it is really lovely to run at that scenery.


ah that sounds like a great place to run.

as for the track, if you started focusing on trying to improve overall speed etc, it would be used more for intense/specific workouts, so like 1x/wk after you've been running for a while. so mostly enjoyable scenic runs, and one hamster wheel day. track surfaces are still pretty hard. definitely not as hard as roads/sidewalk, but way harder than grass/dirt. harder surfaces are a huge difference to me now. Getting very used to grass/dirt/mulch, absolutely love it. It's all I want to run on now :D Need to enter more XC races. :ninja:

Idt i am doing anything today.  It was hot AF at work and my legs are raw from sweating last night.  I probably did about 4 miles or so last night at work.  If i do go itll be a regular BB day.
Going to go train.

No more narrow stance squats, right knee probably can't handle it....

Was able to almost do a super narrow full paused squat at 405lb..... sigh.

bw - 227 horrible, im goign to go on an unhealthy cut from now until September, to get down to about 165 lb, good lucky 65 lb cut in 5 months.....
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