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- run 6.0 km in 29:43
struggle bus

- stretch

whacked the hell out of my knee on the corner of the bed last night. hurt a bit starting out this morning. shoulder is also on a downswing.

lmao stuff like that is the worst.. sometimes (rarely) I whack my knee getting into my car, knee hits something below the dash and just wrecks it. have actually had it swell up before (way back).

things i do on occasion: stub my toe, bang my head, bang my shoulder, bang my elbow, bang my knee, step on a rock outside barefoot and experience neural shutdown (the worst) lmao, bite my lip really bad (actually this is the worst - because once you do it, it'll happen several more times in the near future).

lol. Hitting the little toe till it turns out fat. Biting the lip omg is so bad you actually hear/feel the crunch. especially when you bite it with your canines.
Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Re: Assisted SVJ
« Last post by LBSS on Today at 07:26:17 am »
swimming pool kick from deep end or sideway

that would be the literal opposite.
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Two Hands Two Feet
« Last post by Coges on Today at 05:45:12 am »
Strength session- 75% week

Warm up- nil

bar x 10, 60 x 5, 75 x 5, 5, 5 (bar a bit lower, feet a bit further apart = easy squatting)

bar x 10, 40 x 5, 40 x 3, 62.5 x 5, 5, 5

Pull Ups-
bw x 5, 5, 5 (slightly wider grip was actually much easier on these. weird)

Done. No warm up. No cool down but I'll survive. Stretching to come later.
bw- 91ish

Had nothing planned for today but had some spare time so decided to get something in.

KB swings- 16kgs x 100
Bottoms up KB press- 3 x 10 @ 6kgs
KB Swings- 16kgs x 100

Bike Trainer- 30 mins at easy/moderate pace

Bike was interesting. Quads hated me for the first 5 mins and it was pretty easy after that. Did a sprint for the last 20 seconds which was great and awful at the same time.

Have a mini tri locked in for Feb 4 (exactly 8 weeks). Only 250m swim, 10k ride and 3k run so the distances aren't great. I want to smash it though and not just finish to say I did one. Training is largely going to remain the same with the exception of adding in some swimming and biking on top of the already planned running.

By the numbers-
bw- 86 (4kgs in 8 weeks seems reasonable)
Everything else will be business as usual

whooa nice @ mini tri!!

get it!

btw some woman i saw comment on my ironman friends FB, i looked up her ironman stats, something like a full in 9h4m .. all I know is that is insanely good. Full ironman people are nuts. :ninja:

Damn this Chrissie Wellington woman dominates the WR's for female ironman.

Can't believe the marathon times for both the men and women, in that event. mind blowing.

Yeah a 2:44 marathon after all that is insane!

The plan is mini then sprint (750/40/5) and maybe looking at a half iron at the end of the year if I have the balls haha
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Age vs Vertical
« Last post by vag on Today at 04:53:45 am »
Have you thought about switching pull ups and RDL? I would think that RDL is far less challenging on both grip and pulling power than pull ups are.

Right, that is a good idea. The thing is that RDLs and pullups are not supposed to be done the same day on the first place. I just had to merge workouts due to limited time the last two weeks and that's how it happened. If it happens again ill do the pulls prior to RDLs and see what happens.

9 December 2017

Bodyweight@session : ~86,5kg
Soreness : none
Injuries/aches : none

1@60kg ( +2,5 kg ) , ( -2 reps ) , ties all time 1RM  :personal-record:
-Almost did 2@60. Got it well above head but couldn't push the last few inches to lock, so not counting it. Still great.

-Same loads again, even better form though. Getting solid AF.

14@BW ( -1 rep )
10@BW+5kg ( +2 reps ):personal-record:
8@BW+10kg ( +2 reps ):personal-record:
5@BW+15kg ( -1 rep )
15@BW ( +3 reps ) , ties  :personal-record:
-Beastly performance here, really enjoyed it.

13@BW ( +1 rep ) , :personal-record:
8@BW+5kg  ( +1 rep ) , :personal-record:
6@BW+10kg ( +1 rep ) , :personal-record:
10@BW ( +1 rep )
-Awesomeness here too, despite not being able to improve the heaviest set again.

-Longer pauses, slower tempo, strong, ready to up.

Great workout
Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Re: Assisted SVJ
« Last post by fast does lie on Today at 04:32:01 am »
swimming pool kick from deep end or sideway
Basketball / Re: NBA 2017 - 2018 Season
« Last post by fast does lie on Today at 04:28:47 am »
victor oladipo is an all star this year, i don't care what anyone says, the guy is absolute BOSS

the guys dropping 30s and 40s like it's nothing and doing it gracefully and the teams needed every one of those points for the w......

this guys got springs and a lazer guided shot.....
Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: ADARQ's journal
« Last post by LBSS on Today at 03:48:30 am »
those are random-looking distances. how did you settle on 1.67 as a target? or 0.71?
Strength, Power, Reactivity, & Speed Discussion / Re: Assisted SVJ
« Last post by maxent on Today at 02:57:59 am »
Gary swore about this, he tried everything and this was the only thing that added inches to his vert. I never got around to trying i yself but he used bands.
^^ np! yup, that's dope. I mean it means even more when it's engraved with your name etc.

>= 1.5x mi :personal-record: 1.67 mi @ 9:02 / ~5:24 min/mi pace
- previous PR was 1.41 mi @ ~5:40's-journal/msg137729/#msg137729
- 1.67 mi @ 9:02.9 (5:24 min/mi), >= 1.5 mi :personal-record:
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