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- run 5k, very easy
- bouldering x 90 mins

Congrats on the race. A 42min 10K is seriously good. Have you been competing much?

thanks! i haven't been competing much, no. i did a couple of half marathons last year, one in the spring and one in late summer, and didn't improve as much from the first to the second as i hoped. i think part of that was down to conditions (cool vs. hot and humid) but also part to not doing enough races to just practice pacing and also going hard for an extended distance, chasing and being chased. i could absolutely have run faster yesterday but it would have meant red-lining and possibly blowing up. that's what's happened in both my halfs and in most of the 5ks i've done over the past couple years. trying to get more skilled in addition to getting in better shape. this 10k and hopefully the ten-miler i do in a couple of weeks are good learning opportunities.

:almostascoolasnyancat: :almostascoolasnyancat: :almostascoolasnyancat:

Getting a podium and an award, whatever that is, is also amazing. Like a check in the list.
"I won a fkn award in a fkn race because i fkn aced it. fck yeah!"  :headbang:

thanks vag!  :highfive:

- 10k race
-- warm up
-- chip time 42:40, watch time N/A because watch measured the course at 9.73 km but pace averaged 4:23, which is about a full minute slower than the pace if the course was accurately measured and my watch is off (4:23 vs. 4:16).

pleased with this. plan was to run around target pace for the 10 miler and, most importantly, to run without blowing up. bad track record so far with going out too fast. my first km was too fast (4:14) but i settled down after that. didn't quite run a negative split (something like 21:13, 21:27 for the two halves, according to the chip) but i did have enough in the tank to kick at sub-20 5k pace for the last km or maybe a little less. also the course had two big climbs, which obviously slowed things down. also this was my first ever 10k so didn't really know how i'd do. gives me hope that 1:10:xx is possible for 10 miles, especially if the course is a little flatter.

finished second overall but only because it was a tiny race. won a foot locker gift card, lol. the guy who won finished in 37:40 or so. he told me afterward that he'd been shooting for low 36es but after the first big decline he knew he wasn't gonna make it.


- run ~5 miles
watch dead, left my charger in SD. oops!


- tempo
-- warm up
-- 4 x 1 km @ ? pace, 200m walking rest
-- cool down
ordered a new watch charger but it's not here yet. did this by feel. no idea how fast i was moving but was breathing a bit hard on the last rep. probably should/could have done another rep but legs felt pretty dead from the jump and didn't loosen up at all so stopped.


- run ~5.5 km
watch died partway through. this was just to stretch legs after the flight back from san diego.

- run 40:02, 6.47 km

Man my heart goes out to you. Props on making it through family time in one piece. And props to your dad for maintaining sobriety.

MUSiC anD SHeeT! / Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now?
« on: April 02, 2024, 11:44:51 am »
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

new life goal: be able to play that. goddamn.


- run 1.1 km through thick underbrush and flooded out trail, abort, lol
thought we were going to a park to run up a mountain on a nice trail. oops.

- run 58:36, 9.67 km
drove to pacific beach and ran along the boardwalk instead


- run 49:56, 8.03 km
around the in-laws' neighborhood. beautiful day!


- run 50:30, 8.08 km


- run 30:15, 5.00 km

heading to california for the week, gonna try to get at least one track workout in and also do a bit of trail running.

- tempo
-- warm up
-- 6 x 800m @ 5k pace (3:59, 3:55, 3:52, 3:55, 3:54, 3:58)
-- cool down


- run 1:01:51, 9.74 km
with wife

*bathroom break*

- race pace practice
-- run 1 km
-- 3 km @ (4:21, 4:19, 4:17)
-- run 1.5 km
relatively pleased although this was short. the high-effort bit was mostly uphill and i managed to keep it right at or just under 10-mile target pace, without watch cues. it wasn't hard but also wasn't as easy as i'd like it to be given that the race is in a bit over a month.


- run 30:22, 5.00 km


- tempo
-- warm up
-- 2 x 1km @5k pace (3:46, 3:50)
-- cool down
a little too fast on the reps, doing them by feel (i.e., without a pace range programmed into my watch).


- run 50:49, 8.01 km
decided to bail on the 5k tomorrow because there's a flood watch through tomorrow morning and i don't feel like driving an hour to run a race i don't care about in 40 degree driving rain.

« on: March 19, 2024, 04:41:52 pm »
this really isn't a dunk site anymore, but...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>


- run 49:28, 8.02 km
was unseasonably warm the last few days, today back to cool and brisk. lovely running weather.

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