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For a semi healthy adult average height and weight.....

I'm not going to say I'm at Kingfish heart level of 45 bpm and taking 600 mg of caffeine.

I take about 500mg per day and that might be too much. Weight at about 183 lb.

My resting heart rate has always been around 60-70 bpm with or without caffeine....

without caffeine you just wanna eat and sleep sometimes when you totally go cold turkey.

So are there any benefits to sudden impulsiveness to train when you are just absolutely tired and need to sleep?

Ive done that several times in the past.... wondering your thoughts on this.... for example after already training the day before, not much sleep and after long long day of work then going to sleep and then before you fall asleep, you say F it, i'm going to get in 1 more session and pack the bags head off.....

We know the brain is primiarily made up of fat. Now is there any possibility as we get leaner that it would hurt some of our brain functions and cognitive abilities?

It's proven that sub 5% body fat is unhealthy, but what about as we go from 20 to 10%?

and by this i mean did i massage my patellar tendon too much? what happened was that i normally kneel on a golf ball or something or use my fist to massage my patellar tendon before olympic squats and it seem to help.

but this time i may have hit my tendon too hard, next day it feels like that knee has some aching when bending and feels like very sore.....

For beginner, intermediate, and elite.... also what is a good rest period after a plyo session?

Wondering how to be super strong without having too much slack muscle.....

40 inch standing vertical requires a lot of strength and muscle..... want to keep the slack muscle as low as possible because we know being too big is no good on the court/field.....

for example lebron james feet points out like a duck. most super athletic people tend to have that such as just gatlin and 100m dash sprinters.

i personally also have it and find is better to propel during running or bball.

Took a knee to the quads like a charlie horse, but i have lots of muscle there. its a bit tender and slightly painful right now. I can still jump and run feeling some tenderness there.

Am I okay to go for a bball game tomorrow?

Injury, Prehab, & Rehab talk for the brittlebros / Lower back issues.....
« on: November 26, 2019, 12:16:47 pm »
I've never really had lower back issues. That is until recently when I had back muscles myofascial massage and it was good but it has caused some lower back issues.

I have very tight hips it seems and release point in hips helps a lot. But after a bit of sitting it starts to tighten up again.

Suggestions? Thank you

Many jumpers and trainers will say that a relaxed jump is the best jump like Joel and the Vertical Jump Bible author. This idea was enlightening because we all felt relaxed on our highest jumps.

But it seems like that relaxation and gliding feel on a good jump is the symptom of the good jump itself not the other way around. I would say that a happy jump is the best jump. Where your mind is at a good state can achieve the most efficient leverage and power on jump.

Nutrition & Supplementation / Can Marijuana aid in off days?
« on: June 20, 2019, 03:01:31 am »
THC and CBD and several compounds give marijuana its affects ranging from psycho to physical senses....

There are hundreds of strains with hundreds of affects both negathive and positive.

Basketball / who would win 1 on 1 ? kawah or MJ
« on: June 12, 2019, 12:53:04 pm »
id have to go with  kawahi just cause he's a big bigger version of MJ but mj was more mobile....

both are slightly freakish players

Nutrition & Supplementation / 900 mg of Caffeine every other day?
« on: May 22, 2019, 05:14:38 am »
i have about 3 tough work days a week. so can get pretty tired and just want to sleep on off days but that is obv not good use of time.

so I take about 3 doses of 300 mg of caffeine every other day. Not everyday.

What do you think? Some say not to go over 400 mg, some 600, some say 1000. For me i take it every other day 900 mgs.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

i had thought that going out of form and diving and stuff actually slows u down?

I'm curious about your thought on this: what % NBA players are actually properly trained in the weight room and not just doing upper body lifts and more plyometrics for legs?

It seems like you can really tell which players are skipping leg days. They simply dont have much power on their drives and they dont even attempt to jump from a standstill to block shots cause they know they can't get up.

Here are some players that i think their trainers have them skip leg days all the time: dangelo russell, demare carroll, lonzo ball, dwyane wade(he has bad knees....) tyson chandler, draymond green and a lot more.....

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