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- run 32:53, 6.17 km
steepest loop. nice evening, took it easy. a little sore from the race, especially quads.


- run 51:33, 10.0 km
negative split out and back. pretty hot, T+DI 150. calves cramping just a little bit in the last 3km or so, definitely a little dehydrated.

- stretch

- run 2km (warm up)

- 5k race in 21:41 (chip timed)
went out way too fast and so watch splits were silly: 4:01, 4:13, 4:13, 4:33, 4:42. hot and humid. definitely was just hanging on for dear life for the last 2 km. still it was really fun and i'm not too mad about the time because i didn't go into this with any illusions, just wanted to treat it like a hard tempo run and that's what it ended up being.

got second in my age group (30-39) and sixth overall. gf finished second overall for women, in something like 23:11.

first race since i was living in london. very motivating. want to run under 20 again.


- run ~4.5 km

- bouldering x 1 hour
gf's friend invited us to come to her gym. it was fun, but two days later my hands are still a little raw and forearms sore!


- run 5.5 km, run 3.3 km
gf and i ran to the wrong boathouse to meet up with her friend to go kayaking. had to double back. lol, whoops.

- kayaking x 1 hour
shoulders felt so good digging into the water.

- run 1:27, 15.3 km
glorious day, warm but not hot or humid. sunny. and running in the park in DC in the summer means lots of shady trees.

- run 38:54, 7.11 km
did km 4 in 3:43 on the track. wayyy too fast, i meant to do it in like 4:15 just to push a little bit because i'm so out of shape. made it the full km no problem but hoo boy i have some pacing practice to do.

- tennis w/dad x ~30 mins
shaking off the rust and working up a light sweat. not as rusty as i thought we'd be, had some nice rallies.

was in a play last weekend so with that plus work it was a week straight of 15-hour days. no running.

it's fuckin' hot out.

- run 41:28, 7.47 km
with gf. HR high because TD+I is 163.

no run today but walked almost six miles for outreach plus some errands. definitely got my steps in, lol.

did no exercise while in california. back on the horse tonight and it is SUMMER. it wasn't even that hot out but the humidity was way up there and i struggled.

- run 40:13, 7.22 km
5:34 pace! well, i guess it's time to re-adapt to T+DI running. on that note: T+DI 146 because the dew point is SEVENTY-TWO. jesus.

no! missed it. a couple of my colleagues had yogurt with their lunches but i didn't try it. next time.

just signed up for a 5k on june 26. goal will be <21 as i am not in very good shape. but gf just finished her first half (top 10% overall, men and women!) and is jazzed about racing so she talked me into signing up. can treat it as a gnarly tempo run. i won't get a workout in today, as i'm leaving and don't want to get on the plane with sweat-soaked clothes stinking up my bag. but will keep up the intervals and tempo over the next few weeks (and slow runs, of course) in hopes of being in some semblance of shape for the race.

- treadmill ladder 1 km @ 12, 15.4, 11, 15.4, 10.1
challenging but not too bad

- neutral chin x 6

- DB OHP 17.5s x 5

last friday

- treadmill ladder 1 km @ 12kph, 12kph, 15.4 kph, 11kph
felt so much better

- pull up x 5
- DB OHP 15s x 5
- KB swing 15? x 10
- TTB x 5


no training but spent several hours walking around an astounding old city a short ways away from kathmandu called bhaktapur. so cool.

- treadmill run 4 km @ 5:07
struggle. better than nothing.

- stretch


- treadmill ladder 1 km @ 10.2kph, 12kph, 15.1 kph, 12kph, 10.2kph


slept like three hours last night, ended up sick today. i feel better now but man i've now thrown up three times in the past month after going nearly three years without doing it. body telling me something is wrong.

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