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Managed a single leg rdl with rear leg 2 steps back on the floor for balance. Got 100kg x 3 comfortable on left leg but right leg slight struggle and sprained my hamstring behind the upper knee.  :uhhhfacepalm: but left hamstring is fine.

I did 2 sets, 1st set I felt it behind the knee and on second set a little more painful but could complete 3 reps but 3rd set I took 10kg and couldn't even do 1,it was those pain that just gradually becomes more painful over time. Will see how it feels tomorrow.

Applying heat and will see how it goes Thursday.
But since sprinting is strong eccentric hamstring strength I won't be able to do that till it heals.

Date: 05/12/2021
Soreness: none

BW: thursday I checked it was 72.4kg but the scale at home is showing 70kg.

Condition: It was raining mist and I woke up at 10am, had to run some errands at home till 12:10 pm and then left for the gym, which takes 20 mins and cramp in 30 min speed session as gym closes at 1pm. Took my spikes as it was going to be slippery.

Warm up
   quick warm up
      - leg kicks hamstring stretch
      - walking quad stretch
      - hip stretch lunge position

   quick sprint drills
      - a walk x 10m
      - a skip x 10m
      - a run x 30m - could feel it in my achillies as I was doing the drills in spikes

   3 x sprint starts 10m

   2 x 30m sled sprints

   2 x 30m unloaded sprints

Cool down

It was a good quick compact session, the runs felt good and the form felt like it was coming along but can only really tell if recorded. But I managed to do a good amount within 30 mins including quick warm up.

I have seen kelly starret's videos and incorporate some squat stretches for the hip before workout as a warm up, got a few tips about hip distraction with bands but every time I squat deep the pain keeps coming back, this is when the hip crease is in line with the thighs and below. Half squats not so much.

The pain I have is the illiopsoas, when you sit down and put your finger on your right hips and lift your knee up the one that sticks out the most is the not the one that is sore which runs down the middle of your quads, but to the left of it, there is another muscle which also contracts and it's in that area.

I will try the downstream and upstream foam rolling and also release and stretch the TFL and see how that goes.

Thanks guys 

Edit: Also this is not a problem doing box squats. there is no pain in my hips, maybe the depth my body is used to is near the half way point a little below, parallel is not possible for my body structure especially I have longer legs than my torso.

regarding your hip, it could be the TFL.
Have you looked into releasing and stretching it?

It's a pretty common problem. Caused me a lot of pain on the right side, couldn't even squat for a while, all good now

I'm not sure but hopefully that is the problem and it can be resolved.

Can you recommend something about how to release and stretch it.

I have this problem since around 2013 I think and have a history of FAI, which I have did some distraction work but it didn't really alot, maybe slight release but not fully gone.

I made mistake my hip hurts when knee is bent like sitting on the floor and I have to get up and therefore contracting my hips so I hold stuff to get up to avoid any more stress on the hip and the pain of 6 out of 10

Squat not working for me, it just keeps on reigniting the hip injury (can't think of the right word of waking my injury up), which my hip is half way to strain where I can feel it tight and it is sore when knee extended and hip flexor is contracted or when hip extended and leg extended fully back feel tight. So will have to stick to 1 month or 2 of full squats 2 weeks alternate and then switch to half squats.

Also yesterday I my index finger skin the side near the base got trapped between the weight plate hole and the bar that it made the blue vein that is running at the side of the index finger which is visible go dark blue and very pronounced then reddish purple and now it is sore, but colouring has gone down, sore to touch like a cut and 2 small light purple blotches on either side of the vein within the lower section of the index finger. Was very sore when under cold water.

Date: 28/11/2021
Soreness: glutes, quads, hips have been sore for a while and feel it's from the squats, when i flex my hips lifting my knees up and tensing muscle is painful in that position if I bring knees up explosively causes pain, but feels tight when I extend the hip driving leg down.

Condition: It was sunny and bright but didn't warm up the icy cold wind that was blowing and therefore was a cold day, with some patches of slight warmth when no wind blowing.

Warm up
   dynamic mobility drills and stretches

   sprint drills

   light to moderate sprint starts

   contrast sled sessions followed by unloaded
      - 3 x 10m sled sprints @35kg
      - 3 x 10m unloaded sprints

      - 2 x 30m sled sprints @15kg
      - 2 x 20m fly's unloaded after each sled run

   ab workout
      - 1 x 10 hanging leg raises
      - 1 x 25 crunch and reverse crunch at the same time

Cool down

It was a cold day, the track near the finish line where I do my sprints was smooth and due to cold and maybe icy temperature over night made it slippery but the rough parts of the track had grip so last set I did it from 10m from finish to end and same with 30m and 20m fly's. I made sure to extend fully when running with prolonged extension. Then unloaded sprints I consciously thought drive leg back powerfully.

Date: 25/11/2021
Soreness: glutes, quads

Condition: very cold outside so hard to focus on the light sprint starts. got to the gym at 5:30 and finished at 7:15pm.

Warm up
   mobility and activation stretches
   light sprint starts /w bands and /w/o

   step ups
      - 1 x 5 each leg @20kg
      - 3 x 5 each leg @60kg
   Note: contrasted with strike down on a low box and then using that to jump up and land on a higher box to increase elasticity of hip recoil action.
      - 3 x 5 each leg - need some more practice to use the drive down as i sometimes drive it down a little slow until it touches the box and then jump up using both legs instead of that one leg, but some successes too.

   Single leg hip thrust
      - 1 x 5 each leg @bw
      - 3 x 5 each leg @30kg dumbbell
      Note: Contrasted with hip hang snatch
      - 3 x 3 @30kg

   bent over rows barbell
      - 1 x 5 @30kg
      - 2 x 5 @50kg

   hanging leg raises
      - 1 x 10 @5kg dumbbell between feet

   cable reverse crunches
      - 1 x 5 @25kg
      - 1 x 15 @60kg

   Side bends
      - 1 x 10 each side @20kg dumbbell
     Note: slight pain in the back left hip bone when holding dumbbell on left hand, also have history of pain in that area since I been stretching my back rotating upper body keep lower body stationary, but not too painful to be a concern.

still seeing your legs a bit bent even with the sled, instead of full triple extension

I think it's the trouser as they are loose near the knee area too, so probably may look bent.

But will try and fully extend on each step on the sled's.

Date: 24/11/2021
Soreness: glutes and lower back - I wore weight belt so it's like an after effect

Condition: Gym session

Warm up
   mobility and activation stretch

   sprint starts x 6 - 2 with bands as I have trouble driving my leg back fast enough to create horizontal force

   low box squats contrasted with seated box jumps - one after the other
      - 1 x 3 @20kg
      - 1 x 3 @60kg
      - 3 x 5 @100kg - comfortably more easier than last time

   Deadlifts contrasted with broad jumps
      - 1 x 3 @20kg
      - 1 x 3 @70kg
      - 1 x 1 @110kg
      - 3 x 5 @140kg
     Note: used belt and wrist straps to remove factor of grip and unknowingly bending at the lower back and make it pure leg workout.
   Over head press
      - 1 x 5 @20kg
      - 2 x 5 @40kg

   Ab workouts
      - cable pulley reverse crunch 2 x 10 @30kg, 50kg

      - hanging leg raises with 5kg dumbell between feet x 10

      - side bends with 20kg dumbbells 1 x 10 each side

Cool down

Good session, a little more easier than last time, sprint I did with bands to help remove back drives but it causes the bands to roll up the thigh mid way through the runs. Squats were comfortably easier than last time. Deadlift 150kg was a struggle for 1 rep, but at 140kg it was comfortable but getting harder as the sets progressed.

Video of my contrast sled session, its funny that I have good form during the sled but when unloaded my technique turns bad, i'm not driving feet back fast enough its like i'm just landing on each step then pushing.

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Man, I just had a very bad experience of migraine, splitting head ache accompanied by bad nausea. I had to force some vomit out just lighten the nausea.

I feel it was because I ate breakfast after my running session at 2pm and didn't eat since.

Took some painkillers and some some carbonated water, head ache reduced but not nauciousness so I lied down in a dark room and this helped and finally had was down to eating around 12am.

Hard to eat when feeling nauseous and have a headache. Stupid of me to have delayed eating, I did get a little fluid but probably not enough.

Date: 21/11/2021
Soreness: quads and glutes

Condition: 10:30am got to the gym, mid morning coldness and cold wind turned to a slightly warm late morning and then got cold again mid afternoon. Track was dry so brought my flats in for the sled session and recorded my contrast sled work.

Warm up
   dynamic mobility work followed by stretches after

   sprint drills

   light sprint starts

   10m Contrast Sled Work
      - 3 x 10m sled drags @35kg - followed by unloaded run after each set with a 1 to 2 min rest between

   30m sled work
      - 2 x 30m sled drags @15kg - followed by unloaded 20m flys (30m acceleration and 20m flys)

   went inside to the gym to do some ab work

   crunches with weight plate 5kg behind head
      - 1 x 25 @5kg plate

   leg raises w/ 5kg dumbbell between leg
      - 1 x 10 @5kg dumbbell

Cool down

Good session, got colder later into the session so nose blocking up and ears opening up. I also realized I have been doing contrast training wrong, I used to do entire reps and sets of heavy lift or drags and then after rest do unloaded or dynamic workout full set and reps, a session of its own rather than 1 straight after the other with a minute or so rest before.

Date: 18/11/2021
Soreness: little soreness here and there

Condition: Got to the gym at 5:30 for a gym session and track was dry for light sprint starts. Finished at 7:10.

Warm up
   mobility and activation stretches

   light sprints starts 20m x 3 - 5

   Paused squats
      - 1 x 3 @20kg 3 sec holds
      - 1 x 1 @60kg 3 sec holds
      - 3 x 3 @70kg 3 sec holds
      Note: Is difficult but not challenging for my muscles, muscles felt fatigued and ended on 3 reps as last rep was a struggle for an worked muscle.

   Box Jumps bw
      - 2 x 5 @bw box just below hip height

   isometric single leg supine leg bridge (upper shoulder on bench and my heel on a box) I flex my hips and hold it w/ weights on upper thighs near hips
      - 1 x 3 @bw
      - 3 x 10 - 20 sec hold @30kg dumbbell
      Note: one thing I noticed was, since I try and do it with slight knee bend and then with knees locked, my left leg is not comfortable with knee bent and slowly my knees lock and then I find it easy but for my right leg slight knee bent is more comfortable and locking knees feels awkward and more difficult. so I do slight knee and straight for both to fix any imbalance.

   explosive bw above exercise - push heels on down on bench explosively to propel my hips up and then repeat continously
      - 2 x 5 each leg @bw
      Note: wanted to think of a good contrast exercise to the heavy isometric holds and this one came to my mind.

   bent over dumbbell flys
      - 1 x 5 @4kg dumbbells in each hand
      - 2 x 7 @8kg dumbbells in each hand

   cable pull down core work (reverse crunch)
      - 1 x 5 @25kg
      - 2 x 10 @50kg

   side bends holding dumbbell
      - 1 x 5 each side @15kg dumbbell on one hand and switch
      - 2 x 7 @30kg dumbbell

Cool down

Alright session, muscles were fatigued early on the reps from the parallel paused squats, so will continue till I can do 5 comfortably. Others were ok too.

looks pretty good man!

Thanks  :highfive:
Need to fix the bar path a little but after that, the goal is 2x BW.

Date: 16/11/2021
Soreness: quads a little, glutes a little, hips were sore from the squats

Condition: It was raining lightly as I got there so some light sprint starts, gym session today for squats.

Warm up
   mobility and activation stretches

   Light sprint starts

   Squats full
      - 1 x 3 @20kg
      - 1 x 3 @60kg
      - 3 x 4 @70kg

   Counter movement jumps
      - 1 x 3 @bw
      - 2 x 5 @holding 20kg plate

   Single leg RDL - rear leg on the floor behind
      - 1 x 3 @20kg
      - 1 x 3 @60kg
      - 3 x 5 @80kg
      Note: so much easier when using wrist straps, as I don't have to struggle with blisters on my hand.

   single leg box jumps
      - 1 x 2 each leg @bw
      - 1 x 5 each leg @holding 8kg dumbbells in each hand
      - 1 x 5 each leg @bw straight leg landing

   Bench press
      - 1 x 5 @20kg
      - 1 x 5 @40kg
      - 2 x 3 @50kg

   hanging leg raises
      - 1 x 10 @bw

   Crunches with weight behind head
      - 1 x 25 @5kg plate

Cool down

It was a good session, squats getting better, not going to rush it, a little shaky but not a struggle.

Recorded my squat to check form and it's not that bad, a little shaky.

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