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Back on the belly fat reduction journey again. Waist was at 33" and now its 37" and I try to reduce intake of eating breakfast at 7am and then eating again at 5pm (crisps, chocolate, I try and limit amount I eat) and then tea snacks at 6pm if hungry and did not eat much at 5pm else I eat next at 10pm.

So will switch it up to intermittent fasting, morning ab workout and 1 scoop diet whey protein while continuing my weight and speed training.

Congrats mate on being hitched!  :lololol:

LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: what happened to lancests?
« on: November 13, 2023, 08:39:50 am »
Found him.

Facebook page of his sts performance centre, he is alive and kicking.

I did try contact him on Facebook page, but now that page has been removed. I don't think he wants to be found or contacted by us.

LanceSTS's Performance Blog / Re: what happened to lancests?
« on: November 10, 2023, 08:29:01 pm »
Found him.

Facebook page of his sts performance centre, he is alive and kicking.

Hamstring still feeling tight and if stretched is sore, so doing 2 point start, leaning over I can feel it in my hamstring.

So did some single leg tuck jumps and light sprint runs.

Date: 31/10/2023
Soreness: slight tight pain in the hamstring, shins a little like normal

Condition: Daylight saving resulting in night run from the get go when I got there at 6pm. Wet track and grass as I hope to do a bit more grass runs when conditions of the grass permit.

Warm up
   track warm up
   sprint start practice

   70m - accelerate, sprint, float @85 - 90% smooth but also my hamstring became tight and a little painful after

   sprint start practices - different variations walk, comfortable jump out, 1 step focussed, 2 step focussed, 3 step focus but sprint out to 15m and decelerate upto 30m.

   No gym workout - low time and tight hamstring

Cool down

Boxing / Re: Misc Boxing News
« on: October 18, 2023, 04:05:51 pm »
Paramount global to shut down showtime sports network and will not be broadcasting boxing fights by end of 2023. This is friggin huge, like HBO removing sports coverage some years ago.

Quote has confirmed that Paramount Global, the parent company of Showtime and, will eliminate Showtime Sports as a department by the end of this year. Sports Business Journal first reported the news Tuesday afternoon.

The premium cable network has televised boxing since March 1986, when it aired Marvin Hagler’s 11th-round knockout of John Mugabi, and it has remained one of the sport’s most prominent platforms for nearly four decades. Showtime has had a particularly successful run since it signed Floyd Mayweather to an exclusive six-fight deal for the undefeated superstar to headline its pay-per-view shows in February 2013.

Paramount Global’s decision was based on the company focusing exclusively on scripted programming moving forward and eliminating eight-figure annual budgets previously allocated for live sports, primarily “Showtime Championship Boxing” and Bellator, an MMA promotional company that Paramount Global also owns. The positions of nearly 40 employees in Showtime Sports will be eliminated after December 29.

By December, Showtime and HBO, the sport’s two most prominent platforms for many years, will have exited the sport five years apart. HBO announced that it would stop televising boxing in September 2018 and aired its last live show in December of that year.

Date: 10/10/2023
Soreness: shins sore to touch, glutes

Condition: Slightly cool breezy day, dry track.

Warm up
   cycle machine - gym had an upgrade and had an elliptical (curved) treadmill
   mobility and activation stretches
   sprint drills

   single leg tuck jumps 2 x 15 each leg - aim is continuous and quick and high knee
   accelerate, sprint, float - 70m total x 2 @75 to 85% effort
   sled sprints
      Note: just want to mention that I have to consciously keep knee bent during acceleration to get good technique and some practice to try maintain that till I am upright then it becomes easier when knee drives up but bringing it out more difficult as leg has tendency to kick out.
      - 2 x 10m sled sprints @40kg followed by unresisted sprints

      - 1 x 30m sled sprints @20kg followed by unresisted sprints - from 10m to 30m, I didn't get enough chance to get up, I think I may have forced staying low at 15m.

   drop squats - drop to quarter and then squat up as explosive and quickly as possible
      - 1 x 3 @20kg
      - 3 x 5 @50kg

   low box depth jumps for 1 set

   eccentric standing single leg calf raises followed by lower weight fast single leg calf raises
      - 2 x 20 - 25 each leg @40kg followed by 10kg fast calf raises

   hang cleans without hip contact but extension x 20 reps x 1 set

   8kg dumbbells arm sprint swings x 20 each arm

cool down


Date: 06/10/2023

Soreness: shins, quads

Condition: Got to the gym at 6pm, decided not to do sleds as I had to work on form to avoid over striding.

Warm up
   activation and mobility stretches
   sprint warm up

   accelerate, sprint float decelerate workout
      - 2 x 20,20,20,10
   single leg tuck jumps
      - 2 x 15 each leg @bw barefoot

   sprint starts aim to reach as far as possible while keeping knee angle minimal - it helps to bring the leg further back
      - 5 x 1 step changing between 2 stance and 3 stance
      - 5 x 2 step changing stances
      - 5 x 3 steps changing stances

   drop squat jumps
      - 2 x 5 @50kg

   single leg eccentric calf raise with barbell, difficult as i had to hold with one hand, will try a different technique
      - 2 x 10 3-5 second descent each leg @50kg

   hang cleans - i can never get these right, always feels strange
      - 2 x 3 - 5 @50kg

   bench press
      - 1 x 20 @20kg

cool down

cool down

Progress Journals & Experimental Routines / Re: Raptor's log
« on: September 27, 2023, 05:27:33 am »
Leg day:

Low bar squat:


Dumbbell BSS:


Bodyweight: 94 kg


First time squatting over 100 kg in 8 years. The dumbbell Bulgarian split squats were surprisingly difficult, although they did come right after squats so I was already tired. Vert is in the ~24 inch range, but I'm not trying to jump at this weight since it's pretty dangerous and my right knee is acting up.

PS. It would've been nice to still be able to use my old log and read through it.

Hey, welcome back mate.  :highfive:  :welcome:

What you been up to?

Date: 27/09/2023
Soreness: quads, shins, calves were battered

Condition: Dull, slight breeze but still slightly warm day. Got to the gym at 5:50pm about and finished at 8:20pm.

warm up
   activation and mobility stretches
   sprint drills

   heavy sled sprints for couple steps @60kg x 2

   contrast un-resisted sprints

   moderate load sled sprints 10m @40kg x 2

   contrast un-resisted sprints

   drop squats - you drop into quarter squat position with barbell and squat up as quickly as you can
      - 3 x 5 @60kg

   contrasted by depth jump to broad jumps

   iso static feet/ankle strength bw x 30 seconds each leg x 2 sets
   bent over butterfly dumbbell x 10

cool down

Date: 24/09/2023
Soreness: shins a little, quads

Condition: Windy day with slight warmth, Saturday session shifted to Sunday depending on home circumstance.

Warm up
   dynamic warm up only and hip static stretches
   hurdle hip mobility drills
   sprint drills

   3 x heavy sled for couple steps @60kg
   unresisted sprints for couple steps as contrast
   2 x moderate sled load for 10m @40kg
   unresisted sprints for 10m x 2

   Note: Lacked power and something can't pin point. Just didn't feel fast
   barefoot single leg tuck jumps on grass  1 x 15 each leg
   hands on waist pogo hops aim to minimize ground contact on grass

Cool down

Taping balls behind the calves gives a different impression to sprinting, when doing the sprint starts I felt the lack of the closing of the knee angle and felt when I closed it as much as I could during the starts the more power I was putting into the ground. Will record see how they look.

Date: 14/09/2023
Soreness: shins due to a lot of running

Condition: Normal day, got to the gym late 6:15pm and have to leave at 8:15pm, 2 hours for track and gym session, didn't do much gym session. might have to rush the track session.

Warm up
   cycle machine
   activation and mobility stretch
   track warm up

   note: taped on small balls behind knees, mental cue to keep knees closed tight
   Sleds - wanted to do it on grass, slippery, so put on spikes and did it on track
      - 3 x 10m - 20kg plate

   unloaded sprints for 10m

   single leg tuck jumps on sand to avoid irritating shin, the sled and runs caused the shin pain

   walking lunges for 10m x 3 @25kg dumbbells in each hand

   that's all

cool down


After analysing my video upto 60m, the times were the same for powerful, quick and comfortable.

But I think the quick version was better. But the strides upto 10m for all was 8.

At 60m, I was running at under 8 m/s and 10m split time upto 60m was 1.35, which is really slow. need to do more 60m sprints, there were over striding going on too.

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